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⠀"Simply the best … REALLY promotes your band, bringing results, real feedbacks ... with hard work and constant and crystal clear updates … worked with him with two of my bands and a lot of friends and ALL were satisfied!!!"
(Michele • OVERTURES)

⠀"Great to work with ... honest and genuine with a true love for Metal and bands."

⠀"Markus is a true fan and supporter of metal and it shows. He doesn't treat his bands as clients, but he works them like a real fan would. He has passion for those he represents and in this business that is really rare. I recommend METALMESSAGE to any label or band that wants a company that will work your project like no one else."

⠀"… happy and satisfied to collaborate with Markus and METALMESSAGE … professional and a fair person … puts passion into his work … so committed and active … we recommend it with flying colors!"

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