Interview: SORGSVART
Title: Philosophical anarchy

It is a strengthening fact for each upright thinking Viking-, Pagan- and Folk Metal-disciple, that among the Norwegian population some extremely antihuman and even more strongly nature-association perceiving musician-souls living in the villages and forests there.

In order to understand fully that the numbers of members of these both parts, therefore groups and listeners, too, steadily grows, suffices only a short view of the daily radiated horror-shows at all the brain manipulating mass media.

To that manic thinking assessed heathen-staff of Scandinavian exception-characters counts also Sorg – a really fervently acting representative of the melodic oriented Viking Folk Black Metal corps. 

With its new hearty assembled collection of songs, regarding the attitude of the maker accordingly corresponding „Vikingtid Og Anarki“ entitled, master Sorg supplies the listeners once more with magnificent art. 

At the same time these arch-Nordic, long-haired nature-man with the strong wood-spirit punishes mockers, enviers and sceptics at the same time. Yes, the new valuable silver-shield „Vikingtid Og Anarki“ is nothing less than timeless beautiful sound art for high claiming and pampered connoisseur spirits.

Hey Sorg, how´s it going for you there in your village? „Be greeted comrade Markus! I am actually not living in a village, or it depends how you look on it, but here is no small local society I simply live deep in the woods between misty mountains and wild animals. And how life is up here in isolation are surely difficult for people like you in these big countries to imagine. Even if my wish is to be separated as much as possible from the insanity which surrounds us from the north-pole in the north (of course) to the Antarctica in south I can never escape from it completely, and even if they almost has succeeding killing me both mentally and physical I am honoured to tell that I still have enough power to do my duty, I am creating music which opposes directly to the western hypocrisy and capitalistic dictatorship. Every composition I make is an angry army standing on the barricades under the black banner of AnArchism and every single tone of my compositions are warriors sent out in battle to crush the rulers and with only one mission, to fight back our freedom!”

Do you consume any modern news media?

„There is no way to avoid mass-media which are the rulers most effective tool together with the School system to educate inhabitants of tell us in its false believes and construct illusoric realities which only serves those who rules and owns. I can´t watch or read from any source of media without having this awful feeling of being fooled and controlled! My advice is to consult alternative media as the independent ones, but the very first step has to be liberation of mind and soul to build a foundation for critical judgements.”

Newspapers and media telling the global people meanwhile only about horrible crimes, and make them fear with morbid visions. Same there in Norway?

„It is ironic how crimes commited by so called criminals becomes somekind of scapegoats covering for the real crimes in this society! Assassinations, rapes etc are just results of this morally degenerated society, the system has to thanks itself for harvesting the bad fruits of the seeds they sows. I am disagreeing with you on one point my friend, I think the headliners in the newspapers should be even more morbid to make people attentive to how crazy the world has turned out to be. One man was maybe killed yesterday but 90.000 kids were also murdered through poverty that day and the same situation will happen again also tomorrow and the day after that which media dears to print this kind of headliner? Noone! The free-minded workers fear of loosing their jobs and the moneys which unfortunately are urgent in anyones lives in the system we all suffers beneath are to overwhelming and they would never deared to accomplish it. And even if they had the solidaric drive to make words into actions the media mighty owners would have killed the attempt before it reaches levels of seriousness.”

Industries, interest-groups and worldwide companies - which do have the biggest advantages by all the daily mass medial sickening of the fools out of the worldwide modern day societies in your opinion?

„It is the general marketing powers which earns on this idiocy. They create fashions through the mass-media channels which are their co-operators and as soon they have built up this fake illusion on how you should dress, eat, drink etc, they destroy it because they don´t make profit on it anymore and then they find something new to seduce the masses with. People are no better than a bunch of sheep when it comes to this matter.”

What´s your view about nowadays unfortunately very popular kiddy media „MySpace” with all the mostly infantile, talent-less weekend Metal posers?

„The media internet which I once considerated as the "peoples media" before anything else has turned out to become just another and perhaps the rulers most powerful tool to control humanity. Wether a person has talent or not is not up to me to judge but you can clearly see the difference between a poser and an individ who actually wants to share something unique with the world. The most important thing in a posers world is to be seen while the most important thing in a true dedicated humans world is to spread his/hers work almost like a mission which they estimate as higher then life itself.”

In the band logo of Sorgsvart is integrated the famous anarchous symbol meanwhile – for what does it stand to your mind?

„I am not sure what your question means because I believe that it is no longer a hidden secret that Sorgsvart is a political band, an anarchistic band. And since Sorgsvart consists of only one person, me Sorg, it has to be obvious that I am the anarchist here and I am an anarchist in its full philosophical understanding, no fucking follower as a punk or hooligan with no other ideas in their heads but the ones who has been put there by their groups leaders! Just an honest simple free-thinker is what I am, standing for total liberty, equality, justice and comradeship. I declare now that Sorgsvart goes under the parole: True Norwegian AnArchistic Black Metal ( Norsk AnArkistisk Svart Metall) Let it be no doubt that Sorgsvart is fronting humanity in their struggle against authority and slavery!”

How did react people out of the dogmatic scene about it?

„As a true anarchist I am not interested in following dogmas or certain adopted rules on how a black metaler should behave. And my personal meaning is that this is what black metal is all about, following yourself with no room for compromises! Most of the people which call themself "true" today are just followers which walks along paths who already has been walked by others. They simply dont believe in the strength of their own characters to stand for something unique. But this is how mankind is raised nowadays, to worship ideals and having heroes and make you forget that the biggest hero is the one you have in yourself.”

Which is your favourite kind of (bio?)beer?

„Hehe, clever question! I am a true lover of this angry water! And there are so many types of beer which can make my existence worth living for a short moment. And if we exclude beers brewed by skilled private persons I have to mention one local hero, "Tou" which I have refered to as the "Sorgsvart-Beer" before. But some of the nostalgia has disappeared after they where bought up by one of the largest beercompanies in Norway, "Ringnes". But that is one of capitalisms unavoidable turns, monopoly. But to be completely sincere, it is the herbal liquid "Jägermeister" which considerate as my "aqua vitae"!”

Do you have much contacts to normal people, which consume TV and other pretty strange amusements…

„As already mentioned I live outside the society trying to have as little contact with people in general because my experience is that social-contacts within the world as we know it today pollutes you more than it enriches you as an human. It is a paradox that we lock wild animals as lions and tigers into cages in zoos all over the world because of their estimated danger when the absolute most dangerous animals are the ones standing outside watching them, Homo Sapiens Sapiens (human race) which in my eyes only represents one fucking ungrateful disgrace to the work of mother nature! So if I have left any doubts behind me regarding your question, let it be clear, I don´t personally socialize myself with anybody of those which wishes to fuck Justin Timberlake over a king size big mac menu with a bottle of coca-cola whooped up their asses.”

Tell your spiritual beliefs and report of your strong ideological heathenish concerns!

„I don´t have any spiritual or religious views, I believe in common sense, humanity and science not in ghosts and devils. My interests in heathenism are only based on personal fascination for my own native culture.”

Your biggest love for whom at the moment?

„That honour has to be dedicated to my most stabile, faithful and true comrade, the nature and mountains of Norway, she never takes, she only gives.”

Your biggest hate for whom currently?

„The ruler-system which forces humanity into slavery.”

What do think mentally sick people around about you and your heathen lifestyle?

„I don´t have a religious connection to heathenism but I am an agnostic – which is not meaning that I suddenly would turn into a Christian or a Muslim etc! But I have accepted the limitations of human intelligence and realized that it is smarter to declare yourself as an unknownable before one who claims to know it all at least when it comes to matters humans can´t control. My life changed the day I saw the aliens, my strong atheistic views on everything supernatural got, as we Norwegians says it, one heavy "shot at the bow", nearly patronized! I don´t believe in gods but when it comes to aliens playing around with us as some foolish small laboratory-rats I am convinced. Peoples always seems to have interests in changing my way of living in some or other way, I was kicked out of school, fired from my jobs, thrown out of the local town almost driven to suicide just because I am different in a way people cant stand and perhaps fear. I am a very fair-minded person with very strong and rebellious views and this combined with my pacifistic lifestyle clearly provokes people to get violent with me and they even get more provoked when they see that I never strikes back. Can you imagine? Being hated for hating hatred?!”

Have you been very busy lately with the work on the new album?

„You can not call it busy, because the album in fact has been ready for about two years now but not recorded before now. And because of my lack of economical facilities my opportunities to work continuously in studio has been disappearing. I and my dear friend Olaf (from my record-company Einheit) has seen it as a necessary evil to move Sorgsvart‘s next album "Vikingtid Og Anarki " release date from 26th October to 7th December.”

Which one is still your main focus in your unique music?

„Genuine honesty!”

What can you tell me about the chemistry between the involved ones currently?

„There are no members beside me in Sorgsvart, Sorgsvart is a true one man band.”

How good have been the worldwide press feedbacks for the last Sorgsvart album to date? Helped the good opinion of Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone?

„Let it be clear, no money and no fame can make me happy, those who lives under such a false assurance are already lost in the great moraly ruin of capitalism!! I believe that comrade Culto agrees with me when I say that he is a man like you and me, equal to everybody. And the understanding I have of Nocturnal Culto is that he is a simple man like me living separated from the "big society" with the wild nature as his closes neighbour, at least it was this he told me. Do not understand me, I appreciate Nocturno Culto´s words because I respect his intellect and person and it would be a lie if I said that me ego dont enjoy reading all the extremely good reviews my onemanband has received in the press world over! But the bottom line is that this don´t mean anything in the total picture, first of all I make my music as a salvation for myself and the most important thing is that it means something to me personal, but of course it pleases me if people understands my messages and my music can be some sort of contribution to their lives as well!”

Which will be the main differences of the current full-length release to the following album?

„There is not other answer on this one then that the sound and production will be the heaviest difference between "Fortapt Fra Verden I Vakkert Selvmord" and "Vikingtid Og Anarki". Everybody should know my history behind the "Selvmord" album by now, an album never meant to be released in any record-company, an album recorded in "first take" with no other motivation then doing it for myself. On "Vikingtid Og Anarki" I will (as I said in another interview I have done lately) give you my full attention and since "Selvmord" consisted of songs composed many years ago (one of them actually has its origin back in the year of 1999) the emotions which I brings you on "Vikingtid Og Anarki" will be much more reprensentative to both the musician and person I am today. But I can assure you that you will recognize a Sorgsvart song when you hear it, the clean vocals, the folk-instruments, the sheep! and the Norwegian trollish hymns, nothing has disappeared but I can promise you some insane innovated unexpected turns which confirms Sorgsvart‘s posision as a leader and not a follower within the Black Metal scene!”

At the time, which topics inspired or motivated you for the new album?

„My one and only inspiration is the flame burning me up from the inside and to tame that flame, I have to let my rebellious, angry and depressive emotions out through melodies. My inspirations comes from no other than myself and that´s the way it has to be if you wants to get the most sincere result of your work. The Norwegian nature officiates as a trigger for my inner feelings and helps me release my free unaffected ideas.”

What to you is most inspiring in (Norwegian) nature?

„That is to capture the essence of each moment which appears when I am out walking in the majestic Norwegian mountain-side, that gives me strength and the opportunity to let my emotions flow into beautiful tones and passages pressuring from the depth of my soul.”

When you first conceive a song, or a riff for Sorgsvart, is your starting point a boundary or a direction?

„My songs are never starting with a riff on a guitar, keyboard or a flute. My songs always starts with a feeling and as a second stage of this process I have to chase this feeling with the right instrument and when I finally has managed to select the correct instrument playing a particular melody to that certain emotion the process has started. It is just like a password, you can´t get access before you have the right combination of numbers and letters.”

Please tell the readers the lyrical content of the newest Sorgsvart tracks!

„Revolution, depressions, agony, anarchism, nostalgia and local legends in one complete package. If we take an example from my newest album there is a song called "Bleivikmaen ein Haglandsfaen" a song about the corpse belonging to a man which died for about 7800 years ago actually the oldest leftover ever been found of a man here in norway, discovered in my woods. Even if this is a song about this particular man there is a lot of hidden metaphors and messages with a deeper misson than just a story about this man would be, you can find every task I mentioned above within this song and this is often the way I write lyrics. The title and the lyrics superficial meaning may seem harmless and just like another nice history but behind this disguise new and darker dimensions of the song will appear.”

Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?

„It is too painful to give you my answer on this one.”

Where do you see your music in five or ten years, and what part do you see yourself playing inside?

„As long it is life inside me Sorgsvart will remain as an anarchistic onemanband delivering rebellious Black Metal to the people, for the people.” Worth to mention plans for the future?

„What´s the deal with planning the future when life gives us nothing but agony and depressions? Those who live along with another understanding are just floating around in an illusoric reality created by the rulers. I realize that I have to spend my life within these invisible walls strictly watched by these (for me) highly visible guardians killing me from the inside, to make a slave out of an human being is murder!”

Any special greetings or last words here?

„Don´t ever let your faith into the hands of the masters – power can never be used, only abused!”

© Markus Eck, 08.11.2007

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