Fireworks of precision

Title: Novo Oružje Protiv Bola
Base: Belgrade • Serbia
Style: Progressive Technical Thrash Metal
Genre: Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal, Technical Thrash Metal, Power Thrash Metal
FFO: Forbidden, Vektor, Nevermore
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl
Label: Doc Gator Records
Release: Sept. 15, 2023

🔘 The important 3ʳᵈ album of the Serbian all-rounders
🔘 Impressively complex, technical and catchy
🔘 Sophisticated musicality on the highest level

After the all-around quick-witted Serbian Tech-Thrashers have rammed two really massive THRASH METAL pillars into the ground of the profession in 2018 with their self-released debut "The Odyssey To Room 101" and the follow-up "A Pill Hard To Swallow" 2020, things could only continue positively for this whole special band. 

On May 10, 2013 the - not only stylistically - enormously independent formation has released the current album "Novo Oružje Protiv Bola" first digitally; but this time the more than ever ambitious originators had in mind a much wider distribution of their music.

[ Pic: Jovana Uzelac ]

For the physical release of "Novo Oružje Protiv Bola", the skilled guys around bandleader Luka Matkovic have therefore for the first time put their trust in a label with Doc Gator Records and "Novo Oružje Protiv Bola" will be released by the music publisher, who is highly esteemed in the scene, on September 15, 2023 as a jewelcase CD and in various colored limited vinyl editions.

After QUASARBORN's first two albums were released with English lyrics, the band experimented with lyrics in their native language on the two pre-released songs "Ne mozes imati sve" and "Novo oruzje protiv bola". And this was quickly so well received both in their homeland and by the international audience that QUASARBORN decided to record the entire album in Serbian.

[ Artwork: Marko 'Tihi' Danilović ]

This remarkably courageous approach makes the lyrics of the songs even more authentic, which address the overcoming of personal obstacles, the difficulties in interpersonal relationships, the never-ending search for one's own identity as well as the struggle of each individual within a rotten system.

But QUASARBORN have also evolved musically:

"It's not just technical Progressive Thrash Metal anymore, there are influences here that range from pop music to brutal Death Metal, and it's all wrapped up in a recognizable QUASARBORN style. Everyone contributed to the songs, many guitar riffs were written by Tihi and Dimitrije, and Tomas contributed some nice bass passages and solos - unlike our first album, where I still wrote most of the material", says mastermind Luka about the making of "Novo Oružje Protiv Bola".

"Novo Oružje Protiv Bola" was recorded as well as mixed, produced and mastered by Luka Matkovié at Citadela Studio in Belgrade between December 2021 and April 2023. The cover artwork, as original as the songs themselves, was designed by drummer Marko Danilovic Tihi.

On the song "Od kolevke do rova" Danilo Trbojevié from Serbian Crossover Thrashers Nadimac can be heard as a guest vocalist and actor Lazar Dukié is responsible for the recitations on this song and in "Menja se".

"Novo Oružje Protiv Bola" as an album truly ventures far beyond the plate - a welcome, cultivated treat, and not only for Thrash gourmets, who are hereby served a feast as opulent as it is rich in variety.

[ Official video by Jovana Uzelac & Marko 'Tihi' Danilović ]

Singer and guitarist Luka Matković provides insight into the making of the video:
"Since 2019 we have been producing our own videos, with the help of our great friend Jovana Uzelac. For 'Urobor' we had a really tight schedule, and there was no way to fit all five of us in the same place at the same time on such short notice. So the idea was to have each member play the song in a specific setting and location and create contrasts - outdoors/daylight, indoors/darkness. I wanted to do an outdoor shot in nature, so Jovana and I traveled to Zagajička brda in northeastern Serbia and did the farthest shots we've ever had in a video. Bassist Miloš Tomasović wanted to be filmed on the roof of a building in New Belgrade. Marko 'Tihi' Danilović's drums are the most difficult to transport, so we shot it in the studio, in the dark. Guitarist Dimitrije Čuturilo was filmed in several corners of Tihi's basement. I edited the footage, and Jovana and Tihi did the colors. It went very fast, and we are very happy with the result!"

[ Official Video ]



01. Novo oružje protiv bola 03:41
02. Urobor 05:17
03. Ne možeš imati sve 04:04
04. Voz 03:58
05. U plamenu 04:02
06. Od kolevke do rova 03:15
07. Ogledalo 03:13
08. Menja se 06:37
09. Prostor-vreme 05:28

total 39:35

Luka Matković • Vocals, Guitars
Dimitrije Čuturilo • Guitars
Miloš Tomasović • Bass
Marko 'Tihi' Danilović • Drums

2018 • Blood Honey • Single
2018 • The Odyssey to Room 101 • Full-length
2020 • A Pill Hard To Swallow • Full-length
2022 • Ne mo​ž​eš imati sve • Single
2023 • Novo oru​ž​je protiv bola • Single
2023 • Novo oružje protiv bola • Full-length

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