Interview: DARK MOOR
Title: Matters of the heart

As these Spanish bombast lovers established their Melodramatic Epic Power Metal ensemble Dark Moor 1993 in Madrid, the line-up carousel of this Iberian melodist guard should not so quickly come to a standstill. Over the years of their existence, however, Dark Moor never gave up and published bravely album after album.

The newest and simultaneously eighth fulltimer of these remarkably noble artistic series was entitled „Autumnal“. And singer Alfred Romero, guitarist Enrik Garcia, bass player Mario Garcia and drummer Roberto Cappa give the fans also in the current case exactly what they expect from Dark Moor. Alfred Romero answers the questions.

In which country on earth do have Dark Moor their most fanatic and loyal fans?

„Probably in Japan. We've never been there but I think Japanese Metalheads are absolutely crazy! Also we had really good feedback from the fans during our last visit to South America.“

Please tell a bit about the usual processes of the songwriting for the Epic Power Metal creations on the new album! And how would you describe the working style for your demanding music?

„Well, once we decide we are starting to write a new album we keep fluent communication by e-mail, so we can send each others our ideas. Then Enrik is the one in charge to stick them together and arrange the songs. Our working style is quite unique, as we don't use to do rehearsals (we don't live in the same city) so it's kind of virtual songwriting process that we have!“

Are the main contents of the lyrics of Dark Moor oriented in philosophical ways or more based on fantasy?

„We like to write about historical characters or events, and also we include a lot of literature. We write songs based on popular stories or tales and we try to give them our philosophical point of view, haha.“

Which artistic ways are you still seeking with the music of Dark Moor?

„We don't seek for anything in particular, we just try to give free rein to our hearts through the music and if we achieve to connect with the people that's all we were looking for.“

Why do you make this kind of music?

„Classical music and Metal. Is there anything better?“

How do you practice the own relationship to historical topics mainly?

„The more influences in the lyrics of Dark Moor are the Romanticism and Gothic literature. In this album we are based a lot of song in the movement of Symbolism, Celtic mythology and classic History.“

What is the greatest fact within the created music for you?

„I think the greatest fact is that we are still here despite the difficult times Metal music is going through, and that is thanks to our music.“

Seems, that you lay a lot of worth on emotional and atmospheric passages beside fantastic melodies … what's your ideal song on the new album?

„I would choose our "Swank Lake" version, it brings together lots of emotions, fantastic melodies and tons of power!“

In what achievement for Dark Moor are you most proud of?

„Our proudest achievement is probably to have so many loyal fans all around the world. We get a lot of mails from people from many different countries! So that makes us very proud.“

Who are your favourite bands and who are your heroes among them?

„My favourite bands are Queen, Kiss, Kamelot and a lot more. I specially admire Freddie Mercury and Roy Khan, two of my favourites singers from all time.“

What are you still looking in terms of development of the musical style?

„We try to improve album after album, learning from our own mistakes and letting the music grow within us and then give expression to it in our records and live performances.”

Main plans of Dark Moor for the future?

„I hope we can do a proper European tour in a near future. We also have plans to visit South America again and we are currently booking dates for our Spanish tour. Perhaps we can play in Germany soon, we would love it!“

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