Blissful celebration of catchiness

Title: Wheel Of Fortune
Base: Stuttgart • Germany
Style: Melodic Metal
Genre: Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Melodic Hard Rock, AOR
FFO: Heart, Warlock, Pretty Maids, Zed Yago
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl
Label: ROAR • Rock Of Angels Records
Release: June 09, 2023

🔘 Debut album of the highly gifted Germans
🔘 Fantastic songwriting, top playing culture
🔘 Highly catchy material, a true feast for many ears

Melodic Metallers FRONT ROW WARRIORS released their newest lyric video for the song "Dystopian Time"!

The deeply moving composition delivers a warning message, influenced by the myths of Indian cultures. And the lyrics couldn't be more haunting and stirring, with a terrific vocal performance by Todd Michael Hall of US-American legends RIOT and Elkie Gee in a soulful duet.

Enjoy their new masterpiece and check out their highly acclaimed debut album "Wheel Of Fortune", which was released on June 9, 2023 by ROAR - Rock Of Angels Records as vinyl and CD/Digipak - awarded the BEST HARD ROCK ALBUM for 2023 by Deutscher Rock & Pop Musikerverband e.V and the Deutsche Popstiftung!
Jim Evgenidis of Iconfilmworx skillfully directed also "Dystopian Time".

[ Official Video "Dystopian Time" ]

FRONT ROW WARRIORS, the South German top artists, launched their third single "Chasing Shadows" with a lyric video worth seeing on September 15, 2023 - top-notch AOR/Melodic Metal, as you can enjoy it rather rarely from today's acts in this fine form.

The catchy uptempo number, which is played in an equally brisk and rousing fluidity, is another excellent song from the enormously substantial debut album "Wheel Of Fortune", which was released on June 09, 2023 as blue vinyl and CD digipak via ROAR Records - a work that is fantastic in many respects and which continues to receive excellent to completely enthusiastic reviews in the music press!

"Chasing Shadows", directed by Jim Evgenidis of Iconfilmworx, tells the tragic love story of two young people who desperately try to escape their ecclesiastical conventions, but ultimately fall apart because of lies and slander, and ultimately both tragically lose their lives. The moving story is based on the Greek mythology "Hero and Leander" by the poet Ovid.

[ Official Video "Chasing Shadows" ]

Formed in 2019 in Stuttgart by Jay-G, drums (Shining, Sharon), Elkie Gee, vocals (Ampyre, Antares) and Sorin Badin, a well-known Romanian guitarist (Cardinal, Samsara, Crystal Maze) under the name FRONT ROW WARRIORS, they completed the formation in 2020 with Richie Seibel, keyboards, (Lanfear, Ivanhoe, Them) and Timo Michels, bass, (5th Season, Pump). In the summer of 2022, guitarist Stef Binnig-Gollub (Septagon) joined the multiple capable MELODIC METAL band.

[ Pic: Front Row Warriors ]

The band's goal is to take the audience on a musical journey through the era of Hard Rock and Metal of the past 30 years, creating catchy hooks that immediately inspire you to sing along. The whole thing impresses with outstanding guitar and keyboard work as well as deeply exceptional, uplifting lead vocals. Each band member represents one of the many styles and influences that make up the music of FRONT ROW WARRIORS.

The results were impressive, and the band was voted Germany's best Hard Rock band in 2021 by the German Rock and Pop Musicians Association.

The successful mixture of AOR and Hard Rock inspired by the 80s and 90s, up-tempo numbers - partly very close to classic Melodic Metal - and epic ballads can now be found on the highly anticipated debut album under the title "Wheel Of Fortune", which was produced by Michael Bormann, co-produced and mixed by Achim Köhler. The mastering was done by Patrick W. Engel. The renowned book and cover illustrator Uwe Jarling crowned this absolutely fantastic release with an awesome cover artwork. All well known names, which did each a great job for a great formation!

[ Artwork: Uwe Jarling ]

As a special guest, US singer Todd Michael Hall (Jack Starr ́s Burning Starr, Riot V) shines in a duet. Vocalist Elkie was voted best Hard Rock singer 2022 by the German Rock and Pop Musicians Association with the song "Dystopian Time".

The band was signed by ROAR Records, the debut has been released in June 2023 as CD-Digipak and vinyl, also in download format.



01. Intro 01:01
02. Chasing Shadows 03:24
03. Fantastic 04:13
04. Love Is Not A Game 05:15
05. Deadly Sins 03:54
06. Damnation 00:47
07. Hell Invaders 04:28
08. Wheel Of Fortune 05:03
09. Hell Awaits 04:15
10. Dystopian Time (feat. Todd Michael Hall) 05:27
11. The Hunter 03:49
12. Wasted Life 06:37

total 48:13

Elkie Gee • Vocals
Sorin Badin • Lead Guitar
Stef Binnig-Gollub • Guitar
Timo Michels • Bass
Richie Seibel • Keyboard
Jay-G • Drums

2023 • Wheel Of Fortune • Full-length

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