Alchemical sound magic

Title: As Above, So Below
Base: Avignon • France
Style: Symphonic Metal
Genre: Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal
FFO: Therion, Epica, After Forever
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Digital
Label: Independent
Distro: /
Release: March 15, 2024

🔘 Wonderful debut full-length of the French masters
🔘 Epic uplifting and noble arranged Metal symphonies
🔘 Highly original, deeply touching and fully timeless

[ Official Lyric Video by Hartlight ]

The band says about "Bound To Eternity":
"Way Cup, Alchemists! Let yourself be carried away by the compelling atmosphere of the ancient texts and the intoxicating magic they embody. Alchemical transmutation is a precious and timeless philosophy of miraculous self-discovery and triumphant self-realization. We pay homage to this deeply fascinating, historical theme with our song. Musically, 'Bound To Eternity' brings a sense of meditation and melancholy, in accordance to the contemplation the Magnum Opus asks of your inner self and the universe. You will hear classic Heavy Metal melted with symphonic organs and choirs, mysterious melodies and epic guitar solos to figurate those aspects the song is about. The powerful and melodic voice of Noémie Marie will bring you the messages within the song with full musical dedication and sincere interpretation."

[ Artwork: Noémie Marie ]

"This album is a concept album about Alchemy, Magic and introspection to reach a better life. The music of the album reach darker and more mystic territories than before and is a much more personal work. HARTLIGHT melts in it Heavy, Progressive, Power, Gothic and Symphonic Metal in very various ambiances. The powerful voice of Noémie expresses enigmatic lyrics with deep meanings. Heavy riffing and solemn orchestrations will make you travel into the depths of esoterism and overall, the work will offer you a journey into the mysteries of the lost art of Alchemy that fascinated many generations before us."

[ Pic: Amar Djouadou ]


HARTLIGHT was born first as a studio project between Noémie Allet and Adrien Djouadou. Both met during their singing studies and they became a couple. At first, Noémie was taking care of the composition and the lyrics and Adrien was handling the arrangements, the instruments and the production. It’s with this disposition that they first release various singles like "Victorious Heart" or "Hartlight".

In 2022, Noémie and Adrien read the manga Berserk together and they came with the idea of a Power Metal EP paying tribute to the work of Kentaro Miura. The EP "From Midland And Beyond" was born. It was released in December 2022 via Wormhole Death only in digital and has been well received by the critics.

2023 is a calm year for the duo but they have in mind to create their first album and put a band together to play live. They release a tribute single to the game Lost in Random in December 2023 called "Roll The Dice". At that time Noemie expresses the desire for Adrien to compose music for her voice on her own lyrics. She also writes lyrics about more personal themes like Alchemy, Magic and instrospection. Adrien wrote the music for the song "As Above, So Below" and they recorded right away. The new dynamic lead to the first album. It would be called "As Above, So Below" and it would be a concept album about Alchemy and Magic.

They asked to Adrien Guingal to become an official guitarist for the band and he accepted. Adrien D. and Noémie respectively composed and wrote the album in two weeks and they recorded it all together with Adrien G. within three weeks. Now the band is preparing to play live.



01. As Above, So Below 06:29
02. That Which Stagnates Is A Liar 06:00
03. The Land Of The Star 04:21
04. Bound To Eternity 06:38
05. Let The Fangs Bite 06:06
06. The Garden In The Heart 05:20
07. And Nature Unfolds Once Again 05:12
08. All Life Begins In The Dark 09:06

total: 49:12 min.

Noémie Marie • Vocals
Adrien Djouadou • Guitar, Backing Vocals, Drums, Bass, Duduk, Programming
Adrien Guingal• Guitar
Pierre d’Astora • Drums

2022 • From Midland And Beyond • EP
2023 • Roll The Dice • Single
2024 • As Above, So Below • Full-length

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