Longing hardened romance

Base: Sofia • Bulgaria
Genre: Classic Symphonic Metal
Title: For All Beyond
Format: Album
Label: Self-financed
Release: April 19th, 2018

On the first of November 2018 METALWINGS released their third official music video - this time for the moving title song of the debut album "For All Beyond".

Peter Tomov and his company 359 Degrees served as production manager, editor and producer for the video clip. He was assisted by Ivailo Stanchev, who also made the aerial filming, working for Seagull Flying, a high-level drone service provider.

Tomov and Kalin Iliev from WonderSwamp worked behind the cameras. Maya Borisova was responsible for the make-up, costumes were created by Ivo Velinov.

The unique presence of creation is implied in the song through the connection between all human beings who come and go, building their lives through the roots of their family and ancestors.

Around a gorgeous Century-old tree the band deepened themselves into the tremendous creation of Mother Nature and they turned it literally into artistic flesh and blood to tell about all the joy she brings - and also the giant sorrow Nature has to bear unfortunately.

Redemptive hike of the soul
The dark shadowman shown in the clip is the eerie embodiment of a lost soul. That's why he has no face, no flesh. This soul is desperate and completely shut up in its own prison of fear. On the other hand, the child embodies the hope of life and challenges this lost soul to find its way to the light. 

The presence of the child causes the shadow to go in search of salvation. Reaching the sea is the end of lost hope and the beginning of light. To finally find hope, the shadow goes beyond itself ... beyond its life. Finally, the shadow breaks its own limits and proves that there is always a will to fight against the dark.

METALWINGS once again prove their exceptional musical size and exquisite artistic taste with the new music video.

The fact that the enthusiastic music of these Bulgarian big-hearts wanders directly into the soul, is due to several strengths of the exceptionally artistic minds.

METALWINGS with the classically trained frontwoman Stela Atanasova have an exquisite singer whose bell-light and beguilingly feminine, operetta-like voice stands out high from the mass of the genre. With her violin, the soulful vocalist also conjures magical moments of sound.

The hymn-melodic and epically uplifting CLASSIC SYMPHONIC METAL of the Sofia based formation combines the finest elements of classical music and the timeless world of opera.

The fact that such music can be extremely powerful, without going into excessive degrees of hardness, the Bulgarians prove with absolute artistic bravura. Crisply added, sovereignly played rock nuances also provide for extensive listening pleasure.

Founded by allrounder Stela in 2010, she had a clear musical vision in mind from the start, making the catchy songs so compact, homogenous, compositionally perfect and altogether masterful.

After very successful concerts and a lot of popularity at home, METALWINGS produced the also visually deeply moving music video for the song "Crying Of The Sun", which got nearly 12 million views from all parts of the world on Youtube. 

On May 12th, 2016, METALWINGS released their debut EP "Fallen Angel In The Hell" after several single releases, whereupon they convincingly show off their own definition of romantic Metal beauty with four excellent compositions.

On April 19th 2018 was the release of the much-anticipated debut album "For All Beyond", for which METALWINGS have been very busy since last year's autumn.

A solemn, inspiring Symphonic Metal highlight, which will be able to compete with the greats of the profession!
(Markus Eck) 

01: End Of The War 4:51
02: Secret Town 4:15
03: Immortal Metal Wings 5:18
04: When We Pray 4:16
05: A Wish 5:52
06: There’s No Time 4:22
07: For All Beyond 5:33
08: Realm Of Dreams 4:26
09: Tujni Serza 4:09
10: For All Beyond (Orchestral Version) 5:33
11: Fallen Angel In The Hell 6:06
12: Fallen Angel In The Hell (Instrumental Version) 6:08

total: 60:49 min.

Stela Atanasova • Lead Vocals, Electric Viola, Keys
Grigor Kostadinov • Guitars
Krastyo Jordanov • Guitars, Irish Flute, Backing Vocals
Milen 'Mavro' Mavrov • Bass
Angel Kitanov • Keyboards
Nikola 'Blackie' Ivanov • Drums

2016 • Fallen Angel In The Hell (EP)
2018 • For All Beyond (full-length)