Interview: STIGMHATE
Title: 360° radius of influence

One hears the furious beast compositions of their debut album „Satisfied By The Cruelty“, the devil seems to come from Italy.

Specifically from Vicenza, a town close to Venice. From there anyway comes this unleashed trio that spews infernal and technically oriented Black Death Metal into all the world. Bassist, shouter and keyboardist Tron, guitar tormentor Isagal and drummer Francesco gave themselves some efforts with her thunderous debut release.

Isagal, what is to say about your area mainly?

„I'm from Vicenza, it's little town, near Venice with very bad Metal scene. Vicenza has a good place for to relax your soul, because there are some hills and you can stay with the nature and listen to music. Vicenza is important town for the artistic monument in nord-east of Italy for the great architect Palladio.”

Exists a conception behind the new album, and if yes, which?

„No there isn't a concept behind the album, every songs has a different life, but in a simple words I can say that I have written my opinions and my feelings during these hard years, maybe you can see the concept in the constructions for every part of the CD we have decided to use a simple and directly things as directly songs, simple but aggressive lay out for to impressed the peoples. And then I wanted to search particular things for to give our style and personality like band. Maybe in the next album we're thinking to write some lyrics with a one concept but I want to think better for this point.”

What meaning stands behind the title of the new album?

„„Satisfied By The Cruelty“ is a little satisfaction for every people that don't trust in us during this period, and with this title I want to put a underline to these peoples what we can do, and what we will doing in the future, simple it's the answer to these persons. Because I say this with the fact and not with a few shitting words. I worked hard to this album, but I have support from a few persons. My music speaks for all.”

Which were and still are the inspirations for your music? Hate, despise, and cold misanthropic moods?

„Our inspiration for the songs was born in accordance with our passion for the music, during the song writer period we have look to don't search a usually trademark in this kind of music, I tried to look in advance for to create by our influences and made and find a solutions without condition of every genre, if a riff sounds good, why not to include it in the song. you have the fact in The sounds of Urizen this songs is so far between to other songs in the album, with this one I want to say that we play Metal but we can recorded what we like in other styles and sounds. My mind is open and I don't want to play in the same ways, I want create music, extreme music but I can use a different method for this work.”

And how developed your pretty special style?

„It's a mixture of our past experiences with other bands I played in some bands with a different style of music like Italian rock, gothic that's important for me because I can learn a different technical style for my instrument, I want to learn everything and to play everything without conditions, I think that our experience have give me a lot of influenced and I develop my personal point of view in the music. now I look the music in 360 grade around me and I create many style and in connection with the ideas with our band member we can find our trademark, also Tron and Francesco listen many style and we search every time a particular touch in the songs that the listeners can say: what do they play?”

Do you think that the Black Death Metal style of Stigmhate fits only for the chosen fan-maniacs of this genre?

„I think it's not totally, I think that you usually listen not only Black Metal or Death Metal, I Think with the melodic parts add to the songs we can arrive to touch other peoples that listen all styles of Metal, our sound is heavy but I think there is a touch of atmospheric sounds and sadness parts, epic parts like the "timepieces". I think if the listeners do have an open mind, all can listen easily our album.”

What means the bandname Stigmhate - hate for the hypocritical stigma of Christians?

„Stigmhate is a combined word, we have choose this because is simple to remember and the name is composed by two word stigmate and hate, the first is in the Christian concept of religion, we want to create a contradiction between the law of religion and the hate, so all people known that the religion doesn't learn the hate to your adept. Also we want to have a simple name like a little concept for every work of the production of the album, simple songs, simple artwork and directly songs in your face.”

Are you a worshipper of the dark spirits on this world?

„No we aren't a worshipper of the Satanic concept, I'm not interested this kind of trends. I want to say that we play Metal and with our music we want to say as we leave in this life, is a channel for to spread our disgust to our experience only this. It's no time for to run with trends, I think that I play for me and not for the trends or other shit.”

Be so kind and explain the lyrics of a few songs out of the album!

„Well, the lyrics were written by me, six months before the recording session. Different ways were done for „Hatred“ and „Use Colony”, they were written by Tron. With the lyrics I want to take a part of my life in a bad period, and I picture the strong experience about this. It's very sadness, melancholy and aggressive. I want to give a total meaning to all lyrics. They speak about life , my life, it's very personal, for this reason I don't want to insert all in the booklet, but I choose the particular parts, these parts is near me in this moment.”

What are the deeper dark philosophies behind Stigmhate?

„I think there is a dark philosophy into us, depend for person to person. Personally, I can say that I have a obscure concept in my person and I think that this part of me coming out when I write the songs when I feel the emotion when I play my songs. I think also that this may be true and not a trend for the kids I see many kids with a satanic logos and etc. but I don't think that they have in mind the very essence of Metal music. I'm sure that they'll made very big changes in your life, so how said as it's going on with the trends.”

Which were your early idols out of the Metal scene and which ones of them have influenced you?

„I started to listen AC/DC when I'm 15 years old, and this music decided my life I started to play a guitar, in this period my idol was Angus Young then I started open my mind to other kind of genre, like Death Metal, Black Metal, I got many influences to form this music into me. I said I like this music gave me more feelings every time to listen a new bands. I appreciate different artists, as the mastermind of Hypocrisy, Peter Tägtgren. There are a lot of bands that take a part of my musical influences, recently I listen to Dark EBM. I discover this sound during a party of my friend and it's very strong bands in this kind of music, the same power of the Black Metal.”

Which bands do you listen to nowadays?

„It's difficult to answer, there are a lot of releases in this time, I'm impressed by the last album of Dark Tranquillity, then I always listen bands like Dissection, Setherial, Belphegor. I haven't more time for this I focused my time in my music, write new riffs for to work to our second album.”

Which imaginative pictures do you see when you are listening to your own music and having closed your eyes?

„I saw the dark pictures, maybe I have a feelings that touch me not only pictures. I have into me hate to all things around me: the false person, all these peoples are near you for interest, persons that are saying so much. And then nothing. I hate this kind of people, I hate the hypocrisy, it is too much in this fucking world. We lost our time for to destroy our planet, without to have a minimum conscience for the life. That's sad. I talk of my life this is my life, too.”

Please describe yourself with a few words!

„This question is many difficult to answer. I can say, I'm a normally personality, I have a work and play the music into my heart. But I 'm a dangerous person when I find in my way a false person as I said, I known many people in my life ask them what happened. I like to listen music 24 hours a day, I tour around with my closest friends. I like to go to concerts and parties, both filled with lots of alcohol. And stay every day with my girlfriends: my guitar, and my real girlfriend. When I do have a free time I want to see her it's important for me.”

What is definite goal with your music?

„I don't know I tried to play something that give me a feelings and to made a Stigmhate sounds with our influences, I have take our way, this is the beginning and I think that for the second album we work for to have Stigmahte sounds but we want to grown and to find new solutions, like arrangement, and songwriter I don't want to record a „Satiesfied By The Cruelty“-part II. I will see in the future. Then I think that with the technologies in the studio we can experimental with new sounds, and give to our music a little personality, too.”

Have you already felt in your childhood longing that you're going to do something special and dark, once you are older?

„In my childhood the only thing was to play a guitar then I make a plan in my mind, to have children and to have a girl in my heart. I think that the family give you a something for to be satisfied of your life. I got many feelings when I was younger play, record an album and now I'm here but I want to be honest we have out our debut and I don't want to have strange ideas into me, I continue to work hard album by album and if our music likes to the person, I'm happy but I know that we learn much more. Until now I want to be quite and going on for my way.”

Any last words?

„I want to thank you, Markus, for this Interview and Metalmessage, for the possibility to promote our debut album here. I can say to the fans: listen to our CD! Then I want to say hello to all people that support us. Thanx for forever. See you all on tour. Sadoregards, Isagal.”

© Markus Eck, 01.06.2003

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