Interview: BLODSRIT
Title: Misanthropic revelations

They hail from Westervik, Sweden and they know well to touch the darkest areas of my soul. Blodsrit, an amazing and ancient name for a Black Metal horde, which is promising and holding a lot! Their current album „Supreme Misanthropy” is a marvellous and real abyssic Black Metal album, full of dark and depressive guitar-riffs, tremendous vocals and much really icy atmospheres.

Bandleader and mainman Nazgûl has been (and is still in a few cases) a member of several Death- and Black Metal acts, but these have all been very melodic in various ways. And since he always felt drawn to something darker, more simple he decides to create something that was his own creation. Nazgûl speakes to me through fiery winds of eternal misanthropy.

„As from the summer of 2001 we have a constant line-up that we are satisfied with. The line-up that you find in Blodsrit today is: me, Nazgûl (stringworks / vocals) and Fiebig (drums). If we do need further members when recording or performing live, we have certain individuals that are ready to step into the band when needed and leave when their task is finished. I started the band on my own and used programmed drums for two releases, but I grew tired of the boring monotonous sound and decided that it would get hell of a lot better with a real drummer.”

In early 2001 he rehearsed some with Primitive Symphony´s drummer Björn Jonsson: 

„But due to lack of interest I decided to drop that co-operation and tried the Portal drummer Fiebig instead, and I must say that it has been the best thing that so far has happened in the band. The result of this recruit can be heard in the `Secrets Unveiled` promo. Free excerpts from all Blodsrit releases can be found at Blodsrit´s official homesite ( )”

The press honoured „Supreme Misanthropy” much better as Nazgûl has expected. 

„The album has so far gained both great and not so great reviews, but all in all I think it has received better reviews than I thought it would. In my opinion the music of Blodsrit is extremely narrow, and by that I believe it don´t appeal to the masses. Blodsrit is extreme back to the basics Black Metal simplicity. No nice harmonies and no guitar-masturbation. Of course there are alot of people that very much dislike this and feel that it´s not original and so on bla bla.. Who cares? I couldn´t care less to be honest... If they don´t like it, fine, don´t fucking listen to it... simple as that! And I have never proclaimed Blodsrit to be the most original band ever to crawl its way out of the pits of hell. Of course I am influenced by a lot of bands and naturally it sometimes can be heard in the music that I create, I see this as nothing strange... The fans on the other hand have so far praised the album and the musical creations of Blodsrit, nothing more to say about that actually... I hail them all from the roots of my black heart!! Hell!!!”

One can only agree with the Swede. The band´s name means exact, what I‘ve supposed. 

„Yes, you are correct. Blodsrit would best be translated as `rite in blood`, and it derives from an old heathen ritual that I don´t really know how to name it in English, sorry. Anyhow, when performing such a ritual you sacrificed blood to the heathen gods in order to gain better crops, love-life etc etc. I think Blodsrit has a grim touch and a raw feeling to it that perfectly fits the musical path that Blodsrit has chosen. No hypothetic meaning really, just an ironclad fist in the face of the `righteous` believers.”

Does exist in Nazgûl´s eyes a relationship (in musical and lyrical style) of his own horde to most of the bands out of the genre?

„If you mean a relationship such as similar music and lyrics I would most definately say yes. There are loads of bands out there that are pretty much alike. Every band has its own inspirational sources and even how hard they try there will always be traces of what has inspired them, so of course there exists a relationship of that kind. For Blodsrit as well as for any other band out there.”

Many Black Metal hordes have influenced Nazgûl in the decision, to found Blodsrit. 

„Yes, a lot of bands and happenings formed the idea of the band actually. I have been (and still am in a few cases, such as Primitive Symphony, Wrath & Illdåd) member of several Black- and Death Metal bands since the early 90´s, and all of them has been very melodic and musically advanced. Not in a bad way at all, but I have always been into bands like Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, Marduk and Ildjarn, and I guess the idea of a band like Blodsrit derives from that. So when I happened to find myself in a sort of a self-chosen isolation from the rest of the world (a too longs story to tell) the first steps towards creating Blodsrit were taken. The rest is history...”

Unfortunately Blodsrit haven‘t played live so far, but they will change that sometime. 

„No gigs at all have been performed so far, but we both want to take Blodsrit out on the roads at some point, so actually nothing but time will be able to tell if this will come true or not. We all have live-experiences from our other bands so it wouldn´t be the first time we stood onstage if we were to go on tour. My choice would be a small tour throughout Europe. Mainly Germany and France actually, since we have received enormously great response and feedback from these particular countries.”

When Blodsrit will get on stages, worshippers of the dark should better beware in front of the stages, as Nazgûl announces: 

„Blodsrit will use blood, corpse-paint and fire-breathing during the live-shows. Hopefully some other small details will be added to the live-package to make it even better, but we would never stand on our heads and play the guitars with one hand just to make the show more original… Black Metal is leather, spikes, blood, fire and total chaos and that is what we´ll bring.”

What does the title of the current album mean for him? 

„Supreme Misanthropy! For me it means exactly what it says. Extreme hatred towards the entire human race. The title was chosen simply because it reflects exactly what I felt at that point, and also because it is a great title. It´s pure hatred, 100 %. `Behold! The world is plagued, and humanity is its disease!`” A candid view.

The main-theme on „Supreme Misanthropy” is more than supreme Black Metal cult. 

„To me the main-theme of the album is the wish to die, ultimately by your own hands. All of the lyrics are coloured in hate, devastation, misanthropy, violence and misery. But I guess everyone gets their own interpretation of each song by reading the lyrics of the album by themselves.”

Where the album has been produced, from which producer and how long did last the work for the production? 

„A damn hard question to answer. The album was recorded at Impa Music Sweden and after that the master-CD was shipped to the responsible label that was Chanteloup Creations at that point of time. After that Chanteloup was laid to eternal rest due to reasons unknown, so the contract was signed over to Oakenshield Productions that is a sub-label of Adipocere Records. Then some delays occured during the making of the layout and other such things, but the album were finally spawned upon the earth during the autumn of 2001. By saying any exact dates and/or timelines I would only be speculating so I rather say nothing about it instead.”

The younger creative past of his band was not every time easy to handle for Nazgûl. 

„The material on `Supreme Misanthropy` was made during about six to seven months or so, and after that there were a lot of shit happening that delayed everything for a while with the recording and everything. I don´t remember exactly but it was something like that. Since I do everything by myself I very often seem to lose track of time.” 

These guy is the ruling master in Blodsrit, no doubt about it. 

„Yes, I am the supreme ruler in Blodsrit and it is me that creates all of the Blodsrit creations. I can´t really mention times when I compose better than other times and vice versa. Lyrical inspiration on the other hand can absolutely be drawn from extreme depressions and intense frustration. I create most of the lyrical works for Blodsrit, but I have used contributed lyrics and will most probably continue to let certain individuals unleash their inner demons throughout Blodsrit. Anyhow, all of my compositions is tested and tried at the rehearsal place with the drummer and after that we judge whether we´ll keep and use it or not, so you can easily say that we are co-producing the songs.”

Blodsrit playing only Black Metal, nothing other. Easy to understand. 

„Black Metal. Nothing more than that. I see no reason for calling it anything else really. We perform Black Metal so it would be ridiculous to call it something else. I hate definitions such as `Dark Metal`, `Forest Metal`, `Troll Metal`, `Pagan Metal` bla bla... this is nothing but plain bullshit since 99,9 % of them all play Black Metal and nothing else.” 

I am interested in these man‘s belief. Nazgûl fizzles to my side: 

„Somehow I do feel that this is a very personal question, and what I believe and stand for is not really something that I keep sharing with others. Even though I have my own twisted views upon everything I would most likely be labelled a Satanist by most people. In my eyes there are more dimensions to everything and by labelling myself as a Satanist I feel I would be restraining myself and in a strange way limit myself and those things of which I believe in.”

About the newest compositions is not so much to tell, Nazgûl thinks. The listeners shall let work their minds. 

„If I were to explain my thought and views upon every track on the album this answer would most likely bore every reader to pieces. My personal favourite on the album is the track `Vid Livets Slut`. It is a song of melancholy and wrath that in my mind brings the thought to the beauty of leaving this world through suicidal blasphemy. But it´s quite natural that my mind wanders off into those domains since I did both the music and the lyrics for that track. Mainly, I like all of the tracks in various ways and it would take me forever to write something about them all so I´ll say it like this instead: Get the album and fall into the abyssic creation of `Supreme Misanthropy`, and then judge for yourselves what your feelings and emotions are.”

Plans for the future? 

„We will continue the path that we now have chosen, and we will try out a new studio within the next couple of months before the recordings of our next album. We´ll also see what the future brings and take everything as it comes day by day. It´s impossible to say what happens, but basically there are no plans at all made at this point of time.” 

The signs standing for storm within Blodsrit. 

„All of the new material that we have made is far more aggressive and harsh than ever before and we´ll probably bring Blodsrit into a new dimension with the next release. And we will focus more on finding a real Metal-studio to record in to get a more grim production. Impa Music, the studio that we have used so far is mainly a Pop-studio so the choice to enter another studio is somewhat obvious.”

At the end of the dark dialogue comes a warning from Sweden: 

„Achtung! Blodsrit is rising so keep your eyes open for new releases and be sure to purchase `Supreme Misanthropy`. A few copies of the extremely limited t-shirt `Supreme Misanthropy` remains. Be quick or be dead. Thanks, Markus, for the shown interest in Blodsrit! Hell Rex Diaboli! In nomine Sathanas, Nazgûl/ Blodsrit.”

© Markus Eck, 16.07.2002

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