Of heroes & gods

Base: Kaufbeuren • Germany
Genre: Classic Heavy Metal
Title: Blessed Be The Hunter
Format: Album
Label: Rafchild Records
Release: June 6, 2020

On June 5th EISENHAUER released the lyric video for the album song "Wild Boar Banner":

The hot and courageous snorting fighter sounds of these deeply upright ones have developed into something very special until today. And not only the name of the band is an absolute program - even the foundation became a sworn ritual.

Since 2007, everything at EISENHAUER has been revolving around the timeless ideals, values and powers that have always been embodied by impressively booming electric guitars.

On the second album with the striking title "Blessed Be The Hunter", the four men present themselves with mature material from the most interesting side of playing culture so far. 

[ Artwork: Gabriel Turner Byrne ]

Their heroically charged to the point of bursting, doomy and typically Teutonic Heavy Rock with a continuous, catchy and melodic Metal edge captivates with the seal of approval 'Real Handmade'.

Everything is ceremonially crowned by Waxe's exceptional masculine voice: a singer who is thoroughly inspired by his cause, who rides the high walls of sound and symbolically leads his companions through the deepest valleys.

Waxe always bows down before big, dark and soulful voices like Ronnie James Dio, Glenn Danzig, Eric Wagner, Jim Morrison and Johnny Cash. 

Ase, who also put his heart and soul into "Blessed Be The Hunter", brings in his resolutely commanding bass lines as energetically as if he had been born for it alone. His art on the thick strings lacks neither the necessary power nor dexterity.

And with the impressively effective Johann, EISENHAUER have a powerful heavy worker as hammering machine in the line-up, who, like a war drummer, leads all songs into the decisive battle.

[ Pic: Gabriel Turner Byrne ]

Influences from giants like Black Sabbath and Dio are unmistakable, and EISENHAUER add a pinch of Trouble, Samhain/Danzig and In Solitude in a well-dosed way. The quartet's powerful overall sound is rounded off with partly massive nuances of Grand Magus and Manilla Road, which brings a delicious touch of obscure moods. 

And the ten compositions on "Blessed Be The Hunter" also provide heaps of pithy, roaring dynamics with deliberate cross-references to acts like Cro-Mags, Slayer and Sacred Reich.

In 2020, EISENHAUER will be united for timeless and unadulterated HEAVY METAL in its purest form, carrying the heroic sagas of a generation believed lost to the campfires of our time. Serious musicians are at work, who know exactly what they want to hear as fans - without looking at degraded images or wandering along worn out retro sound paths.

The at any time comprehensible and often catchy guitar work convinces basically by its emphatically massive appearance and well-considered structuring - but the axe duo Waxe and Simon also knows how to shine at times with wonderful, blissfully harmonious solos that you can't get out of your head.

[ Pic: Gabriel Turner Byrne ]

"Blessed be the hunter" is the motto of this - not only musically - diverse album. Frontman and songwriter Waxe likes to share his exciting stories of the new release with the listeners:

"In 'Sun Under My Breast' we sail through dark, demonic times, when it is better to have the sun under your chest. The hammers are proudly crossed in 'Ode To The Hammer' and in 'Tyrannus' we face the haughty tyrants with hope. In 'Gods Of Pain' there are epics about the creation and destruction power of the gods; a warrior gets between the powers, a man who fights shoulder to shoulder with his sword brothers under the wild boar banner in 'Wild Boar Banner' and defies the gods to please them. Our hero faces the wrath of the gods and is finally ambushed and killed by the traitor king. In 'Priestess Of Delight', however, he is brought back to life by the priestess of joy and sent back from the realm of the dead to take revenge on the traitorous king. A ghost warrior who in 'Ghostwarrior' marches forward unstoppably along skull-paved paths to answer the haunting call of his inner beast in 'Release The Beast'. Enter the temple of fiery blood, stone and steel with this hunter," demands Waxe, full of inner fire.

More: "Live and celebrate the cult in 'Cult'! Awaken your own God within you, touch the rainbow bridge, become indestructible and strong like a mountain in 'Mountain'. Blessed Be The Hunter - blessed be love, life, passion and death. Let the steel sing!"

Painter, graphic designer and photographer Gabriel Turner Byrne, who is also based in Kaufbeuren and hails from Tucson, Arizona, was inspired by this, which led to a truly outstanding, thematically representative front cover of the new longplayer "Blessed Be The Hunter".
That Turner Byrne, according to his long-time friend Waxe, 'lives what he paints' gets radiated in an inspiring way by the mystical motif. Eisenheads unite! (Markus Eck)



01. Priestess Of Delight 05:25
02. Gods Of Pain 07:07
03. Release The Beast 5:58
04. Sun Under My Breast 01:06
05. Wild Boar Banner 04:52
06. Ghost Warrior 04:58
07. Ode To The Hammer 05:35
08. Mountain 05:04
09. Tyrannus 02:54
10. Cult 06:36

total: 49:10 min.

Christian 'Waxe' Wagner • Vocals, Guitar
Simon Bihlmayer • Guitar
Thomas 'Ase' Aschermann • Bass
Johann Bechteler • Drums

2012 • Never Surrender (Full-length)
2015 • Horse Of Hell (EP)
2020 • Blessed Be The Hunter (Full-length)

EISENHAUER are available for interviews via phone, Skype & e-mail