Interview: VESANIA
Title: From insanity to wisdom to insanity

Already their hellishly complex 2003 debut album „Firefrost Arcanum” was a deafening thunderous Symphonic Black Death Metal spectacle of cannon-like riff attacks and inspiring wild percussion orgies.

The four Polish thunderbolts of Vesania prove on it to be technicians with cracking capabilities. „Firefrost Arcanum”, a huge success in the home country of the band, left handset rows of positively surprised pairs of ears in relevant circles of listeners.

Vesania are exquisite exceptional artists with an intuitive flair for captivating rhythm arts and dreamlike melodies.

Their monumental mix out of the sublime glory of old Emperor-geniuses and the thunderous assaults of recent Behemoth attacks serially sets free tremendous bursts of energy. Now appears with „God The Lux” a top magnificent album successor who will make these great experts finally known adequately in a wide area.

Main composer and singer Orion proves on this multifaceted masterpiece again as completely trained, hyper precision sniper, who fires anytime midst to the center of pitch-black forcefields with his six string guitar weapon.

Two members of Vesania are also actively participating in the Polish Death Metal success-models Behemoth and Vader.

Hey Orion, what were the reasons in 1997 to found the band Vesania?

„I’m always saying that Vesania existed much earlier that it came to physical being. The reason was to make the idea come true, to transform our emotions and thoughts into Black Metal band, uncompromising, anxious and powerful music. We were then influenced by Scandinavian growing scene, listening to bands like Emperor, Mayhem, Immortal.”

What is behind the name of the band?

„Vesania is the old Latin word, it means all that is connected with madness, insanity, and being mentally unhealthy in general. Madness can be never understood truly, but sometimes it appears to be the wisdom, that’s what we used claim about madness.”

For me is your new album one of the very best symphonic astral Black Metal records out of Poland, which have ever been released! How far do you agree?

„Can’t really tell you, I do not know too many symphonic astral Black Metal albums from Poland. I like what I do, it gives me lots of satisfaction. What I know, is that this album is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

What means it for you personally to play such music as with Vesania?

„I always wanted to live like this, to be a musician, a Metal musician. To be honest, it gives me the reason to live. I realize myself in it, and I organize my life in order to do this. This is Vesania, my only and precious child, so I take care of it as much as I can.”

Please describe yourself as a character, as a person!

„You should ask my band mates about me… If I had to characterize myself, I’d say open-minded, but consequent, enthusiastic and dedicated, I’d even say addicted to what I do, but cynical and relativistic sometimes, kind of hard working motherfucker. From calmness I sometimes go mad without control, and then It’s better stay away from my line of sight, but I’m rather calm and quiet in general.”

How are you doing these days?

„You know, sometimes better, sometimes worse. We were not really lucky in our lives, but no matter what was going on in privacy, we were doing our thing anyway. We’re really fine now, I’m in my life’s best form at the moment I think.”

Are important differences to the previous album „Firefrost Arcanum” to tell?

„“Firefrost Arcanum” was a living music, uncontrolled chaos, the stream of consciousness. “God The Lux” in opposition, is mechanical, cold, and precise. It’s full of chaos too, but well controlled.”

Are there any bands as influences for your new songs to mention?

„People used to say that “God The Lux” is influenced by bands like Dimmu Borgir and Emperor. I cannot recognize copying of any band in Vesania, but as for the influences, yes, there’s a lot of them. Everything what we listen to, everything what we see, read and do, has an influence on us. We’re influenced by everything, that makes us think, that’s my opinion.”

How would you describe your music to starters?

„Vesania is Black Metal’s brutality of madness, mad vision in a mad form.”

Which other Metal acts do you like?

„I can say what am I listening to recently. Am a devoted fan of Watain, and that’s for Black Metal lately. From other Metal bands, I love Nevermore, remixed “Enemies Of Reality” and new one, yet not released, “Godless Endeavour”. I like new Candlemass, and new Black Label Society. And “Reise, Reise” of Rammstein is probably going to be one of my faves ever.”

„Live-gigs are very important for Vesania, to express themselves in the best way“ – please tell a bit about your concerts!

„I consider Vesania as a band, that is not only music. So we pay a lot of attention to any form of expression that we can include into our art. That works for the lyrics, graphic designs and live shows as well. So we always prepare something special, something that makes our show unforgettable. We try to bring our own style to the scene, the very specific performance, some of theatre, some of mystical atmosphere.”

In which qualitative position between nowadays Extreme (Black Death) Metal acts do you see Vesania? Especially between your countrymates Thy Desease, Belfegor, Crionics and Luna Ad Noctum?

„I’m impressed, you know more Polish bands than Vader and Behemoth! It’s not really common, it means that we’re growing. It’s good to know that Polish Metal scene is strong and known abroad. Btw, Belfegor doesn’t exist since few years. It’s kind of hard to say where are we at the moment, we’ll see after the European release of “God the Lux”. In Poland we’re quite well known and appreciated band, definitely one of the most talk-about.”

Vesania signed a deal with Massive Management in Poland – are you completely satisfied with them so far?

„Of course. We’re decided to sign a long-lasting management deal, because it’s a professional company with a very good attitude and history. Now we’re working together. I cannot imagine better situation for us, especially since we joined two other bigger bands and we need someone to take care of our interests. Massive is the perfect company to represent us.”

How were the reactions and the feedback of the press for Vesania to date?

„Just perfect. We’re doing all the promotion now, and getting very positive feedback from the press. That’s the result of the collective work, in which the band, Massive Management and Napalm Records are involved. And the very important thing for me – I’m getting tons of emails from single fans with congratulations, I’m glad to receive them all, it’s highly appreciated.”

How long took the time for the complete songwriting of the new album?

„It was a process extensive in time, but it didn’t take too much time indeed. After joining other bands we’re really occupied, so we just had to change the system of working. We didn’t do rehearsals once or twice a week as it used to be, but started to meet and rehearse for like two weeks in a row, then do longer break. “God The Lux” was created during few such rehearsing sessions, within like one year period.”

Who out of Vesania has composed all these touching astral melodies?

„I am the main composer in the band. Of course we work together and arrange together, but I am the one to produce most of the melodies, astral melodies, if you say so.”

Who out of the band did create all these overwhelming astral atmospheres?

„It’s a result of the work of the entire band. But mostly Siegmar, the keymaster is the one to be considered as the creator of this atmosphere.”

What is behind the title of the new album?

„I am always playing with words. So each our title, song titles and album titles are the result of it. I don’t want my words to be too simple, am always trying to include in the titles and lyrics more than one meaning. “God The Lux” is “God-light”, English and Latin mixed, but it sounds like you’d say “God deluxe”. It fits the whole idea of the album, describes the questions that I ask in lyrics, and just sounds good as a album title.”

Which were the main lyrical influences for the new album?

„Just as I said before, am always inspired by everything, that makes me think. In this specific case, it was just my past I’d say… But I sometimes quote some old English anonymous poetry and few specific writers like A. Crowley, R. Bach and couple of my own private friends.”

Please tell a bit about the lyrics of the new songs!

„“God The Lux” is the story of god and light, and man within and in between these two. It tells about labyrinths, glimpses and dazzles of light that lead man through uneasy paths. There’s a lot about masks and disguise, bringers and bearers of light. We’re always preparing our albums in order to be concept albums, and so it happened this time.”

Regarding the title „God The Lux” – what´s your personal view about the Christian religion and religions generally?

„I am totally against Christianity. There’s so much bullshit and hypocrisy in it. It’s built on lies and fear, and gives no chance for spiritual quest for the truth. It has taken the entire culture of pagan beliefs and attempts of understanding nature. And now it leads it’s lambs for doom. I’m trying to seek in other religions, to find some universal truth in them. They’re all strongly connected in their hypocrisy and supremacy, but you can always try to build your own ideas, based on some knowledge you learn.”

In which spiritual powers do you believe?

„I’m searching. In my opinion, human being like me is too stupid to choose and name it’s god. Life is the long way to hell and back, and I’m just trying to make my paths enlightened as much as I can, to make good choices. But nobody will not tell me any of my choices, the god and the power is in the human being itself. You might try to use the surrounding energies, you might feel them, but the way you believe and understand them is your own strength.”

What do you think about the fascination of the known universe and do you think that it is expanding itself endless?

„It has always been fascinating and amazing for me. But it’s still far beyond my knowledge.”

Who did made the band logo for Vesania?

„Me and keyboarder Siegmar, we’re the designers of it.”

Your artistic opinion about it?

„About my band’s logo? Actually we have two logos. One of them is strictly Black Metal logo, complicated and hard to read. We’ve been using it since the beginning and we still do from time to time. The “Pentavesania” symbol comes from this logo. We have also more simple one, easy letters, we’re using it for the front covers, to make the name of the band understandable. I like them both, each in it’s certain specific way.”

Who did made the frontcover art for the new album?

„Siegmar. He is responsible for graphic designs. We’re working together, I’m giving my ideas, but he’s doing most of the job.”

Your opinion about it?

„I like it really much. I wouldn’t let it be, If I thought, that it was not perfect for this special occasion.”

What are your personal expectations for the new album?

„It’s the first Vesania record, which will be absolutely professionally released and promoted outside of Poland. So I expect, that we’ll become a known brand in this world. We’re working hard for it, and we’ll never stop. I hope it’s the moment, that we’re coming out of total underground. We want to do the tours anywhere we can, we want to try to stand among others.”

Where was the new work produced?

„We’ve worked in few separated places. We decided to divide the recording session, to make the whole idea of the album possible. We just needed some time between each instrument’s recording to have the distance, to decide in which way to proceed. Beside it, each of us needed the comfortable conditions, plus we do not live in the same place. So drums and guitars we recorded at Hendrix Studio in Lublin. Then, after a break, bass guitar at Kokszoman Studio in Warsaw. In a meantime, Siegmar was recording all keyboards and digital tracks at his home, he’s got all his equipment there. We came back to Hendrix to do vocals and put everything together. Then we mixed and masterd the album at Hertz Studio in Bialystok. It was a long process, but definitely worth of it. The final effect is just what we meant to achieve.”

Something relevant to report out of the time in the studio?

„It was just hard work man… We didn’t really have time for fun at the studio. There’s time for fun, and time to be focused. When we’re recording, there’s no one second to loose. I am a hard person to cooperate with when recording, I am not accepting anything that causes distension. First do your thing, don’t waste the energy and time, that’s the rule when Vesania is recording. When you’re done and satisfied with your job, then, not before, you can relax. So, no funny stories, no alcohol, just pure hard work.”

Where do you see your band in ten years?

„Anywhere further than at the moment. Each following step has to be more conscious and better than the previous one, that’s what I expect from my band and myself. If we’re able to realize it, in ten years we’re gonna be much farther. Where – we’ll see, but further.”

In which specific direction the music of Vesania will go?

„I think we are now presenting the sound and style, that we want to maintain. We’ll stay Black Metal, whatever happens I guess. We will be using some fresh elements and details, maybe some classical instruments instead of parts of keyboards, on the other side, we’re planning to do some “backward” oriented motives. But the sound will remain, that’s what I suppose at the moment.”

Main plans for the nearer time?

„We have European album’s premiere in few weeks, so the promotion and everything connected with this. In a while we’ll be shooting first video clip. Then rehearsing before future concerts. In January/February/March 2006 we’re going on tour. It’s going to be really huge, especially for the band like us. Starting in Poland, then western Europe, then Eastern and Northern lands. That’s the nearest future, await!”

© Markus Eck, 04.04.2005

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