Interview: LACUNA COIL
Title: Enlightening darkness

Such a massive dose of emotions, as these Italians have packed into their new compositions, is rarely found in publications of the emphasized dramatically Alternative Rock genre. But by means of the current sixth album „Dark Adrenaline“, Lacuna Coil once again managed with respectable bravura to strum on the entire human emotional keyboard.

And this captivatingly varied collection of twelve pleasantly blissfully arranged heart-pain songs doesn't leave the listener alone for a second, once you have done so. The melancholic sextet is thus reinvented again. I'm talking to singer Cristina Scabbia.

Why you do this all and which is still the most inner driving force within your creative heart to create such music? 

„Music is always been a driving force in my life, probably my biggest passion. I found myself singing pretty much all the time since I was a little girl and I still do it now. Being music part of my life I think I’ll never get sick of it, cause it feels absolutely natural. It’s the same for the guys in the band as well, we’ve been together so long as a band also because we share this huge passion. Lacuna Coil is our beloved creature and we just love it.“

What is behind the title „Dark Adrenaline“ and the lyrical background of these sixth album? 

„The title is something that came up at the very end of the recording. We wanted a name that could resume the vibe going through the album and when we thought about the obscure atmospheres and the energetic, heavier core of the songs, “Dark Adrenaline” came up as the perfect title. The adrenaline is, in fact, representing the “energetic rush” we felt during the songwriting itself. We also imagined this “dark adrenaline” to be this black liquid that can take your mind and heart to a different dimension.“

Be so kind and tell your opinion about the most important content within the lyrics of „Dark Adrenaline“! 

„It’s not going to be important for the readers as much as it’s important for me and for other members in the band, as soon as we talk about personal experiences. The new songs are about anger, love, pain, revenge, passion. We started the songwriting from a darker space, due to some bad experiences we went through, and we took the chance to get out of it all in a winning, positive way. Our lyrics are for us a sort of a diary, a way for us to explore the deeper part of ourselves. To push the negativity out to try to find the light at the end of the tunnel.“

The new songs are partly filled with pretty interesting ideas. Please tell us about the way it was!

„It’s hard to describe how a song was born. Music is something abstract, inconsistent, you can’t touch it, you can’t see it. You just write what you feel, so how can you explain a feeling? Every song is a condensation of experiences and inputs we get from life, from whatever happens around us. Then we just meet up and let the magic happens while we go with the flow.“

Which is the most important fact of „Dark Adrenaline“ in your opinion?

„The fact that it seems our roots came back more alive than ever embracing the newest Lacuna Coil vibe. I feel is the perfect sum of what we did in all these years, from day one til now. Plus the album is heavy and dark, just as we wanted it.“

Who did the biggest part of songwriting for the new songs?

And who was the main lyricist? How they did work together?

„Marco Coti Zelati is the guy who put all the musical ideas together while Andrea and I created every vocal line and lyric in “Dark Adrenaline”. Then every other musician contributed with ideas, arrangements and solos. It’s a process that works perfect for us.“

Which has been your most lucky moment with the band during the creation-process of the new album-output?

„There was not a “lucky moment” cause we don’t rely on luck when we write or record stuff. We write with soul and heart and the result has to please us. So I guess the “luck” is the fact that we are still guided by the same great inspirational moments?“

What are you looking forward to with Lacuna Coil in 2012?

„So far the single “Trip The Darkness” has been accepted in an amazing way. That shows that our fans are sharing our feelings about “Dark Adrenaline”. I think it’s a fantastic album and can’t wait to promote it in the best way. That means I want to tour as much as I can to let as many people to listen to it. I know it’s going to be a busy year, for sure, and I am just glad about it!“

© Markus Eck, 03.01.2012

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