Escape from the delirious surreality

Title: No Way Out
Base: Munich • Germany
Style: Melodic Metalcore
Genre: Modern Thrash, Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal
FFO: Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, Ghosts Of Atlantis
Type: Single
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Release: Nov. 11, 2023

🔘 Latest single from the noteworthy Munich hopefuls
🔘 Cuttingly sharp, powerful and very melodic Metalcore
🔘 Definitely a striking highlight in this wide genre

Wonderfully hard, maximally playful riffs, challengingly complex and at the same time wonderfully sophisticated playing culture including enormously catchy melodies and virtuoso solos, tight as a needle's eye - that's DELIRIUM'S DAWN!

The four top-fit guys from the heart of Bavaria will make new and long-established listeners of the genre sit up and take notice! Beyond their home in Munich, the band is also known for their rousing stage energy, which brings rousing, explosive live performances with it! So watch out - this one is as wild as it is confident!

[ Golden Road • Official Video ]

DELIRIUM'S DAWN says about it:
"'Golden Road', money rules the world - the song addresses the dominance of money and greed in the world. It describes how wealth seduces and corrupts people, symbolized by images of glamour and addiction. The recurring chorus emphasizes the clinging to greed and power, while the song as a whole conveys a critical view of the unstoppable and often destructive nature of the pursuit of wealth and superiority."

[ No Way Out • Official Video ]

The band says about it:
"'No Way Out' takes interested spirits on an excitingly ambiguous journey: On the one hand, the song offers a gripping science fiction story in which a crew of space travellers becomes trapped on the event horizon of a fatal black hole - a dramatic point of no return. On the other hand, the theme of the track is a profound metaphor for the human quest to push boundaries, which is all too often driven by arrogance and ignorance. Always a devastating mix. Ironically, this leads to an unforeseen downfall, contrary to all heroic ambitions. This song thus stands for more than just a space mission; it is a critical cautionary reflection on human hubris and the unstoppable desire for progress at any cost."

[ Pic: Delirium's Dawn ]

[ Artwork: Delirium's Dawn ]

DELIRIUM'S DAWN formed as a band in Munich in 2005, when long-time friends Ary Keshtgar (vocals, guitar) and Tom Gimpel (guitar) decided it was time to transform their great love of Metal into their own songs.

Shortly afterwards, Toby Koerbs (drums) and Younas Khan (bass) joined them, completing the four-piece line-up - the quartet also gained their first live experience in this constellation. After two years, filled with local gigs and songwriting, the debut album "Between Rage ... And Madness" was finally released in 2007, which was also well received beyond Munich.

Obligatory line-up changes were subsequently mastered well in order to enable the joint vision to be realized in the best possible way. Drummer Max Teschner replaced his predecessor after several session drummers and further live shows.

With Max on drums, the musical direction of DELIRIUM'S DAWN shifted from classic Heavy Metal to northern European-influenced Melodic Death Metal. As they played more and more live shows, the guys began to work hard on the follow-up to their first album.

"The Rebirth Of Osiris" was released in 2009, also gained respect in the Metal scene of Munich and further enhanced the band's status. After presenting their second album on stage in the following years, the band took a break between 2011 and 2012. Max decided to pursue other goals, but that didn't stop the remaining members from pushing their music forward - new material was created by an even more consolidated band.

In 2013, Manu Fischer took the vacant place behind the kit. His technically focused drumming style pushed DELIRIUM'S DAWN's songwriting in an equally progressive and modern direction. As a result, the third longplayer "Built Upon The Ruins Of An Empire" in 2015 was an epic milestone in the band's history and led to great recognition, especially at further gigs.

In 2020, the unbreakable four-piece made another hungry attempt to discover new musical horizons in their sound. Once again fully prepared to take the stage to celebrate their latest record - "Horizons", the fourth album, thus became a bold overall composition of different genres, such as Melodic Death, Thrash and Heavy Metal. Once again, however, the album does not fall short in terms of modern, progressive elements and thus settles in the area of modern Metalcore.

Like many, DELIRIUM'S DAWN struggled badly with the Covid period, but none of those involved thought of giving up. In 2023, the band remained active and made a remarkable return to the international scene with a series of exquisite single releases!



01. No Way Out

total 03:28

Ary Keshtgar • Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tom Gimpel • Guitar, backing vocals
Younas Khan • Bass, backing vocals
Manu Fischer • Drums

2007 • Between Rage … And Madness
2009 • The Rebirth Of Osiris
2015 • Built Upon The Ruins Of An Empire
2020 • Horizons

2023 • The Vial
2023 • No Way Out

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