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Base: Frankfurt am Main • Germany
Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Title: Hyperion
FFO: Adramelch, Warlord,
Format: Album
Label: Independent
Release: June 18, 2021

On May 14, 2021 ON ATLAS' SHOULDERS presented the official, high quality converted music video for the album song "The Executioner". Lyrics & visuals speak for themselves in traditional, classic Heavy Metal performance.
The music video is set medieval times and was filmed at the historical castle Schloss Burg in Solingen, Germany:

The band comments:
"The protagonist has been sentenced to death by execution. Will he survive? The video was produced by AlphaAlias, with pyrotechnics and lights provided by NoiseToys. The song deals with the historical role of the medieval executioner, who was simultaneously celebrated and feared. He played a critical role in carrying out judicial sentences, primarily capital punishments, and was celebrated for doing so, as the latter were also seen as a main source of entertainment. At the same time, he was also avoided and feared in daily life, leading to a complex, split perception of the figure. Musically, this Traditional/Power Metal track pushes forward relentlessly and offers a memorable chorus, harmonized backing vocals, two epic guitar solos and thundering drums."

Since April 16, 2021 ON ATLAS' SHOULDERS present the official music video for the album song "Ruins" - artwork and music video were created by Marius Bönisch, the lead singer of the band:

The band comments:
"'Ruins' deals with the topic of death from multiple angles, emphasizing that it serves a fundamental purpose for all of existence. The listener is motivated to face his biggest fears and live life to the fullest, because when confronted with death, the final judge, we mustn’t have any regrets. Finally, death also serves as a unifier by being everyone's inevitable end, regardless of for example race or religion."

Since March 19, 2021 ON ATLAS' SHOULDERS present the official music video for the album song "5 Billion Years":

The band comments:
"In '5 Billion Years', the protagonist is a troubled soul faced with the moral dilemmas of today’s day and age. With countless injustices in the world, from poverty and wars all the way to climate change, he cannot decide what cause to fight for. At the same time, the moral apostles tell him that their cause is the only right one, shaming him for not choosing their side. However, everyone always loses sight of the fact that everything we know today will no longer exist in the far future: It is scientifically proven that the sun is expanding and will swallow the earth in about 5 billion years, hence the title of the song. In the end, you should fight for what you believe is right, live your life the way you want to and ignore the critics."

On February 19, 2021, the ambitious Frankfurters released the music video for the album song "Age Of Fire":

"Age Of Fire" is the first single from the upcoming album "Hyperion" and was written by the band while they were locked down in Germany during the lockdown.
Musically, this Traditional/Power Metal epic features catchy melodies and backing vocals, a Neo-classical double guitar solo and eruptive double bass thrusts.
Lyrically, "Age Of Fire" is set as an epic fantasy tale of hope and despair, heavily inspired by the theme of the popular Dark Souls video game series. The animated music video with superimposed lyrics was created by Stereo 27 Productions.

You love it completely individual, contagiously fervent, thoroughly inspired as well as with the greatest possible devotion?
Then get prepared for 100 % genuine and overwhelming listenable EPIC HEAVY METAL of the highest order!

ON ATLAS' SHOULDERS stands for uplifting, memorable melodies, an impressive vocal range and moving backing vocals combined with harmonized guitar riffs!

[ Artwork: On Atlas' Shoulders ]

Powerful solos and thundering double bass characterize the enormously beefy sound of these quickly convincing German hopefuls.

The outstanding gifted formation was founded in late 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, by highly soulful vocalist Marius Bönisch and guitarist Ben Chadwick - completed by axeman Björn Anders and drummer Leonard Pick.

[ Pic: On Atlas' Shoulders ]

ON ATLAS' SHOULDERS released their elevating debut album "Invictus" in June 2020, laying a strong foundation in the global Heavy Metal scene.

Their second full-length assault "Hyperion" delivers anthemic, combative and gripping material from start to finish - an exquisite album for connoisseurs and appreciators that is as very deeply thought-out as it is captivating. "Hyperion" will hail the world in summer 2021!




01. The Executioner 03:21
02. 5 Billion Years 03:39
03. Ruins 03:59
04. When Heavens Collide 05:55
05. Age Of Fire 02:59
06. To The Wolves 04:00
07. Flight Of The Falcon 04:10
08. Interceptor, Truth Protector 03:55
09. Biohazard 03:03
10. Brothers In Arms 04:53

total: 39:54

Marius Bönisch • Vocals
Ben Chadwick • Guitar & Backing Vocals
Björn Anders • Guitar & Backing Vocals
Ben Chadwick • Bass
Leonard Pick • Drums

2020 • Invictus (Full-length)
2021 • Hyperion (Full-length)

ON ATLAS' SHOULDERS is available for interviews via phone, Skype & email