Beware the wrath of the gods!

Title: Hubris
Base: Fribourg • Switzerland
Style: Melodic Death Thrash Metal
Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
FFO: Darkane, Dimension Zero, Amon Amarth
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl
Label: Doc Gator Records
Release: April 29, 2024

🔘 Second album by the Swiss history researchers
🔘 Playful MeloDeath paired with beefy Thrash
🔘 Emphasizes high standards, musically and lyrically

[ Insult The Gods • Official Music Video ]

AKROASIS explains to the song:
"'Insult The Gods' is probably the most brutal song on our new album 'Hubris'. Driving Death Metal with a Thrash edge accompanies the story of Antigone. She accuses her uncle Creon of disregarding the laws of the gods and establishing his own laws for Thebes. Creon had taken over this rule for a short time after his nephews Eteocles and Polyneikes had killed each other at the gates of the city. Under threat of the death penalty, he had decreed that Eteocles should be buried and Polyneikes left outside the gates as he had attacked his city. His sister Antigone felt bound only to humanity and the laws of the gods, disregarded this instruction and buried her brother outside the gates, which resulted in her execution by being walled in alive."

The band was founded in 2016 by Marcel Knupp (guitar) and Gerhard Baeriswyl (drums, ex-Anitras Garden) in Kerzers, Fribourg. A short time later, Christof Schafer (lead guitar, ex-Distant Past) joined them. They decided on the band name AKROASIS. In Greek, this means both hearing and what is heard and can also be interpreted as the conscious perception of music.

[ Pic: Akroasis ]

The new album "Hubris" was recorded in October/November 2023, again in the tried-and-tested Little Creek studio with V.O. Pulver. The current artwork was once again designed by Mayte C.G., who had already created an outstanding cover for the predecessor "Ilion". "Hubris" will be released in April 2024 via Doc Gator Records on Digipak CD and in various vinyl versions.

[ Artwork: Maite C.G. • Metal Album Design ]

About the album title: in Greek mythology, hubris is the term used to denounce an outrage committed by mythical figures against the gods. The revenge of the gods against this arrogance was not long in coming and was cruel.

By dispensing with clean vocals, which were still present in places on the debut album, the music developed further in the direction of Melodic Death Metal. As a result, the Swiss band's music seems more compact and focused than on "Ilion", where the stylistic direction was even more open. Nevertheless, there is always enough variety between melodic guitar solos, fast, thrashy parts, brute Death Metal and vocals between growls and Black Metal-like screams.

AKROASIS will also produce two video clips before the album release. The album launch will then take place as usual on April 27, 2024 at Bad Bonn in Düdingen.

In 2017, Hänsù Zürrer joined the group as bassist. Robin Hermanek joined as a singer in 2019. In May 2020, the recordings for the debut album began at V.O. Pulver (Gurd, Poltergeist) at Little Creek Studio.

The work on "Ilion" was completed by mastering in October 2020. The cover artwork was designed by Spanish artist Mayte C.G. The concept album about the Trojan War and the return journey of Odysseus was initially distributed as a CD by AKROASIS itself until Doc Gator Records became aware of the formation and released the album as an elaborate double vinyl version in December 2021. "Ilion" received good reviews in the press and singer Robin ended his collaboration with AKROASIS shortly after the recordings.

For the promotion of the album, singer Mike Brügger was asked to fill in as a guest singer for a few concerts. During rehearsals, it became clear that this constellation was a perfect fit and, as Mike's Hedera had disbanded in the meantime, the vocalist was happily welcomed as a new band member.

In April 2022, the successful live debut took place at Bad Bonn in Düdingen. After further concerts in Switzerland, the first international AKROASIS concert followed in December 2022 at the HMF Festival in Siegen, Germany.

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01. Nemesis (00:54)
02. Most Atrocious Deed (05:10)
03. Insult The Gods (04:57)
04. Before A Fall (04:24)
05. Gifted With Fire (04:56)
06. Seven Times (04:20)
07. Driven To Kill (03:57)
08. Eternal Rest (04:11)
09. Unbearable Guilt (03:53)
10. King Minos (04:56)

total: 41:38 min.

Mike Brügger • Vocals
Marcel Knupp • Rhythm Guitars
Christof Schafer • Guitars
Hänsù Zürrer • Bass
Gerhard - Baeriswyl • Drums

2021 • Ilion • Full-length
2024 • Hubris • Full-length

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