Regional historical awareness

Base: Udine • Italy
Genre: Power Metal
Title: Huldufólk
FFO: Helloween, Primal Fear, Gamma Ray
Format: Album
Label: Elevate Records
Release: April 01, 2022

• Substantial 2nd album of the Italian Power Metallers
• Absolutely independent, dynamic-impulsive style
• Exciting, deeply thought-out lyrical concept

[ Metal Message • Official Lyric Video by
Instagoodpromotion ]

Background to the 3rd video of the current album:
This has never happened before - with the song homage "Metal Message" the Italians CELTIC HILLS pay tribute to the tireless, fervent and efficient work of their promoter Markus Eck with his PR agency METAL MESSAGE ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ.

Jonathan 'Thunderbuilt' Vanderbilt felt multiply inspired during the songwriting for the 3rd album "Huldufólk" by the close, communicative exchange and the many private experience reports of the longtime German Heavy Metal enthusiast.
After all, in addition to gigantic musical passion and fully consolidated attitude, both sides also share a spiritual, intimate connection to Mother Nature - which comes to the fore in the video by the word crossing "Hearth" - 'Heart' & 'Earth'. Therefore Markus can also be seen on his hikes & rambles in the video.

In the core of the song lyrics, the work and creativity of Markus is sung about, who - to a certain extent as a Metal time traveler like the world-famous "Dr. Who" - has already been on the road in the wide music universe since the early 1980s.

Markus Eck himself says:
"I don't know if this huge honor has ever been bestowed upon any other promoter. I am deeply touched and happy about such a unique appreciation and very much looking forward to further, both sides so all-round happy cooperation with CELTIC HILLS. My very best wishes to Jonathan and the band - METAL is the MESSAGE!"

[ Living Out Of The Egg • Official Lyric Video ]

[ After The Earthquake • Official Lyric Video by Instagoodpromotion ]

Band comments:
"'After The Earthquake' is a song that tells of the strength and aggregation of the people after the terrible earthquake of May 6, 1976 in Friuli. A text that tells the tenacity, the solidarity for what has gone down in history as the Great Reconstruction of Friuli. A hymn to remain united and help each other during the tragedies that afflict the peoples of the whole earth."

[ Artwork: Sheila Franco ]

Strengthened by their success, the band decided to confirm the partnership with Michele Guaitoli and entered, at the end of 2021, in the studio to start recording the new and third album "Huldufólk", which will be released on April 01, 2022.

"Huldufólk" sees a shift in the sounds of CELTIC HILLS towards a melodic Power Metal, not denying however the powerful sounds that have distinguished them from the beginning. Also in this album the lyrics speak of stories related to the band's territory, namely Friuli and the north east of Italy.

On April 16, 2021 Elevate Records released the official music video for the album song "The Tomorrow Of Our Sons":

CELTIC HILLS are a trio consisting of Jonathan Vanderbilt on guitars and vocals, Jacopo Novello on bass and Simone Cescutti on drums.

The stylistically unwavering formation was brought to life in 2010 - but it was to take a few more years before the world would get wider notice of their rock-solid and independent POWER METAL. Between 2010 and 2020 they circulated their demo "Horns Helmet Fighters" in the underground.

[ Pic: Nicole Piccoli ]

In 2020, the band finally signed a record deal with Elevate Records, which released the debut album "Blood Over Intents" and the EP "Weird Music" in the same year. Both releases received excellent reviews from all over the world, while the music videos for these two works even exceeded the best expectations.

So, with great enthusiasm, CELTIC HILLS decided to go back to the studio to record the second album "Mystai Keltoy", produced and recorded by Michele Guaitoli, vocalist of Temperance, Vision Of Atlantis and Era.

[ Artwork: Sheila Franco ]

The lyrics of the second long player are still inspired by the history of the peoples who inhabited the territory of today's Carnia and Friuli, but seen with a different perspective, giving voice to the legends (or reality?) that speak of colonization by ancient alien peoples.

Power, speed and good melodic lines characterize CELTIC HILLS. The played style of the fervent Udinians is difficult to classify into a single Metal vein, as there are many influences ranging from Death to Power, with sound elements that can also remind of a certain kind of 90s Thrash. The vocals are also quite varied for a Metal band and may even seem quite unusual to some listeners.



01. The Secret Of The Grail 03:47
02. Metal Message 04:33
03. After The Earthquake 05:34
04. Hidden Folk 04:30
05. Green Forest 04:05
06. Gate Of Hollow Earth 03:33
07. Living Out Of The Egg 04:32
08. The Sound Of Earth 03:32
09. The Hammer Of Thor 04:40
10. Villacher Kirktag 03:45

total: 41:00

Jonathan Vanderbilt • Vocals, Guitars
Jacopo Novello • Bass
Simone 'Zigo' Cescutti • Drums

2010 • Horns Helmet Fighters • Demo
2020 • Blood Over Intents • Full-length
2020 • Schräge Music • EP
2021 • Mystai Keltoy • Full-length
2022 • Huldufólk • Full-length

CELTIC HILLS is available for interviews via phone, Skype, Zoom & email