Interview: SKÁLMÖLD
Title: From historical ground

Their group name refers to the old fateful word which stands for the bloody conflicts between the largest Icelandic family clans in the 13th century.

And for the fact that this highly interesting horde was actually founded only in 2009, they not only hit the firs raw, intensive and with quality. But Skálmöld, on the new album, the concept disk „Börn Loka“, also make a real break with their 1: 1 converted, huge passion.

Surprisingly theatrically sounds the material on the new work of these six rhythmically exceedingly powerful fellows. Thus, the epic Viking Folk Metal of the Reykjavík Pagan chapel can easily be recommended beyond the genre.

This makes the participants respectable from the often cursed cliché-affair, which, despite the decline of the popularity, unfortunately always gets worse and worse for Skálmöld's musical area. I speak with lead guitarist Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson.

How did you experience the local summer days in your beautiful part of the world?

„Summer in Iceland is awesome – 24 hour daylight!“

Please describe the main character of the new album „Börn Loka“!

„We follow a sister and a brother … Loki´s children and there is a lot of Metal! I don’t want to say too much.“

Which noteworthy (small) differences to the previous albums are waiting now for the curious Skálmöld listeners?

„It´s heavier, more Metal, more everything. It´s way better than „Baldur” and we are very proud of the new album.“

What is your personal view about the artistic ‚spirit‘ in „Börn Loka“?

„I loved making this album. It was both tough and pure joy. We wanted to make an honest album but still push us to the limit. We didn’t want to copy „Baldur” and I think we did a good job with this one.“

Is it allowed to ask about special musical influences in the newest art? I guess, you guys do listen to Metal and many more sounds at the same time?

„Of course you can ask about our influences and yes, we do listen to Metal all day long! We don’t follow anybody – we are influenced by everything that moves us. If it is good music, we´re influenced.“

Who have been the main songwriter for „Börn Loka“ and what are his main qualities in your opinion?

„Bibbi, our bass player writes all the lyrics. We all write the songs. Someone comes in with a riff or a structure of a song and then Bibbi writes the lyrics. We talked about the theme of the album and all contributed to the making of the album.“

How ran the work for the new longplayer?

„We put a pressure on us, made a deadline for the songs, as we did with „Baldur”.“

How long did you need for the complete songwriting of „Börn Loka“?

„The first riff was written right after we finished „Baldur”. We wrote a few riffs on the Heidenfest tour last October, one of the best riffs in Hamburg actually! Then we locked our selves in the rehearsal room for a few months.“

With which expectation(s) have you begun on writing music this time?

„Just keep being honest and writing music for us. We don’t follow anybody´s rules!“

Where do you usually get the best new ideas for the art of Skálmöld?

„I think when you are born and raised in Iceland, with the changing of weather every hour, with the old songs always being sung around us and basically being honest about our past, music comes naturally.“

When did the ideas come to mind most fluidly?

„I might pick up an acoustic guitar or just pick up a guitar with no intention of writing a song and then - boom! A song appears. I can’t write a song when I sit down and decide to write. It comes naturally.“

Be so kind and tell a bit about the main lyrical content of „Börn Loka“!

„The songs are about two children, orphans, who have to fight to be alive. They have to fight Loki´s children and survive. Not all goes well in the end though …“

Who were the main-lyricists for the new output?

„Bibbi, the bass player loves the old mythology and we all do. We read stories and hear stories about the old Vikings, the heroes of Iceland´s past. It´s a natural thing for us.“

© Markus Eck, 13.10.2012

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