proudly presents:

ASH OF ASHES • Epic Skaldic Metal
SWEEPING DEATH • Progressive Heavy Metal
DUNGEON WOLF • Classic Heavy Metal
MNEMOCIDE • Death Metal
FROM ASHES REBORN • Melodic Death Metal
METALWINGS • Classic Symphonic Metal
EUFOBIA • Melodic Thrash Death Metal

Visionary futuristics

With exquisite influences from the areas of ambient, fusion, pop and contemporary music, these men of taste enrich their multi-faceted PROGRESSIVE METAL sound since their start in 2009.

Meanwhile, the Italian-born, Milanese team of sophisticated spirits has set up its creative headquarters in Switzerland.

With skillfully sharpened, but far-reaching, cinematic mood-sheets, the passionate Italian visionaries VIRTUAL SYMMETRY paint their tracks also on the new release "XLive Premiere".

Official release: November 10th 2018

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Gigantic emotional outbursts

Only every few years appears in the spiritual-natural, epic-pagan area of ​​the upscale Heavy Metal, a very special album classic, which seeks on a wide, artistic area of ​​its kind.

And "Down The White Waters", the debut longplayer of ASH OF ASHES, joins this exquisite guild quite clearly and sublime.

Pic credit: Sandra Preuß • edited by In Spirited Sign

The always accessible, often highly catchy and even clearly hit-capable compositions wander with healthy pride on melancholy, partly sad levels.
But the musical soul of the band is free of bitterness and always focused on timeless aesthetics.

The strongly poetic, emphatically artistic and aesthetic style of ASH OF ASHES is best described as EPIC SKALDIC METAL.

Official release: September 21st 2018

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Spirited cultivated fervor

Can there be anything better for a band than launching a promising debut album? Can there be anything more convincing for lovers of original and sophisticated PROGRESSIVE HEAVY METAL than "In Lucid"?

The clear as well as the only correct answer give SWEEPING DEATH with much fervor and passion! While the visionary formation from the Bavarian town of Wildsteig was already able to set a bold exclamation point in the matter of 'Potent Newcomer Hopefuls' with the previous EP "Astoria", the fit all-round talents with their new album provide an almost electrifying level of tension and far-reaching fascination.

After all, virtuosically interpreted, uplifting influences from the world of classical music found their way into the multi-faceted compositions, which also brings with it a wealth of unspent, fresh melodies on "In Lucid".

Official release: October 5th 2018

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Skillful forged, knightly blessed

As a true believer, totally devoted to CLASSIC HEAVY METAL, vocalist and guitarist Deryck Heignum performs his music with complete passion.

And the fully convinced also has a big heart for the concerns of the working class, as he shows textually equally impressive with the fascinating song highlight "Worker Metal Might".

In fact, the fabulously self-made debut album "Slavery Or Steel" is a treat for lovers of the old, original musical values ​​of the genre. With the Metal gods!

German label Iron Shield Records signed DUNGEON WOLF in early March. May these legendary album gets the exposure it deserves!

Official release: September 7th 2018

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In the midst of greedy gloom

Apparently out of nowhere, these experienced Swiss experts appear. And MNEMOCIDE from the Basel region are astonishing with their equally powerful and substantial publication. 

Founded in 2017, the quintet pays an individual tribute to the classic old school DEATH METAL in a brute and energetic way.

The new 4 track EP "Debris" features arch-gloomy bone-grinder tracks that sound as if from a single cast. The vocals are not only dutifully available, but they are used as a full and supporting component. The latter allows the whole a very eerie atmosphere.

Official release: August 18th 2018

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Rousing tunes from icy exile

With their brilliant debut album, FROM ASHES REBORN can safely count among the most hopeful, new MELODIC DEATH METAL commands from German lands.

Because "Existence Exiled", a true firework of really well-composed melodies and well-interlinked, catchy structures, combines all the classical advantages of this genre with flying colors.

Founded in 2017, after a record-breaking time, the talents from Wittlich present a fulminating first work, which even leaves some older chapel in the field quite pale in terms of culture of playing and flow of notes.

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Longing hardened romance

On the first of November 2018 METALWINGS released their third official music video - this time for the moving title song of the debut album "For All Beyond".

METALWINGS with the classically trained frontwoman Stela Atanasova have an exquisite singer whose bell-light and beguilingly feminine, operetta-like voice stands out high from the mass of the genre. With her violin, the soulful vocalist also conjures magical moments of sound.

Official video release: November 1st 2018

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Nightmarish outbursts

During the summer 2018, EUFOBIA worked on the music video for the song "Cyber Pervert", which is presented the world since September 17th 2018.

The title is so self-explanatory that nothing needs to be explained about the lyrical, socio-critical content.

The memorable name of these Bulgarian MELODIC THRASH DEATH METAL command is of ancient Greek origin and literally means 'fear of good'.

Official video-release: September 17th 2018

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