Noble virtues of chivalry

Title: Destiny Calling
Base: Scottsville • USA
Style: Symphonic Fantasy Power Metal
Genre: Melodic Metal, Power Metal, Fantasy Metal, Symphonic Metal
FFO: Within Temptation, Stream Of Passion, Ancient Bards
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Digital
Label: Independent
Distro: /
Release: March 29, 2024

🔘 Highly ambitious debut album by a true visionary
🔘 Epically sublime and detailed Power Metal symphonies
🔘 With exquisite musical guests who provide plenty of variety

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Knights heed the call!
Combining SYMPHONIC/POWER METAL with sounds from the 80’s, KNIGHTFALL is breathing new life into the genre. The project is the brainchild of composer/songwriter Keith Dombrowski (ex Anaria).

Keith had a vision to collaborate with musicians from around the world and create songs that would evoke a myriad of emotions from its listeners.

Keith has put together an eclectic group of songs to create KNIGHTFALL's debut album "Destiny Calling".

[ Artwork: Thomas Ewerhard ]

Pulling from the concepts of the traditional Knight, Chivalry, Honor and Justice, KNIGHTFALL's music delves deep into the worlds of Fantasy and History, while keeping a modernized twist and dealing with themes that fans can relate to.

The album features a fantastic collection of artists from around the world to bring the project to fruition. KNIGHTFALL was created for love of music and people of EVERY genre can find something they enjoy listening to when listening to a KNIGHTFALL album.

[ Pic: Knightfall ]

Keith, the founder of the studio project KNIGHTFALL, previously served as the keyboardist for Anaria during their "Evince Ethos" era. He collaborated with Jessica Mercy and Todd Miller on all the 2009 demos. Following the dissolution of that iteration of the band, Keith took a lengthy hiatus from music to prioritize starting his family. Over a decade later, he has returned to fulfill his musical aspirations.

In 2019, Keith resumed his songwriting endeavors. By the summer of 2021, he had crossed paths with Patrick Goble and began taking production lessons from him at the Guitar Academy. Their shared passion for similar musical genres quickly became evident, prompting Keith to invite Patrick to join the project. Thus, KNIGHTFALL was born.

Early in 2022, Keith commenced the search for the perfect vocalist to propel the project forward. Through the platform Fiverr, he discovered the remarkable Dee Wolf and approached her about collaborating. Dee graciously accepted, and together they recorded and released "Waiting For You" in June 2022.

Throughout most of 2023, Keith dedicated his time to crafting the music for KNIGHTFALL's highly anticipated debut album, "Destiny Calling." He meticulously sought out the perfect vocalists and additional musicians to round out the project's lineup. In the latter half of the year, KNIGHTFALL delighted fans with the release of two more singles, "Starfall" and "Farewell," each accompanied by captivating music videos that garnered considerable attention on YouTube.

After a lot of hard work and dedication, the album was finally completed and released in March 2024, marking a significant milestone in KNIGHTFALL's journey.



01. Children Of Time 05:57
02. Warcries 04:24
03. Remember My Name 04:35
04. The Hero Walks Alone 03:42
05. Waiting For You 05:26
06. Destiny Calling 04:40
07. The Musketeer 03:30
08. Raise Your Fist 04:40
09. Starfall 05:35
10. Farewell 07:38
11. Invincible 04:40

total: 54:47 min.

Keith Dombrowski • Keyboards

Stefani Keogh • Vocals, Lyrics
Marcos Peñate • Growl Vocals
Susy Eskarlett • Vocals
Adrien Djouadou • Vocals
Pete Rawcliffe • Vocals, Narration
Jessica Mercy • Vocals
Dee Wolf • Vocals
Patrick Goble • Guitars
Sergio Salvucci • Guitars
George Acker • Guitars

2022 • Waiting For You • Single
2022 • The Musketeer • Single
2023 • Invincible • Single
2023 • Starfall • Single
2023 • Farewell • Single
2024 • The Hero Walks Alone • Single
2024 • Destiny Calling • Full-length

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