Mythical sweeping enchantments

Base: Edinburgh • Scotland
Genre: Atmospheric Celtic Metal
Title: Samhainn
FFO: Primordial, Oceans Of Slumber,
Format: Album
Label: Trepanation Recordings
Release: Oct. 22, 2021

• 1ˢᵗ full-length release of the innovative & original Scotsmen
• Exciting emotional compositions, eclectic embedded in an stirring style
• Etherial, hypnotic soundscapes of uplifting epic kind

[ Each Uisge • Official Lyric Video ]

[ Solas Neònach • Track ]

Husband and wife ATMOSPHERIC CELTIC METAL duo HAND OF KALLIACH meld a passion for Metal music with traditional Scottish folk elements. Instead of using traditional instruments they draw inspiration from the rhythms, time signatures and patterns used in folk music and adapt them for distorted guitars:

"We’re both extremely excited to be releasing our debut full-length, 'Samhainn'. Named after the ancient Celtic festival of winter (pronounced ‘Sah-win’), this album represents a huge gear change in our writing and production from our initial work, bringing a darker and more aggressive energy to our hybrid sound of Melodeath and Folk Metal."

[ Artwork: VHummel ]

The name HAND OF KALLIACH, comes from the legend of the 'Cailleach', a Scottish witch god of winter - and in mythology one tale holds that she sleeps at the bottom of an enormous whirlpool in Corryvreckan, off the western isles of Scotland where John's family is from, arising to usher in winter.

HAND OF KALLIACH's music focuses on dual concepts of benevolence and malevolence, all against the backdrop of the history, mythology and land/seascapes of the Scottish islands.

The duo delivers a powerful sound from the contrast of Sophie’s ethereal vocals to John’s harsh gutturals, and the dynamic surrounding instrumentation. Intense distorted guitar and bass tones ground the music while haunting melodies and motifs break through the wall of sound.

[ Pic: David Fraser ]

"Samhainn" is an epic release creatively reimagining the folk style with a powerhouse of Melodic Metal. From the haunting opening of "Beneath Starlit Waters", to the darkly serene soundscape of "The Lull Of Loch Uigeadail", before concluding with the dramatic intensity of "Return To Stone", "Samhainn" is a voyage of discovery not to be missed.

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Husband-and-wife two piece HAND OF KALLIACH arose in December 2020 with the launch of their fascinating debut EP, "Shade Beyond".

As their touching eclectic ATMOSPHERIC CELTIC METAL sound is defined by distilled Scottish, Gaelic and Celtic overtones, blended with a poisonous Melodeath Metal foundation, it was picked up very quickly by stations and playlists as 'January's Band Of The Month' on the Midnight Hour show on Metal Meyhem Radio.

The tracks of "Shade Beyond" range in atmosphere from the charged energy of "In Tempest Wrought" and "White Horizon", to the raw aggression of "Fathoms" and the darker intonations of "Fàilte", and to the more classic Metal punch of "Overwhelm".

[ Pic: Hand Of Kalliach ]

The overwhelming mixture of the multi-talented pair is truly as unique as it is hypnotic - just dare to imagine a deeply lovely voice like Sarah Brightman's, as in "White Horizon," where the vocals then soar into gripping epic visions of world escape!



01. Beneath Starlit Waters 05:56
02. Solas Neònach 04:53
03. Each Uisge 05:01
04. Roil 03:28
05. Cinders 03:02
06. The Lull Of Loch Uigeadail 03:49
07. Ascendant 03:13
08. Òran Na Tein'-éigin 04:10
09. Trial Of The Beithir-Nimh 03:49
10. Return to Stone 05:21

total: 42:42

Sophie Fraser • Vocals, Bass
John Fraser • Vocals, Guitars, Drums

2020 • Shade Beyond • EP
2021 • Cinders • Single
2021 • Samhainn • Full-length

HAND OF KALLIACH is available for interviews via phone, Skype, Zoom & email