Hey, want immense anger?

Base: Luxembourg
Genre: Thrash Metal
Title: Martyr
FFO: Metallica, Kreator, Testament
Format: Album
Label: Independent
Distro: /
Release: tba • 2023

🔘 New song and lyric video of the Luxembourgish Thrashers
🔘 Extremely powerful performance, grim and gripping vocalised
🔘 2nd single out of the new and third studio album "Martyr"

[ Official lyric video by Stereo 27 Productions ]

The band says about "Hunger":
"The song title refers to the central theme of the song, which is the insatiable greed and inner hunger that drives us. The term 'Hunger' symbolizes the intense longing and desire for more, whether it be material or immaterial."

[ Official lyric video by Andrea Mantelli ]

The band says about "No Time":
"This new song gives a good introduction and overview to the musical directive of our new album. On the lyrical content: an hourglass. An old men whose time is about to expire. A depressing and oppressive situation. He couldn't use his time properly in today's society. We live in a hectic time where people don't use their time properly. They often sacrifice their precious time for things that don't matter, forgetting that we only have a certain amount of time in life to use it properly."

[ Single "No Time" • Artwork: Scarlet Anger ]

A determined return:
With their 2 previous albums SCARLET ANGER earned lots of respect and appreciation. Now the line-faithful bunch around singer Joe Block has finished the third album "Martyr". It will be released in 2023. In advance there is from the guys full one on the cap with the new single and the video "No Time"!

[ Pic: Scarlet Anger ]

SCARLET ANGER is a Luxembourgish THRASH METAL band, founded in 2007 by vocalist Joe Block and guitarist Fred Molitor. Their first gigs were followed quite quickly by the release of a first EP, called "La Realidad Es Triste …", whose successor "Kill The King" made the band noticeable on an international level for the first time.

Being more aggressive and fast than its predecessor, "Kill The King" didn’t just earn a lot of critical acclaim but also gained the attention of the German label Dust On The Tracks. This led to a world wide record deal for the first album "Dark Reign", which was mastered by Jeff Waters and released by Dust On The Tracks in May 2012. SCARLET ANGER presented their new album on numerous small and established festivals like the Durbuy Rock Festival and the Extremefest.

In between their shows, SCARLET ANGER started gathering first ideas for the successor to "Dark Reign". Classic eighties and nineties comics and horror stories served as their main inspiration for what would later become their second album "Freak Show". Mastered by Jens Bogren, this album has a more melodic approach. It was released on March 18th 2016 via Haensel and Gretel / MIG Music.




total: tba

Joe Block • Vocals
Jeff Buchette • Guitars
Fred Molitor • Guitars
Vincent Niclou • Bass
Rod Sovilla • Drums

2009 • La Realidad Es Triste ... • EP
2011 • Kill The King • EP
2012 • Dark Reign • Full-length
2016 • Freak Show • Full-length
2023 • Martyr • Full-length

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