Bewitching incantations

Title: Hexum+
Base: Essen • Deutschland
Style: Dark Rock
Genre: Dark Rock, Occult Rock,
Psychedelic Rock
FFO: Volbeat, Danzig, Ghost, The Cult
Type: EP
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Label: Doc Gator Records
Release: Oct. 27, 2023

🔘 The sought-after debut EP of the top Dark Rockers
🔘 Lovingly presented vinyl edition
🔘 Comes with attractive-exclusive bonus tracks

[ Rise & Shine • Official video by Bjørn Fehl ]

The Dark Rockers say to "Rise & Shine":
"The song is a pretty old number of ours, we actually haven't played it live since 2019 - but a totally probable bonus in the context of the current re-release of the EP."

[ Official Video ]

WOLFSKULL and Doc Gator Records - Wolf and Alligator - two respected predators in a conspiratorial pact for strong music!

WOLFSKULL laid with their long player "Ave Goddess" a dreamlike debut album that not only became the winner of the month of December 2022 in the trade magazine Guitar, but also in German Metal Hammer conquered the place in the sun in the soundcheck and that absolutely rightly.

[ Artwork: SebsyzArt ]

So far, so good. But now there is a special EP, which was released before "Ave Goddess". An EP, which only very few, real underground insiders own as a CD or on vinyl, because this special first release of the DARK ROCKERS only appeared in a limited edition and was sold out quickly at the latest when it became known how fuckin' good - pardon the gutter jargon, but what is so true, must be mentioned exactly so - the guys are.

We are talking about the 4-track EP "Hexum", which was released in 2019 and already at that time attracted the attention of genre fans and could also enrapture the writing guild with lasting effect.

German Rock Hard magazine wrote about it:
"What a great time it was at the end of the eighties, when the Dark Rock with the first Danzig albums and The Cult's 'Electric' experienced its heyday! Exactly in this notch now hit the newcomers WOLFSKULL, whereby everything - really everything! - about this four-track debut EP is absolutely professional: starting with the stylish artwork over the punchy sounding first league production up to the musical qualities."

Even then, the distinctive charismatic voice of the exceptional singer Pete 9 was rightly praised in particular, the man really gives you goosebumps - and the guy manages this with almost incredible authenticity.

[ Pic: Björn Stork, Thomas Michels ]

Why is Doc Gator Records telling you all this? Because:
The label is proud to announce that they will press the complete EP "Hexum" again on noble vinyl. But, who knows the company as a quality label, knows that they always want the very best for their bands and fans. That's why WOLFSKULL have packed their studio bonus track 'Rise & Shine' with them on vinyl side A. Of course they also say B, because the second one contains all four songs of the regular EP as live version! These live songs come from a successful as well as worth hearing performance of the formation at Germany's Radio Siegen.

So you can't put more exclusivity on a record than the full program of WOLFSKULL in studio and live performance!

Get ready for "Hexum+" and damn cool, broad-legged riffs, inevitably rousing melodies, atmospheric gloom and rhythms as only the animalistic Dark Rockers of WOLFSKULL can throw out.

Welcome to the 'Wolfish Dark Side' of Rock Music!



01. Hexum 04:01
02. Dark Spirits Fly 04:14
03. Robots In Love 03:52
04. Echo Muerto 04:39
05. Rise And Shine 04:57
Live at Radio Siegen:
06. Hexum 04:03
07. Dark Spirits Fly 04:22
08. Robots In Love 03:49
09. Echo Muerto 05:27

total 39:27

Pete 9 • Vocals
Boarz • Guitar
Feratu • Guitar
Drop D. • Bass
Devo & Styx • Drums

2019 • Hexum • EP
2022 • Ave Goddess • Full-length
2023 • Hexum+ • Full-length

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