First class, also in terms of individuality

Title: Darker Days
Base: Guayaquil • Ecuador
Style: Melodic Heavy Metal
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal, NWOBHM
FFO: Queensrÿche, Hittman, Crimson Glory
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl
Label: Doc Gator Records
Release: April 29, 2024

🔘 Third album by the South American top artists
🔘 Catchy and emphatically harmonious song material
🔘 For Hard Rock gourmets and Metal quality fanatics alike

[ Bitter Smile • Official Music Video by Marco Vera - ATUVERA ]

KILL CITY are about to release their highly anticipated third studio album, aptly titled "Darker Days". Recorded in late 2023, this forthcoming release allows for an interesting sonic journey that delves even deeper into the formation's musical evolution.

One of the hallmarks of KILL CITY's creative process is their focused collaborative approach to songwriting. In this way, each band member contributes to all aspects of a song, including music, melodies, lyrics and production. This organic and collaborative method ensures that each composition reflects the collective musicianship and artistic synergy within the band.

[ Artwork: Luigi Stornaiolo ]

"Darker Days" is a testament to the group's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring new sonic territories. With all members bringing their unique perspectives to the table, the album promises to be a dynamic and compelling addition to KILL CITY's impressive discography.

KILL CITY's music explores a variety of themes, creating a captivating tapestry of emotions and experiences. From the introspective exploration of relationships in "House In The Sky" to the powerful anthem of perseverance in "See Them Burn", those involved cover the spectrum of human emotion.

With "Darker Days", the band continues their sonic journey and offers a raw and dynamic experience. The lyrics touch on themes of distance, sacrifice, self-empowerment, existential disillusionment and the unpredictability of life. Whether it's the haunting introspection of "Scream In Silence", the defiant attitude of "Fear No One" or the fatalistic perspective of "Lords Of Demise", KILL CITY weave narratives that reflect the complexity of the human condition.

[ Pic: Pepe and Rafael ]

The exploration of inner struggles, the pursuit of personal growth and the acceptance of inevitable consequences are recurring motifs. The band's ability to seamlessly blend hard rock and heavy metal influences is evident throughout their discography. From the mysterious and ethereal elements in "Dr. Kheel" to the seductive allure of deception in "Speak Of The Devil", KILL CITY create an atmospheric and varied musical landscape.

The cover artwork of the new album reflects the current social decay of our society in KILL CITY's "Darker Days" exploration. The depiction of the grotesque dance in a cramped and dark tavern is an excellent metaphor for the main theme of the album. The painting used is a masterpiece by the renowned Ecuadorian painter Luigi Stornaiolo.

KILL CITY was founded in Ecuador in 2019 by Andres Miranda, Xavier Diab, Luis Neme, Juan Miguel Iturralde and Chemel Neme. United by a long-standing friendship and a shared passion for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, the band quickly turned their idea into musical reality. Remarkably, the Neme brothers and other members have been friends outside of the band in the past, which has contributed to the unique chemistry that defines the sound of KILL CITY.

Musical style:
Influenced by the raw energy of Hard Rock and the power of Heavy Metal, KILL CITY break genre boundaries with individual compositions that cover a wide spectrum of styles and elements of Rock music. Their dynamic and versatile approach can make them stand out in the competitive world of Rock music.

Album releases:
KILL CITY released their debut album "Last Man Standing" in 2020, making a strong statement in the industry. Building on this success, the second album "Civilized To Death" followed in 2022. Both works show the band's ambition to create their very own sound, which goes down well with fans of hard-hitting, authentic Rock.

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01. Fear No One (03:41)
02. Scream In Silence (04:04)
03. Days Of Our Lives 03:24)
04. Dr. Kheel (03:38)
05. Lords Of Demise (03:05)
06. Speak Of The Devil (03:05)
07. See Them Burn (03:51)
08. Under Attack (03:35)
09. Bitter Smile (03:16)
10. House In The Sky (03:15)
11. Apostando A Perder (03:43)

total: 38:37 min.

Chemel Neme • Vocals
Juan Iturralde • Guitars
Xavier Diab • Guitars
Andres Miranda • Bass
Luis Neme • Drums

2020 • Last Man Standing • Full-length
2022 • Civilized To Death • Full-length
2024 • Darker Days • Full-length

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