Interview: TROLLECH
Title: Fascinated by trees

They hail from Plzen in the Czech Republic – and these wood-ghosts celebrate their Forest Pagan Black Metal with an immense degree of burning passion.

Formed by axeman Lord Morbivod and bass player Asura in 1999, their debut album saw the light of day in 2001.

As I saw their first longplayer a few years ago, I was very positive surprised about the printed dwarfs on it. I've bought it immediately and became a true follower of Trollech since then. Lyrically these grim tree-huggers handle with forests, trees, castles, trolls, dwarfs, weather-conditions as thunderstorms or rain and other mystical natural entities.

Trollech see themselves as guardians in their own realm. Within there I met with shriek-beast Asura for a gathering of two flickering forest-souls.

Asura, what´s so special about the woods in your eyes?

„Everything. The woods are realms of silence, hidden powers, mystique, wisdom. Particularly I like trees – old trees. The guardians of crossroads, borders between earth and sky. The trees are storytellers of old forgotten stories and ancient wisdom. Through the trees the Gods breath. I am really fascinated by trees.“

Did you felt a strong connection to the woods of your area already as a child?

„Yes, I did. I was born in the village called Hvozd; English translation is "Deep Forest". It is no joke. My great-grandfather was huntsman and my grandfather was farmer, owner of land and parts of woods. When we were children he often took me and my brother for trips through the woods. He taught us about life of wood, trees, plants and animals. He also told stories about forest beings. He taught us perceive the forest. I created very strong connection to the woods and nature. Our parents also often (almost every weekend) took us for trips to nature and castles. We liked it...“

What has been the reason, to start Trollech once?

„I´m not sure if I am able to explain it deeply. From the year 1996 – maybe earlier – I carried a thought in my mind to found project in Pagan Black Metal music. At this time I was on vocal in Doom Death Metal band Mythopoeia (RIP). I really liked this music but my heart belonged to (and belong to) Pagan Metal or Black Metal with pagan influences. I was "envious of" Scandinavian lands or Poles and or ex-Soviet union countries because they had (still have) Pagan Black Metal bands such as Bathory, Enslaved, Solstafir, Kampfar, Windir, Skyforger, Darkwoods My Betrothed and many more... And I missed this style on Czech / Slovak Black Metal scene. The desire and impulse were very strong... I decided start the band and find members... I went to my goal. After three years it happened... I met guitarist Morbivod and we started play our "Pure Forest Black Metal".”

Asura, which one is still your main focus in the music of Trollech?

„The music of Trollech is music which I want to listen. We create our imaginations and feelings. And every album is for us album of the year che che che... That´s joke che che che... But seriously... Trollech is my biggest "hobby" and I love it. I like the creation of music, my visions and common philosophy. I met very nice people in the underground and someone of them are friends of mine. And when we´ll have enough ideas we´ll play and create our Forest Black Metal.“

What can you tell me about the band-chemistry between the involved ones?

„The "band-chemistry" (as you called it) is important thing. The band is specific kind of company. We are or better we must be connected. We must feel and see the thoughts of other members. You have to feel what expect from the others. It is main thing when you create music and play it live. Personally for me it is important thing. I must "feel" the connection among us. When we are one and we stand together, we are able to make very strong music material. Simply – among members in the band must be good "strain". That´s my opinion...“

Which are the main differences from the current album to the previous album?

„The change of label and live drummer che che che... Really... All previous albums we recorded at home in Morbivod´s studio. Album "Skryti V Mlze" was recorded in Hellsound studio with real drummer. It was an experience for us. The last album is full of various songs – from Black Metal to Pagan Metal and "epic" songs. Songs on previous albums were (if I can say that) in the same atmophere and veins. On the last album every song is different and it gives the unique "proportion", every listerer you can find there something own and new.”

Have you been very busy lately with the work on a new album?

„No, I (we) have not. We prepare new songs every one lonely "at home". We´ll start recording of demoversion of album late, maybe next month maybe for two months. We´ll see... For the present I prepared three songs and some riffs. At that time we finished four new songs for the split CD with Heiden, it will be out (probably) in May 2007 on Naga Productions. This material is a little bit special and experimental, we "used" different procedures in creation.“

At the time, which topics inspired and/or motivated you for the current album „Skryti V Mlze”? Writers? Visual artists? Movies?

„The music on „Skryti V Mlze” is always inspired by our feelings and moods and we make music like the reflection of words in the lyrics. The music is our own. Mainly the biggest inspiration is Mother Nature. But I must say of course that some topics were inspired by writers or movies. We transfered some ideas from writer Fred Hageneder from his excellent book "Trees", from old celtic belief in trees and hidden magic powers of Nature and for example our song "Land Of The Giants" was inspired by the "Merlin" movie.”

What to you is most inspiring in nature?

„Mother Nature in herself... We are part of her. Mother Nature is our "queen", we are here for her – and she isn´t here for us. We (mankind) have forget it. But back to your question: trees and forests, magic places in the deep of woods, old pathways, castles are the biggest inspiration for me. The powers of nature, her treasure, her rightness, her love and cruelty... Mother Nature is endless pool of inspiration...“

When you first conceive a song, or a riff, is your starting point a boundary or a direction?

„If I say no, I´m a liar... I have an idea in my head and try to transfer this idea on strings. I listen to a melody, I try to remember it and after play it. I don´t feel to be bound, I only play and create what I feel and what I know. I play what my skill enables me che che che...“

Please bring the readers the lyrical content of Trollech closer!

„I´m sorry, Markus, but I don´t like this type of questions. I always don´t know how to explain it. Our lyrical "philosophy" is various... In our lyrics, the reader or listener, there you can find many themes. Themes about Nature of course. I think the best way how to find the meaning of them is read them (for example on our forestweb). But I´m not sure if all lyrics will be understood. Because some one of them are really personal. Try it and you can make your own view...“

How do you feel about Christianity?

„Christianity I perceive controversial. I look on it as belief of dissimulations and poeple who don´t know what to do with their lives. In my opinion Christianity and belief in "one god" is suppression of natural "evolution" of human being. As you know from past – Christianity was imposed in many nooks of world. The poeple of ancient times were whiped out of their culture, their Gods became the demons, their "temples" were burned and their proud were defiled and that all under pain of death. If I can say I feel the hate and I know why. I think I´m able to write endless about Christianity. And I think that many readers understand me. I live and breath for pagan metal and for pagan Black Metal. It is natural for me.“

If society crumbled today – what specific type of civilization would you like to see replace it?

„Here I have not doubts about my answer... The early medieval times B.B. (B.B. = Before Bastard, Bastard = Christ and Christianity che che che )...“

Nietzsche once offhandedly said that if Christianity had not existed, it would have been necessary to invent it. Do you think all things on planet earth are bound up in their opposites?

„Nietzsche was not far from the truth. For example our Slavonic ancestors believed in duality, they had two Gods: Belbog and Cernobog (Whitegod and Blackgod). Belbog was a guardian of good things and Cernobog brought bad things. But in my opinion, yes. It is law of the cause and the result. Here I can quote a part of our lyrics from song "Vsem Bude Skryto Tajemstvi" (transl.: The Secret Will Be Hidden To All)... What happens up, happens down as well...". Every act or thought (good or evil) have its opposite and it doesn´t be on this world...“

Black Metal nowadays is much different than it was in 1993. When do you think the changes occurred, what were they, and why did they?

„Hmmm this question is almost "philosophic one"... We can only speculate... And I do it. The big changes in Black Metal came after "acts" in Norway, churches burned out, murders, suicides, assaults on trendy bands and etc... It was a shock... I think it was very interesting subject matter for media. And you know media... For Black Metal bands it was "good advertising" and they was geting offers from big labels. And many of them "went on the wave". The spirit of Black Metal was gone... Sincerely... I´m not "expert" you can agree with me or not, the Black Metal was popular (maybe bad word) and it was something "new". Then in my opinion the changes became after this acts in Norway – popularization Black Metal by the publicity in the media.”

Where do you see your music in five years? In ten years? What part do you see yourself playing?

„Che che che I really don´t know. I don´t think about it. I´ll play as I will can... But at this time I´m not able to say where I see our music for five or ten years...“

Do you have any spiritual beliefs, or strong ideological concerns?

„Yes, I do. I´m sorry, I don´t like speak about it, because it is personal for me. I have my own belief in the powers of Mother Nature and it appaers from ancient belief of our pagan forefathers. I have some my own rituals under the open sky in the wood... I think it is not important for readers. I respect the mysteries which were disclosed to me...“

Your biggest love for whom?

„She and little one Elf know... Also to my parents and my closest friends...“

Your biggest hate for whom?

„To human stupidity...“

Asura, did you played much live in the younger past? Where? Most successful gig?

„Yes, we did of course... We played in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and mostly in Czech Republic. And I hope we´ll play in other countries... Most successful gig? I think the first one... But I like commemorate the gigs in Belgium, tour with Skyforger, Brutal Assault Open Air (there we played before 3.000 fans), Open Hell Festival and great gigs were at Metal Swamp in Brno (Brün in Czech Republic)....”

Plans for the future?

„Maybe you already know about split CD with Heiden. We recorded four new tracks for this split, it will be out on Naga Productions in May 2007. We´ll slow start the work on new album. It will be a conceptual album – a tale about "Jasmuz the blacksmith". And we have planed some gigs and festivals of course. That´s all I think.“

Greetings and last words here?

„Markus, we thank you collectively for your interesting questions, for your support and the place on Metalmessage website. Thanks to all of you outside who read this interview. If you want to know whatever about Trollech, don´t hesitate to write us. Trees are in us! Hail the forests and forefathers!“

© Markus Eck, 14.10.2006

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