Title: Blessed with good taste

The joyful playing and jolly touring Dutch around attractive female singer Floor Jansen recently published its fourth studio album „Remagine”.

And the release showed the Symphonic Dark Metal band of interesting new musical sides. I let the good Floor looking back into her year 2005.

Hey Floor, which are your Top 5 albums 2005?

I don´t have one... but here is a list of albums I like to listen too now: Rammstein „Reise, Reise”, Ayreon „The Human Equation”, Queensrÿche „Operation Mindcrime”, Europe „Start From The Dark” and Seal's „Best Of“

Most promising Newcomer: 

Must say I didn´t follow the latest new coming bands.

Best song: 

I don´t have this either... a song I really like is „Day Eleven: Love” from Ayreon´s last album „The Human Equation”.

Most irritating song: 

Any remix made today from Eighties hits, they´re all horrible!

Best own concert: 

Fields Of Rock Festival in the Netherlands, as our drummer did come back, after getting recovered from his cancer-infection.

Worst own concert: 

Earthshaker Festival in Geiselwind, Germany.

Best festival: 

Fields Of Rock festival, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Film of the year: 

Eh... last one I saw at the cinema was the new one with Harry Potter, really liked that one. Also „War Of The Worlds” was impressive!

Worst film of the year: 

Scream 1,2,3 etc and all these American teenage bullshit movies.

Best TV serials: 

I like CSI.

Worst TV serials: 

Dutch soaps, they´re even worse than American ones.

Best styled artist: 

Hmm, I think Rammstein is very well styled. The whole picture of this band is complete, they represent their music and shows by how the look.

Most tasteless artist: 

Britney Spears. She represents all I despise about music industry.

Personality 2005: 

Next to me – that would be... Robbie Williams. (laughs) I don´t really like his music but he is a real artist and performer. He has charisma, whether you like it or not and that´s personality.

Idiot 2005: 

Saddam Hussein – although he has had that title for many years.

Surprise 2005: 

Two big surprises – the first and biggest one was that our drummer recovered amazingly fast from his cancer! Second one was our tour through South America this summer.

Disappointment 2005: 

Our drummer André getting cancer.

(Alcohol caused) downfall of the year?

With way too much caipirinha, the typical Brazilian cocktail. (laughs)

© Markus Eck, 04.01.2006

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