Challenging the unpredictable

Title: The Black Swan
Base: Udine • Italy
Style: Modern Metal
Genre: Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Modern Metal
FFO: Evanescence, Halestorm, Lacuna Coil
Type: Album
Format: CD + Digital
Label: Elevate Records
Release: Sept. 13, 2024

🔘 New full-length album from the Italian visionaries
🔘 Lovingly composed, deeply detailed songs
🔘 Fully convincing return of a unique band

TYSTNADEN say about their new single:
"Despite all the love and intensity we may invest, this time, like others, the end arrives. An unexpected event. Our own 'black swan'. It changes everything. This is what happens when everything ends, when we fuck everything up. But think about how drastically the end itself changes based on how we perceive it, accept it. We can thus embrace it. Or we can fight it."

After years of silence, the Italian band returned to their strengths in 2023 and began to cultivate their roots with a valuable maturity. And so the songs that make up their new album "The Black Swan" were brought to vibrant life.

[ Artwork: Beatrice Demori ]

TYSTNADEN have entrusted the production of their new album to Fabio D'Amore at Synonym Of Sound Studio, which is located between Silz in Austria and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy.

The mix of this fourth album benefits from the collaboration with Francesco Marzona and the title is a tribute to Nassim Nicholas Taleb's 2007 essay in which he discussed the powerful effects of rare and unpredictable events and the human tendency to find simple explanations for these events after the fact. This theory has since become known as the "Black Swan Theory".

[ Pic: Beatrice Demori ]

TYSTNADEN were born in 1999. The band's sound is a fascinating blend of instinctive energy and elegant atmospheres. Evolving over time from immediate dark tones to a more mature expressiveness, it combines a strong melodic sensibility with gritty, catchy riffs. Releases:
2000: demo "Tystnaden" recorded at Entropia Studios by Simone Sant. "Top demo" reviews on Italian magazines.

2003: demo EP "Fragments" recorded at OuterSound Studios by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre). The great European response gives popularity to the band and attract major labels.

May 2006: full-length album "Sham Of Perfection", produced and published by LMP - Limb Music Products and Publishing (Germany).
Recorded and mixed at New Sin Studios by Luigi Stefanini, mastered by R.D. Liapakis and Christian Schmid at the Prophecy and Music Factory Studios, Germany, in March 2006.
Artworks and merchandise by well known visual artist Travis Smith.
Worldwide distribution and amazing reviews from the specialised press.
Also received an exciting response from the fans.

July 2008: second full-length album "In Our Eye" produced and published by Renaissance Records (AZ-USA).
Recorded and mastered at New Sin Studios by Luigi Stefanini.
Artwork by Annalisa Zamaro and Tystnaden.
Distributed by Renaissance and Koch Entertainment Distribution, in the U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Peru.

October 2012: third full-lenght album "Anima" produced and published by Valery Records (Italy).
Recorded and mastered at New Sin Studios by Luigi Stefanini.
The album title is a simple but profound Italian word, just like the band members' profile.
Once again, to come to full circle, the artwork is left in the capable hands of Travis Smith.



01. Cage (Intro) 01:03
02. Forsaken 03:32
03. Mysterious 03:31
04. Mo'Kill 03:56
05. Need 04:44
06. Broken 04:01
07. Memories 03:54
08. Thorns 04:08
09. Waiting For Anything 04:19
10. Crystal 04:01
11. Missed 03:41
12. Desire 04:30

total: 45:00 min.

Laura De Luca • Vocals
Giulia Coletti • Guitars
Cesare Codispoti • Guitars
Stefano Galioto • Bass
Alberto Iezzi • Drums

2006 • Sham Of Perfection • Full-length
2008 • In Our Eye • Full-length
2012 • Anima • Full-length
2024 • The Black Swan • Full-length

TYSTNADEN are available for interviews via Phone, Zoom, Skype & Email