Title: Northland
Genre: Viking Folk Metal
Label: Black Bards
Format: Album CD
Score: 9 / 10

These Spaniards have a remarkable musical potential which can only be displayed when every participant of a cause gives exactly 100 %.

This elegant epic output „Northland“ is a gem meant and bound for eternity, oozing timeless moments - resulting in an outburst of mighty Viking Metal, complemented by touching folklore parts.

Many genre representatives fail when the objective is to leave all that ferocity and mean aggressions and to demonstrate their skills regarding emotional and atmospheric variety.

Fortunately, Northland don’t have to think much about that because these blokes are following their hearts anyway. The result consists of authentic and intoxicating Viking Folk Metal compositions of a rare instinctiveness.

© Markus Eck, 03.06.2010

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Rating scale:
10 • Timeless perfection.
9 • Impressing awesomeness.
8 • Great performance.
7 • Solid stability.
6 • Decent try.
5 • Uninspiring mediocrity.
4 • Failed presentation.
3 • Insubordinate badness.
2 • Terrible impertinence.
1 • Superfluous futility.
0 • Painful ear-torture.