Glorious bursts of power

Title: Vengeance
Base: Duisburg • Germany
Style: Power Metal
Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Melodic Death Metal
FFO: Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Primal Fear
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl
Label: Doc Gator Records
Release: Sept. 15, 2023

🔘 Third album of the knowledgeable steel professionals
🔘 Immensely dynamic and fluid US Power Metal
🔘 Even more powerful, gritty and altogether more compact

[ Official Video by Dennis Marschallik ]

IGNITION says about it:
"We are particularly proud of 'A New Dawn' as it is the first power ballad to make it onto an IGNITION album and at the same time forms the epic climax of the third part of the Viking saga that began on the first album 'Guided By The Waves'! Lyrically, it's about the incessant battle against all outside opposition and realising that you can never rest and must stay focused to achieve your goals. In a figurative sense, this song also symbolises our motto as a band to ignore all genre conventions and 'gatekeepers' who constantly want to tell you what 'true Metal' should be like. We prefer to consistently go our own way. The whole thing is wrapped up in the story of the Viking brothers, who avenge their murdered father and take to the field against the opportunistic aristocratic enemies - always knowing that every battle will end with 'A New Dawn' and that it is up to them or us how it ultimately turns out."

IGNITION, that is classic fuel in the proven US POWER METAL style from the heart of the German Ruhr area, the origin of famous acts like Sodom, Kreator etc.

The quintet around singer Dennis Marschallik, the two guitarists Sebastian Ernst and Christian Bruckschen as well as bassist Andreas Leyer and the new drummer Lukas Leuuw convinces since 2014 with a rough and straight sound, forged from the finest steel, which is skillfully refined with influences from traditional and modern Metal.

[ Pic: Stephan Trapp ]

The honest music of the band is often described as a mix of the old Blind Guardian and Trivium. So far, IGNITION released the EP "We Are The Force" in 2016, which stirred the cauldron mightily and thus attracted the attention of the Metal scene.

No wonder that the following records "Guided By The Waves" (2017) and "Call Of The Sirens" (2020) became hotly anticipated and successful albums, duly celebrated by the trade press at the time - and by fans even today.

Together with the label Doc Gator Records, the playful five-piece released the new long-player "Vengeance" on September 15, 2023, which was able to relegate some heavyweights to the sidelines and let their longships sink to the bottom of the stormy seas of the genre with twelve powerful thunderclaps.

Gone are the days of comparisons, gone are the days in the shadow of Blind Guardian or Trivium. Singer Dennis 'Schally' Marschallik says about "Vengeance":
"We have deliberately ventured with the album into new realms, which you do not know from us so and will still love," and bassist Andreas Leyer adds equally motivated:

"'Vengeance' combines for me everything that makes IGNITION. We show ourselves more varied on this record and make a statement to the fact that for us Metal has many facets and that pigeonholing and a reduction to a defined genre ultimately means standstill!"

[ Artwork: Andrej Bartulović ]

"From the gut and with a proper 'fuck it!' attitude, we have taken off the blinders to other (sub)genres without denying our typical IGNITION trademarks," guitarist Christian Bruckschen lets slip - and his (guitar) colleague Sebastian Ernst adds:
"'Vengeance' is honest and versatile Metal from our area, forged from pure Metal in the fire where tradition and modernity meet."

All participants are firmly convinced that IGNITION will make every shield wall burst with their fourth album attack, because on "Vengeance" the warhammer circles properly and the new battle songs will inevitably inspire every berserker and every shield maiden.

"Vengeance" comes with a total of twelve songs that are included in physical format completely only on the CD version. However, the song "The Funeral", which no longer fit on the vinyl format, is also included in the digital version. So vinyl fans don't have to miss out on "The Funeral" either, because each vinyl contains a code that entitles you to download the track.

So everyone gets the twelve powerful anthems from the boiling steel forge of the enormously steadfasts. Those who know the previous albums of IGNITION also know about "The Viking Saga Pt. I" and "The Viking Saga Pt. II". This content-rich saga continues the quintet on "Vengeance". So "The Viking Saga Pt. III" starts with the track "The Rise".

[ Official Video ]

The band state:
"This track is an anthem for all those who are not afraid to unleash their inner warrior."

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01. Ignite The Fire 03:31
02. The Wounds That Cause The Pain 04:45
03. Adrenaline 04:33
04. Beastmode 05:03
05. Kingdom of Lies 03:46
06. A New Dawn 05:30
07. The Rise 03:45
08. A Dark Fate 01:22
09. Betrayal 05:31
10. We Were The Shieldwall 04:05
11. The Funeral 04:35
12. The Final Hour 03:39

total 50:05

Dennis Marschallik • Lead Vocals
Christian Bruckschen • Guitars
Sebastian Ernst • Guitars
Andreas Leyer • Bass
Lukas Leeuw • Drums

2016 • We Are The Force • EP
2017 • Guided By The Waves • Full-length
2019 • Memory • Single
2020 • Call Of The Sirens • Full-length
2023 • Vengeance • Full-length

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