Sworn for an own path

Base: Ottawa, Ontario • Canada
Genre: Heavy Metal
Title: Midnight Road Rage
Format: Album
Label: Self-financed
Release: March 31st, 2019

"Rockin’ our way up, ready to hit hard!" - that's the strong motto of Canadian hopefuls ROCKIN' ENGINE.

Based in the Ottawa region, the band was founded in 2015 by two of their frontmen and lifetime friends, Steve O Leff on vocals and guitars, and Ste Vy Leff on lead guitars.

The determined bunch performs powerful, grooving and melodic HEAVY METAL with an very own edge!

[ Pic: Mat O Leff ]

Later on, the talented Joel Bilodeau was added to the team on drums, showing some amazing skills and imagination with his wicked Hard Rock background. Bass powerhouse JP Buzzard completed the sworn gang.

Over time, the participants were working on their hard hitting sound ROCKIN' ENGINE is known for today.

March 31st, 2019 saw the release of the crispy debut album "Midnight Road Rage", available on all major platforms.

[ Cover art: Jakhangir Zeynalov ]

To this day, ROCKIN' ENGINE states that the true inspiration for their music remains the love, support and authenticity of their fans, friends and families.

The four members take pride in firing up the audience with their charismatic energy and entertaining scenes, making everyone believe that Hard Rock and Heavy Metal will never die!


01. Shake That Ass 04:33
02. Let's Roll The Dice 05:08
03. Livin' A Lie 04:31
04. When Engines Collide 04:12
05. Never Surrender 03:33
06. The State Of Nature 06:20
07. Hiding In Darkness 05:34
08. Road Rage Boogie 06:01

total: 39:52 min.

Steve O Leff • Vocals, Guitars
Ste Vy Leff • Guitars
JP Buzzard • Bass
Joel Bilodeau • Drums

2019 • Midnight Road Rage (full-length)

ROCKIN' ENGINE are available for interviews via phone, Skype & e-mail