Interview: DREAM EVIL
Title: Well used bandwidth of influences

In the beginning of 1999 young Heavy Metal fan Fredrik Nordström begun in Swedish Gothenburg to call one of the best bands in Melodic Heavy Metal into life.

Quickly a strong stating band name was found later with Dream Evil including some just as enthusiastic with musicians in order to help such laudable intentions appropriately to correspondingly wide-ranging validity.

Goal of the enthusiasts, which were and still are fascinated of aesthetically-melodic play-skills was also to prepare the favoured genre so demanding and elaborated as well as only any possible and to drive to the musical completion.

Latest intention became already outstanding transferred and above all also in substance convincing into the deed on the loudly crashing 2002 debut album „Dragonslayer”.

The release gave the young band best reputation by outstanding reviews in the worldwide pertinent scene press.

Now Dream Evil unleash the fourth studio album „United”. Bass player Peter Stålfors faces my questions gladly.

Hello Peter, how much and which main feedback did you get from Europe to date, especially from Germany?

„It's been a while since I read any european or German magazines. But after "The Book Of Heavy Metal" was released we got a lot of feedback from a lot of magazines, and beeing on the front cover of "Rock It" felt of course really nice. Maybe I've been deaf to bad feedback cause I've been surprised over the amount of good feedback we've recieved over the years.”

Which specific circumstances and influences led to such a chosen musical style as yours?

„We all have quite different influences in the band... for instance, Niklas is more influenced by the earlier Metal from the 80's and the 70's. I'm more into the Metal in the middle of the 80's and Fredik more of "modern". And we write the songs more or less together, so the sound becomes a mixture if our influences stretching from the early 70's to the present.”

Concerning your style of Metal, what do you think of the works of other acts in that style?

„It's quite sad to say, but I don't follow the music so close now a days. I know we've been thrown into the same "genre" as Primal Fear from time to time and I think they sound really good.”

Your new outpus sounds – in a positive way – typically Dream Evil. What´s your opinion about?

„I'm glad to hear that. It's like I said before, it's just how the mixture of us becomes. It's not intentional.”

Which are the best songs on the new release in your opinion?

„"United", "Blind Evil", "Evilution", "Let Me Out", "Love Is Blind", "Back From The Dead", "Calling Your Name", "Dynamite" and "I Will Never". The last three songs are on the extra CD in the limited edition pack.”

Which are still the most inspiring topics for you guys?

„Plain life. Evil. Darkness and mystery. [smiles] Hard to say, it just happens.“

Please give a detailed description of the composing process for the new album!

„For example, if I wrote a new guitar riff, I added bass and sequenced drums to it at home. Then I burned the song on a CD and brought it to Niklas who made the vocal line. Then we meet, Fredrik, Niklas and me and arranged the song and wrote the lyrics together. Or Fredrik made the guitar riff och Niklas made the guitar riff etc.”

Please give a bit insight about the lyrical contents of the new compositions!

„It's kind of werewolf/vampire type of content in the lyrics, not all, but the most. But of course you can interpret the lyrics a bit as you want yourself.”

How do you feel, when you think about all the people which listen to your newest songs?

„That always makes me glad.. I like our music so much myself so I'm glad that others enjoy it too. The motto has always been. When you listen to Dream Evil you should feel like opening a couple of beers and raise your fist, be happy and shout out loud!”

Which are your future plans?

„Release Party in October and Ragnarok festival in Scottland 4/11 and The Underworld in Camden, London on 5/11. Until then ... drink beer, raise our fists, shout out loud and reheare the new songs!”

Thank you very much for this interview. Could you please close off with your own words?

„Thank you Markus. I hope you chose to buy the limited edition of the album "United" which contains five more songs than the normal edition. I really enjoy the songs on the extra CD as well. I hope to see you on tour some day soon! Watch out for the doomlord!”

© Markus Eck, 28.09.2006

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