Heavy Metal - a way of life


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• METAL MESSAGE ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ started in summer 2001, at that time still as a typical online magazine.
• If I were to add up all the hours I have put into METAL MESSAGE ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ or my related projects to date, I would come up with a number that seems astronomically high to me. So I honestly don't waste any thought on that, I just keep going.

• When I came in touch for the first time with AC/DC by a classmate in the age of twelve, it was immediately hooked. Short time later I've heard the "Killers" LP by Iron Maiden, which I've pulled immediately from vinyl to tape. I still have the tape today, and it still runs very well.
• Strongly influenced by a probably 'classic' (Hard) Rock and Metal career, I started to listen to the early heroes of various styles as early as possible. Of course it did not stop there.
• So over the years thousands of bands and a steadily increasing enthusiasm for hard and sometimes less hard music came into my life, which has become a very conscious one especially through Metal - and music itself.

• I was pleased to observe the constant musical development of my own, concerning styles and contents of my favourite music. In addition to two IHK apprenticeships (metalworker and industrial clerk), I discovered at some point the writing of advertising texts and sophisticated communication for me.
• And so I finally became what I am today mainly - PR specialist / copywriter, promoter and communicator. Today I listen to everything that touches me in a positive way and I have long since stopped not giving bands my interest in a proper way just because they operate in a genre that doesn't really appeal to me.

• Then as now, this unique music gives me much more than many people can imagine. Music is my life. It can open important doors to yourself, if you let it.
• Simultaneously to this passion I registered - with constantly growing displeasure - the sometimes frightening ignorance of a certain part of the music press as well as a sometimes seemingly frightening dilettantism with which some articles or even reviews about 'my' bands were and are written. Also the truth of the reports does not always come close to reality. And also the lyrical demand only very rarely fulfills my aesthetic feeling.
• So at some point I started to get my enthusiasm off my chest; first just for myself and friends, then increasingly professional.

• Over the years I have written several thousand reviews and interviews for METAL MESSAGE ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ. Besides my journalistic qualifications and all kinds of scene knowledge, the number of good and above all reliable contacts to media, labels, distributors, bands, cover designers etc. grew.
• At the same time, my own range of possibilities expanded more and more.
• Advertising and PR texts for band publications were also created, which were highly appreciated by the clients.
• So at some point, one thing led to another.

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• Many bands and musicians complained to me again and again about their suffering with the sometimes terrible difficulties of getting their music distributed appropriately and authentically and marketed in a targeted manner. That inevitably called me to the scene!
• And as a promoter I still like to dedicate myself to self-pressing, which without a label lobby is dependent on solid and effective help.
• But every now and then I also get involved 'crosswise', as an additional support promoter for label releases.

So the whole thing was generated from my irrepressible passion and dedication to Metal and various Rock styles. To work with and for it in the meantime fills me with great satisfaction every day. I don't commit myself in terms of my supervising work for the artists, which never lets the matter get boring. On the contrary!

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• My suitability as an uncritical commercial radio listener was literally over as quickly as it had begun.
• Over the years as an adventurous explorer tirelessly traveling in almost innumerable sub-styles, I pushed into even the darkest Black Metal areas and obscure Folklore Steel haze circles.
• So my steadfastness benefits me every time the sheep-like masses of listeners are seductively lured by the powerful recording industry with all too fast moving trends.
• It is with curious joy that I penetrate all music taste clichés over and over again.

• Most embarrassing album in my record collection:
None! What I like once, I always like.
It's the same the other way around.

• Most heard Album:
Clearly, "Balls To The Wall" by Accept. And no matter when, where and in what mood I listen to the record, it just does me immeasurably good.

• Band I used to love, but now I'm ashamed of it:
Not one! Anyone who is even remotely ashamed of his own taste, no matter from what period of time, has simply not understood what music is essentially about.

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• As a promoter, I always try to do things a little bit differently than the majority of the guild, i.e. primarily to transform a little more enthusiasm and emotionality into my PR texts and the promotion work itself, as I believe that the mass of people in itself can be moved to more interest.
• Anyway, as a Heavy Metaller and Hard Rocker, I have experienced many a surprise, which proved to me that the most valuable pearls often have to be fished from very great depths.
• An end is therefore not in sight at all. And one will probably still be able to experience me as a - then still hopefully spiritually conscious - late partner with my musical passion. A real passion.
• METAL MESSAGE ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ together with the Webzine archive has become the world's largest and most comprehensive one-man Metal magazine website. I don't know of any other website with more content that has ever been set up by a single person in this way.
• Just a 'job' then? Not at all! That would be far too banal for me.

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• With PR, Promotion, Marketing and Consulting, I offer my clients a comprehensive and content-rich range of different services.
• Whether classic PR activities & Promo work including arranging news reports, reviews, interviews etc., targeted label or distribution searches or individually detailed consulting and support activities:
due to my many years of active practice and experience on a broad basis, as an expert on many different levels, I have sound skills at my disposal.

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• Primarily I prefer music that is made independently and passionately, that is what counts for me most. Perfection or perfect ingratiation with a particular trend is not something I demand at all. But just honesty and sincerity!
• The wide range of METAL MESSAGE ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ reaches from (Hard)Rock and Heavy Metal over Gothic Metal to Melodic Death Metal, Black Metal and Metalcore. And in between there are many different styles.
• I work with my promotion & PR services exclusively for music, bands, content, attitudes and images that can inspire and enthuse me personally - only this way real enthusiasm is created and only this way, according to my attitude, productive results can be achieved.
• Under no circumstances do I work or cooperate with extremists of any kind. 

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• At METAL MESSAGE ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ I prefer a completely individual pricing.
• Because it is not my personal idea of specific cooperation to work with fixed prices and flat rates.
• After all, each band basically has completely individual wishes and goals etc.
• Therefore I always calculate the whole thing absolutely fair according to respective expectations, ideas, goals etc.

Markus Eck
Head of METAL MESSAGE ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ

Musikalischer Zeitgeist

In den 1930er Jahren hieß es, Blues sei das gefährliche Werk des Teufels.
In den 1940er Jahren hieß es, Jazz & Swing seien beängstigende Auswüchse des Teufels.
In den 1950er Jahren hieß es, Rock'n'Roll seien die bösen Klänge des Teufels.
In den 1960er Jahren hieß es, Beat sei die unreine Musik des Teufels.
In den 1970er Jahren hieß es, Rockmusik sei der verderbende Sound des Teufels.
Tja, und seit den 1980er Jahren heißt es, Heavy Metal sei eine diabolische Ausgeburt des Teufels.

Was der viel Gescholtene in früheren Jahrhunderten gehört hat, ist nicht offiziell bekannt. Scheint jedenfalls gerade in den letzten zehn Dekaden wirklich ziemlich musikalisch geworden zu sein, der ewig kecke Kerl...
(Markus Eck)

Musically Zeitgeist

In the 1930s it was stated, Blues would be the dangerous work of the Devil.
In the 1940s it was stated, Jazz & Swing were frightening excesses of the Devil.
In the 1950s it was stated, Rock'n'Roll would be the evil sound of the Devil.
In the 1960s it was stated, Beat would be the unpure music of the Devil.
In the 1970s it was stated, Rock music would be the corrupting sound of the Devil.
Well, and since the 1980s it was stated, Heavy Metal would be a diabolic spawn of the Devil.

What the much-reviled one heard in earlier centuries, is not officially known.
In any case, it seems clear that the ever pert bloke became really pretty musically, specifically over the last ten decades…
(Markus Eck)