From ancient sagas and legends ...

Action: BILWIS
Title: Hameln
Base: North Rhine-Westphalia • Germany
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal
Genre: Melodic Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal, Ambient Black Metal
FFO: Eldamar, Grima, Lustre
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl + Cassette + Digital
Label: Northern Silence
Distro: Soulfood
Release: April 05, 2024

🔘 Second album by the gifted conjurer
🔘 Fascinating songs, devouringly atmospheric
🔘 Clearly another masterpiece in the genre

[ Hameln • Track-Premiere ]

Bilwis says about the song "Hameln":
"'The Pied Piper of Hamelin' is not only one of the most famous legends in the world, but also a very dark tale. It was therefore an obvious choice to use this legend for the new BILWIS album."

The concept of BILWIS consists of old European fairy tales and myths clothed in a garment of rough but melodic and atmospheric BLACK METAL with German lyrics - a journey into the world of forgotten dreams, wolves, ghosts, dwarves, mermaids, trolls, elves, vampires and giants.

[ Pic: Gereon Doeders ]

When multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Bilwis began songwriting for the new album "Hameln", he quickly realized that he needed to return to the debut EP in terms of songwriting, but with an improved sound.

The last album "Pan" ended up being very melodic and playful, while the concept of the new album required a darker and more oppressive sound and songwriting to express the dark themes that the lyrics deal with.

Musically, Dissection have always been a great inspiration to the North Rhine-Westphalian artist, and even if it's not always obvious, the occasional references to "The Somberlain" are quite unmistakable.

[ Artwork: Julian Bauer ]

In order to visually express the dark themes of the fairy tales and myths told on the new album, especially those of the title song, it was decided to have the cover artwork designed by the very talented German artist Julian Bauer, who perfectly captured the essence of the music and lyrics in his image of the "Pied Piper of Hamelin".



01. Ein Licht dort in der Nacht 05:21
02. Hameln 07:24
03. Hausgeister 06:55
04. Das Gold in unserer Hand 04:43
05. Gevatter Tod 03:49
06. Trutz, Blanke Hans 05:25
07. Totengrund 07:49
08. Schicksalsberg 07:34
09. 1284 01:10

total: 50:10

Bilwis • Vocals, all instruments

2020 • Sagenwelt • EP
2022 • Pan • Full-length
2024 • Hameln • Full-length

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