Interview: NAGLFAR
Title: Swedish showdown

Not only a line-up change in front of the vocal microphone brought fresh black blood in the unholy fate of the vehement Melodic Black Metal elite horde.

Also in terms of songwriting Sweden beasts Naglfar have made a not insignificant modification in their dominant stylistics.

Founding member and exceptional vocalist Jens Rydén left the band. Bass player Kristoffer W. Olivius strapped then unceremoniously the bass guitar down and took over from then surprisingly with also large throat charisma the vocal duties in the bunch.

And so shows „Pariah“, the current successor to the previous 2003 killer album „Sheol“, the widely respected hell troop of their most commercial side so far. Marcus E. Norman, torturer of guitar-strings, is like the rest of the fast fire-quartet deeply satisfied with the new album-beast as he proudly announces.

How are you these days?

„Just fine thanks, we are preparing for the summer-festivals at the moment.”

For me is „Pariah“ one of the very best of nowadays Melodic Black Death Metal releases out of Scandinavia! Your opinion?

„Great to hear that you think that. Personally I am more than satisfied with "Pariah", we managed to create something very special and unique without losing the Naglfar sound.”

What means it for you personally to play music with Naglfar?

„It means a lot, music is my entire life, it's all I know how to do really. I've dedicated my whole existence to this.”

Significant differences on „Pariah“ to the previous album „Sheol“?

„I would say that this album is far more aggressive than any of our previous releases but still we've managed to combine the aggression with the more melodic elements that have been the trademark of Naglfar since the beginning.”

What was the reason to include all the overwhelming melodic guitar harmonies and solos in „Pariah“?

„There was no specific reason really. When we started working on the new tracks everything just came natural, this is simply what we wanted to do with this album.”

Are there any bands as influences to mention?

„Personally I don't consider myself to be influenced by any other bands. I get my inspiration from everyday life. If I have to mention anything music-wise, it has to be classical music and movie-soundtracks but that has more to do with archiving different moods and atmospheres.”

How would you describe your new music on „Pariah“ to fully new listeners?

„I would say that "Pariah" is an album that reeks of the purest form of aggression combined with strong and catchy melodies. An album filled with musical intelligence.”

Which other Metal acts do you like?

„I listen to bands like Darkthrone, Dark Fortress, Megiddo etc... A lot of bands, to many to mention really.”

Please tell something about upcoming live concerts – special effects planned?

„At the moment we are rehearsing for the gigs at Wacken and Tuska but there won't be any special effects really. We're simply gonna put on a great show, a show of uncompromised rage and energy!”

In which qualitative position between nowadays Extreme (Black Death) Metal acts do you see Naglfar?

„I don't know and I don't really care because I've never really compared Naglfar to any other bands, that is not interesting for me. I care about the bands I am involved with and none else. We are doing our own thing.”

How long took the complete songwriting of the new album?

„We spent something like one and a half year writing "Pariah". Could have been more, could have been less, I don't really remember.”

Who out of the band did compose all these overwhelming melodies?

„We wrote all of the music together in my homestudio. Naglfar has always been a very democratic band where all of us are involved in the creative process.”

What is behind the new album title „Pariah“?

„It simply reflects our standpoint within the whole musical scene. That we are standing alone, doing our thing and not caring or thinking about anybody else.”

Which were your main lyrical influences for the new album?

„It's the same as with the music really, I get influenced by everything that happens around me.”

Please tell a bit about the lyrics of the new songs! Is there a conception?

„The lyrics on this album are the most misantrophic and furious lyrics ever written by the band so far I would say. They more or less deals with anger, spite and disrespect towards this world and everything that walk this planet.”

In which spiritual powers do you believe? 

„I think that is something that has nothing to do with the band really but the darkness has always attracted me.”

Who has made the cover art for „Pariah“?

„Ralph Manfreda, an artist from Austria:”

Your opinion about it?

„He did an amazing job, it turned out exactly the way we wanted it and fits perfectly to this album!”

Which are your own expectations for the new album?

„I hope that people will enjoy it, that they appreciate and find it unique and special.”

Where was the new work „Pariah“ produced?

„It was recorded at Ballerina Audio, the same studio where Sheol and Diabolical were recorded.”

Is something relevant to tell out of the time in the studio?

„It was a great experience! The studio has been moved since we recorded Sheol and is now situated in the middle of nowhere, we were practically only surrounded by forest and what gave us the opportunity to focus 110 % on the recordings. Nothing could interrupt us out there which was perfect!”

Where do you see your band in ten years?

„It's a difficult question to answer but all I know is that we will still put our hearts and souls into the band and the music.”

In which direction the music of Naglfar will go?

„We'll continue to walk down this path we're on right now. Doing our best to create music that we are satisfied with and never compromise for anyone!”

Main plans for the future?

„We're gonna tour Europe again before the end of 2005 and we will start working on new material, that's all I know right now!”

© Markus Eck, 02.07.2005

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