Bravery in the eternal ice

Base: Würzburg • Germany
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Title: EXPEDITION II : Die Passage
FFO: Nagelfar, Helrunar, Eïs
Format: Album
Label: Independent
Release: April 7ᵗʰ, 2023

• The sensational, mega-original debut album
• Absolute originality on the highest level
• A cutting thunderous Black Metal polar storm

[ Artwork: Timon Kokott ]

[ Pic: Antrisch ]

On April 15, 2021 the tasteful individualists released the official lyric video for the EP song "Stirnschlag":

Vocalist Maurice Wilson illuminates the thematically compelling background of "Stirnschlag" as follows:
"The song title is a neologism, composed of 'rockfall' and 'cerebral apoplexy' ... the subtitle of the song is 'snow line' ... in the narrative sequence, in the story presented, this is the moment when the protagonist breaks away from the rope team, and sets off on his own to the summit, where for the first time the raw forces of nature are expressed more clearly in the sense of a real threat to life ... especially the song finale is also under the sign of physical emaciation and superhuman effort ... the protagonist dies at the end of the song ... due to a head injury suffered in a rock fall, his perception increases to delusions and impressions of nature, literary fragments, mythological parables are mixed ..."

ANTRISCH cultivates in a highly original and independent way an exquisite mixture of different styles of Black Metal, skillfully mixed with parts of Doom, Djent and Dark Ambient.

The group name ANTRISCH is inspired by the world-famous South Tyrolean mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner, who published the dialectical term 'antric light' - which stands for 'strange, secretly, uncanny' and simply fits perfectly to the atmospheric music of the Würzburg hopefuls.

[ Pic: Antrisch • Retouching & editing by Christian Wolf ]

Founded in 2020, ANTRISCH with their highly charismatic ATMOSPHERIC BLACK METAL explore the inner world, which allows for the wide range of expressions that the human spirit is capable of bringing forth from the inner life.

Triumph on the stormy peak
In addition, the outer world is also thematized in an equally sophisticated and no less gripping way, whereby the profound formation essentially deals with the vast landscapes and the captivating forces of nature, which have been experienced in the most extreme way by some daredevils through past, historical expeditions to the most extreme landscapes of the world.

45° 49′ 57″ N, 6° 51′ 52″ O
On April 8, 2021 the intrepid visionaries around guitarist and main composer Robert Falcon Scott rope all inclined listeners along to experience a musical and lyrical expedition to the heights of the world and the depths of man with the sensational debut EP "EXPEDITION I : Dissonanzgrat":

[ Artwork: Antrisch • Photo still is taken from the motion picture "Nanga Pargat" by Hans Ertl (1953) ]

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Maurice Wilson • Vocals
Robert Falcon Scott • Guitars
Отто Шмидт • Bass
Игорь Дятлов • Drums

2021 • EXPEDITION I : Dissonanzgrat • EP
2023 • EXPEDITION II : Die Passage • Album

ANTRISCH is available for interviews via email