Title: Pure matter of heart

Intimately, sensitive and overall very pleasant contemplative, these raptured American dreamy souls celebrate their music.

Their new and great debut album „Sleep Now, Quiet Forest“ reflects thereby an underlying utmost of sensitivity.

Reverently touching sung are the beautifully aestheticized songs with truly enchanting charismatic and flattering incredible octave noblesse. But also the four participating men around the gifted Autumn Tears vocalist Laurie Ann Haus evert its innermost willingly outwards on the primary meek floating melancholy disk.

The sometimes amply hardened-through fragments of electric guitars can or should certainly not hide a one: all too rarely a formation of this genre area has probably reached such a fragile creative grace in matters of intense mediation of feelings. Laurie answers the questions.

What is behind the band name?

„Todesbonden is based on a medieval German word that means bonds of death.”

Why should buy listeners the new CD of Todesbonden?

„Hopefully listeners will buy our CD because they have heard it and like it.”

What can you do for the fans with your new songs that other candidates can't?

„There are a lot of bands out there that have a lot to offer, with that said, if our fans are looking for an album that takes them on a journey around the world to diverse time periods, then our album is a good one to listen to.”

What feelings you want to raise with the new songs in the hearts of the listeners?

„I hope that this album can give the listener a feeling of longing, mystery, and fantasy.”

What are your lifelong dreams?

„That I will have a long lasting sense of satisfaction in face of the ever changing ups and downs of life.”

Please tell about a time where you had to deal with conflicts in the music genre!

„There are always conflicts in the music industry whether it is with setting up shows or any other type of business negotiation. I deal with them all the best way possible at the time.”

What are your strengths as musician/vocalist?

„My openness to new things is my biggest strength.”

Please tell something about your proudest achievements in the new music of the band!

„We are very proud of the diversity and musicianship we are bringing to this album.”

What's your ideal song on the new album?

„‚Battle Of Kadesh' is the most exciting song on the album in my opinion but each band member has their own favorite.”

Who are your favourite bands and why? Who are your heroes among them?

„There are a lot of wonderful bands out there so I don’t have favorites. However, right now I am listening to Sephiroth (the dark ambient electronica band), Niyaz, Qntal, Imogen Heap, older Theatre Of Tragedy, Might Could, Eluveitie, plus many others. I think that all musicians are heroes for staying with their passion long enough to master their instrument and skill.”

What do you think are the qualities of a good band?

„In my opinion a good band is a band that is well practiced enough to express music in a way that is precise and meaningful rather then being overly technical with the only goal of impressing others with complexity.”

Why do you make exactly this kind of music?

„When writing for Todesbonden or when working with other musicians, we are working within a framework of the styles of music that we enjoy, so the music is from the heart.”

Where would you like to be in your career in five years?

„To be creating even better music then what we are creating now.”

Who brought Todesbonden to the current record label?

„A PR employee from Prophecy found us through another band I was in and asked us if we were interested with working Prophecy and if so they would get in contact with us. After that I saw that they had nice CD packaging and a few bands that I really enjoyed on their roster so I decided to sign with them.”

What are you still looking in terms of development of the musical style?

„We want to create epic, mysterious and passionate music.”

When were you most satisfied in Todesbonden?

„When we are either writing something amazing or when we are onstage in front of an appreciative audience. These are two very wonderful feelings.”

Which spiritual ways in life are you still seeking?

„Each person in the band feels differently about this question. For myself I have always struggled with the word spiritual because it implies a belief in the spirit. With that said, the duality, diversity, complexity, ugliness, and beauty of the life experience is mysterious enough to provoke feelings of something beyond myself, at least a feeling of wonder.”

© Markus Eck, 22.05.2008

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