Promo Compilation Releases

"Vol. 2"
Band: Various Artists
Genre: Black/Pagan Metal
Format: CD in jewel case
Pressing: 500 copies
Release: 2005
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01. TYRANT (Japan) "Fallen Angel Of Plague"
02. UNLIGHT (Germany) "Fukked By The Devil"
03. WEIRD FATE (Germany) "Schmach"
04. KNOWHERE (Switzerland) "April 14th, 9:15 a.m."
05. WOLFCHANT (Germany) "Clan Of Cross"
06. SUFFERING SOULS (Germany) "…Escape Into A World Of Dreams"
07. CONVERGENCE (Austria) "Clockwork Paradise"
08. SCHATTENDASEIN (Germany) "Im Abglanz der Wälder"
09. NEBELHORN (Germany) "Asgard"
10. ODROERIR (Germany) "Odroerir"
11. HORN (Germany) "Die Schänke tief im Laubwald"
12. KLABAUTAMANN (Germany) "The River"
13. BALTAK (Australia) "World Burning"
14. BLACK MESSIAH (Germany) "Feld der Ehre"

+ + +

Band: Various Artists
Genre: Pagan Metal
Format: CD in jewel case
Pressing: 1.000 copies
Release: 2007
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01. GJENFERDSEL (Norway) "Svik"
02. FOREFATHER (UK) "Engla Tocyme"
03. THARAPHITA (Estonia) "Iidsetel Sünkjatel Radadel"
04. GALAR (Norway) "Hugin Og Munin"
05. OAKENSHIELD (UK) "Ginnungagap"
06. IRMINSUL (Sweden) "Vinterskald"
07. SLECHTVALK (Netherlands) "On The Eve Of Battle"
08. FOLKEARTH (Int.) "The Riding Of The Queen Boudiccea"
09. THEUDHO (Belgium) "The Journey To Lyngvi"
10. ALKONOST (Russia) "Darkness"
11. SLARTIBARTFASS (Germany) "St. Cuthbert"
12. SKYFORGER (Latvia) "A Crested Bird Sings"
13. SIROCCO (Ireland) "Forsaken Shores"

+ + +

Band: Various Artists
Genre: Various Metal
Format: Digital
Pressing: --
Release: 2015
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01. ALTECK (Germany) "-- . - .- .-.. -- . ... ... .- --. ."
02. WARFIELD (Germany) "Barrage Fire"
03. SYLVATICA (Denmark) "Evil Seeds"
04. EISENHAUER (Germany) "Horse Of Hell"
05. INCURSED (Basque Country) "Suaren Lurraldea (The Land Of Fire)"
06. RUNNING DEATH (Germany) "Hell On Earth"
07. MORTHUS (Germany) "Blinded By The Holy Light"
08. SKYCONQUEROR (Germany) "Horsemen Of The Grail"
09. CYRENCE (Germany) "The Hospital"
10. HALO CREATION (Austria) "Through The Looking Glass"
11. MORTAL PERIL (Germany) "Senor Wampo"
12. TOXIC WALTZ (Germany) "Priest Of Lie"
13. NORTHLAND (Spain) "When Nature Awakes"
14. VENGEFUL GHOUL (Turkey) "The Sovereign Place"
15. MYRKGRAV (Norway) "Vonde Auer"

+ + +

"VIII • Immortal Euphoria!"
Band: Various Artists
Genre: Various Metal
Format: Digital
Pressing: --
Release: 2021
Download: Media sheet

01. ROCKIN' ENGINE (Canada) "Let It Burn"
02. ANTRISCH (Germany) "Gipfelfieber"
03. UNDER SIEGE (Italy) "Sotto Assedio"
04. CULT OF SALEM (Germany) "Anthem To An Outer God"
05. COLDUN (Germany) "Grand Sun Ritual"
06. VARUS (Germany) "Tränk dein Herz"
07. HARDLAND (Netherlands) "Rise And Shine"
08. LORDS OF SALEM (Germany) "Hell Over Salem"
09. THE FIFTH HORSEMAN (Germany) "The Void"
10. TASKFORCE TOXICATOR (Germany) "Reborn In Thrash"
11. NEMESIS SOPOR (Germany) "Eis zu Stein I - Wind"
12. SNAKEWINE (Germany) "Black Hood"
13. ON ATLAS' SHOULDERS (Germany) "The Executioner"
14. RAVENFIELD (Germany) "Self Destruction"
15. HAND OF KALLIACH (Scotland) "White Horizon"

It lasts pretty long to release such works filled with very own ideals.

Apart from the music itself, I always liked the beautiful and detailed front cover arts and I'm still totally fascinated by the graphical representations of many releases in Metal.

It oftentimes happened that I bought records only because of the cover, though the music did not please me that good. That's pretty crazy, but that's what an addict collector does.

That's why I think it's a shame that some genius cover artists, unlike the bands, did not get known accordingly.

One day I came up with the enthusiastic and richly inspired idea of ​​putting together compilations myself.

The overall concept of the series should be an opportunity for bands as well as for cover artists to get more attention.

That's why I always work very closely with the graphic artists who design the respective front cover according to my ideas.

After the realization of a new sampler I always send a lot of promo about it to countless media - and I never get tired of telling them that they should please write something about the cover artist involved as well!

There have been released really not less of underground compilations these past years, and so many of them all unfortunately were done without real heartblood & therefore with a very low degree of passion – especially in this unique musical genre, called Heavy Metal!

The Metal Message ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ compilations on the other hand are created with a real massive dose of strong enthusiasm. I did them with my deepest dedication for the arts of the chosen participants and for the contributing cover artists.

For some of you it’s just music, simply just a specific period of your life. But for a small und rare amount of the other ones of us Heavy Metal means a unique way of life - bounded to an endless loving view on honest art.

Enjoy all the harsh beating rhythms, furious guitar-attacks & beautiful tunes – & stay mainly true to yourself!