Title: Big heart for passions

Quick catchy dramatic melodies of deep emotional grace are in addition to a healthy dose of innovative independence the huge pleasure of these Russian Gothic Dark Metal enthusiasts. Amidst elaborate constructed compositions perched singer Olga Romanova with powerful and soulful vocal arts.

Also the current second Dark Princess studio album „Stop My Heart” benefits as comprehensive as high of such sustainable poignant vocal performances.

With the pleasing homogenous configuration of pretty careful unreacted stylistic modernity her songs can take quite rapidly both nostalgic traditionalists and genre newcomers for themselves. Olga answers the questions.

How is it going for you there in Russia currently?

„I am really happy that I was born in such a gorgeous, beautiful and wonderful country as Russia. You know actually my surname originates from and definitely concerned with the old Russian Tsar' s destiny. Due to whose wisdom and skills you can see Russia as it is today. To tell the truth I am very proud of the past, the present and the future of our country. By the way I am really very optimistic regarding the future of my Russia.”

How do you spend your daily life?

„As all old and young, I mean as every normal person and all the more a musician I begin my day with my day's schedule. Is that what you are talking about? Because if you'd like to know more concrete, it is practically impossible. I can not plan my schedule per a minute! There is no way! Believe me I am so spontaneous (smile). Ok and now seriously: My day is scheduled minute by minute. I take a TV classes every day for a couple of hours. I go to a gym and also see my musicians 3 or 4 days a week for a rehearsal. If there is no performance I spend my weekends with my boyfriend and we go to movies or go to the museums. So as you see quit a normal way of life.”

Were you very busy lately with the work on the new album?

„Oh! Believe me it was a very difficult and exciting period as we spent all our time on a label, day and night working on this album. We worked hard on our rough copies then made new records again and again. A lot of labels were visited because we were looking for a really great processor with the very guitar sound that met the conditions. As you see a really great job was made and the album worths it.”

Which one is still the main focus in the music of Dark Princess?

„I would not say it is, although the idea of undivided love and impending doom can be easily traced.”

What can you tell currently about the band-chemistry between the involved musicians? Any line-up news?

„The friendship of my musicians goes back to their childhood. They did everything together: they went to the same kindergarten, school, University. Of course we have some difficulties regarding our music but they are not fundamentally and usually we find the way out. Suppose that the most important is the fact that we respect each other as a person and as a professional.”

How good are the worldwide press feedbacks for your songs?

„As far as know mainly Russian and CIS Mass Media covered our creative work. Legacy magazine mentioned us only once. It was due to our album "Without You" which was highly appreciated in their review. Ah, yes! Still Internet-portal Metal Archives has put us 93 of 100 points! With a mark "the Fantastic Debut!" With „Stop My Heart”, worldwide promotion has just begun, but we get a few great press reviews already.”

Which topics inspired or motivated you for the new album? Russian bands? Writers? Visual artists? Movies? What to you is most inspiring?

„By the time we have fished our work on the 1st album I´ve got comprehensions that very many things that we wanted to impressed were not realized. We decided that we still have power and desire to record one more album. As for the question re inspiration I would say that all of us are very creative people and we are always being creative achievement. We draw inspiration from the falling leaves, snowfall, classical music, books. Actually from the books' extracts that stuck in the memory. And also our inspiration comes from our beloved people.”

Please tell a bit about the main lyrical content of the newest tracks!

„The concept is quit simple: about love, death, fall's fading, lush beauty of the spring, about unrequited love. You should just listen and every person will find something that he\she experienced once in life.”

Where do you see your music in 5 years? In 10 years? What part do you see yourself playing?

„I am very extremely superstitious and do not make far-reaching plans as if I do not realize them it will make me upset. What I really hope for is that the concept of our music will remain interesting and relevant.”

Which were the most successful gigs?

„I believe that the most successful performance was in Krasnodar in November, 1st 2007.”

Main plans of Dark Princess for the future?

„At the moment we are planning to make a video on our most popular song "The Game" from our album "Without You". We also plan to visit several festivals abroad and to make a tour around Russia to support the release of our Russian version album. By the way we are recording our 4th album soon.”

Special greetings and last words here?

„Stay as you are: cool, interesting and do not be fake. Peace, love, rock and respect. See you at our performance.”

© Markus Eck, 31.12.2007

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