Special: Hein Frode Hansen
Title: Unforgettable originals

"Music has the power to heal all wounds", as Hein Frode Hansen spreads out his musical self-understanding in all simplicity. The Norwegian was there as a founding member in 1993 and rode until the end of the band in 2010 in a saddle-strong manner on the drumstool of this world-famous genre-icon.

As extraordinarily important impulse generators the innovative originators Theatre Of Tragedy were a particularly important source of inspiration for the entire genre of Gothic Metal decorated with soprano singing.

Until the band had increasingly devoted themselves to a more modern version of their sound, the name Theatre Of Tragedy stood for the finest, devouring emotional and atmospheric gloom-art of manifold beguiling beauty.

Which bands or musicians have touched you so deeply from the very first time that it has never left you? 

„As a young music fan my first meetings with the music of Metallica, Slayer, Bathory had a huge impact on me and I still listen to their music today. Then followed bands like Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and The Cure.“

How much did the songs of the old band heroes or their lyrics influence your socialization?

„My musical identity was forged with Metal music and have shaped my into the person I am. I identified with their lyrics and attitude.“

What needs to be in music that a song from another band completely thrills you? 

„Something that catches my attention. Strong vocals and interesting backing band.“

What was the very first concert that brought you pure adrenaline into the blood as a visitor?

„I saw Norwegian hard rock band TNT when I was 14, back in 1986. That was when I wanted to become a musician and start a band.“

Which bands from the old days do you admire till today and which ones still get your greatest musical respect?

„Depeche Mode, Slayer, Nine Inch Nails and King Diamond.“

Were there any positive surprises with previously uninteresting bands that prompted you to suddenly favor them?
„Deftones. Never gave them any attention and wrote them of as boring Nu Metal. Boy was I wrong. They have some amazing songs!“ 

Which artists or bands have influenced the music of Theatre Of Tragedy from the beginning?

„For me it was foremost Candlemass. Then the first two Paradise Lost releases. Also Norway's 3rd And The Mortal as well as some early My Dying Bride.“

How did the whole run over the years? The music of Theatre Of Tragedy became steadily more independent and individual ... were the first influences and effects of certain bands with the time becoming less and less?

„We never stuck to a formula, and pretty much went out own path our whole career. Which made Very diverse and interesting as well as challenging discography. No one band stand as a main influence.“

The former bands who once inspired Theatre Of Tragedy - which of them is still good for you and worth listening to?

„Without a doubt Candlemass. Still great after all these years. And really nice guys!“

And which bands, artists or songs were - more or less - an inspiring influence for Theatre Of Tragedy until the latest days of the band? 

„Not any specific and too many to mentioned. We had very different taste in music all trough our career.“

Are there musicians from other bands that you would definitely call ‚idols‘?

„Carl McCoy, Andrew Eldridge, Ogre and Away (Voivod).“

© Markus Eck, 13.07.2016

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