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Base: Baden-Württemberg • Germany
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Title: The Raven’s Shadow
Format: Album
Label: Independent
Release: May 18, 2020

On his second album with the mystical title "The Raven’s Shadow" BLOODRED mainman Ron Merz celebrates his optimally proven BLACKENED DEATH METAL mix, which he has been refining successful as a one-man-project since 2009.

On April 26, Ron officially released "Hör Den Tod" as the first single release out of the new work in the form of a lyric video:

Connoisseurs know: the absolutely determined guitarist and singer does his thing here again like only few protagonists in the heavy music guild. In addition, the man with a penchant for pithy breakwater riffs keeps his team loyal:
Alexander Krull, known from Atrocity and Leaves' Eyes, who has repeatedly done excellent work for BLOODRED in his Mastersound Studio, is again responsible for the hammer-strong and also enormously dashing overall sound of "The Raven’s Shadow".

[ Pic: Stefan Heilemann • Heilemania ]

The overpowering drum attacks were again recorded by the highly clocked Joris Nijenhuis, who is also beating the skins for Atrocity and Leaves' Eyes.

[ Artwork: Stefan Heilemann • Heilemania ]

The current successor to the 2016 debut album "Nemesis" shines with sovereign material, for which a deliberate attempt was made to break up the usual structures of the songs - the classic 'verse-refrain-strophe-refrain' pattern is therefore rarely found on this album. The Scandinavian-grimpy appearing structures could therefore be made as varied as permanently interesting.

"Blood On Thy Hands" pays homage to the unforgotten cult sound of old Hypocrisy. The nine compositions on "The Raven’s Shadow" show the assiduous work of the unswerving idealist from Baden-Württemberg at the highest level so far.

Thus, besides hauntingly gripping thunderstorms of rhythm, especially the melodies have been polished to be much more catchy and lasting. Captivatingly majestic songs like the invigoratingly triumphant "We Who Ruled The North" bear witness to this in uplifting perfection.

[ Pic: Stefan Heilemann • Heilemania ]

Even with inevitably catchy power numbers like "Shadow Warrior" and "Immense Hall Of Agony" BLOODRED 2020 presents itself both internationally fully competitive and in a trendless, timeless appearance. And in the wonderfully culminating final track "The Northstar Whispers (To The Blacksmith's Son)" the talent for impressive, dramatic epic reveals itself. 

Apropos, timeless: the raven has been regarded as a messenger of death, especially in the Nordic myths and legends, from time immemorial until today - an exciting topic, which can be found in many a song on the new album.
BLOODRED pays homage to this truly wonderful and all too often misunderstood animal in a musically captivating way - may the berserk tracks on "The Raven’s Shadow" lift their dark wings to the heights of the scene just as mystically and fascinatingly! (Markus Eck)

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1. The Raven's Shadow 06:37
2. Immense Hall Of Agony 04:08
3. Hör Den Tod 04:54
4. Blood On Thy Hands 03:31
5. Raise The Mound 04:37
6. We Who Ruled The North 05:41
7. Shadow Warrior 05:51
8. Under This Sun 05:30
9. The Northstar Whispers (To The Blacksmiths Son) 09:06

total: 49:55 min.

Ron Merz • Vocals, Guitars, Bass Joris Nijenhuis • Drums

2014 • The Lost Ones (EP)
2016 • Nemesis (Full-length)
2020 • The Raven's Shadow (Full-length)

Liner Notes by Ron Merz to the new songs:

1. The Raven´s Shadow
The raven is the symbol of death and thus defines the subject underlying most of the songs. Poetically described in the poem by William Watson, the raven swings up to bring death on silent wings.

2. Immense Hall Of Agony
This song was written under the impression of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the focus is on the massacre in the Bataclan. Every musician and music fan can imagine how one would feel in such a situation. That evening the Bataclan became an "Immense Hall Of Agony"

3. Hör den Tod
Depression is, unfortunately, still a largely not accepted illness, which is more than "just being a sad". Again and again people end up killing themselves and freeing themselves from this condition (at least this is what they´re thinking). This song is about the way to suicide.

4. Blood On Thy Hands
Human sacrifices have been common in many cultures throughout human history. Regardless of whether in the Bible, in the Aztecs or Germanic tribes, one hoped such a deity to be weighed. No death was brutal enough, new ways of sacrifice were always invented. And so stained his hands with blood.

5. Raise The Mound
This song is a tribute to my late grandfather, a true workingclass gentleman. With the pictures of the burial of a Viking king I do him the honor.

6. We Who Ruled The North
In addition to the unconditional spread of the new faith, the Christianization of Scandinavia was above all a question of expanding power. The kings of that time bowed to Christianity and denied their old beliefs.

7. Shadow Warrior
Another song on "terrorism". Here, however, written from the perspective of an assassin who, driven by hatred, spreads fear and terror in the middle of society.

8. Under This Sun
In contrast to all the dark lyrics, this song is supposed to show that there are many beautiful things in this world. Those who walk through nature with their eyes and ears open will discover many wonders. In addition, of course, this is also a request to fight against the destruction of our environment.

9. The Northstar Whispers (To The Blacksmith´s Son)
Vachel Lindsay is considered a founder of modern singing poetry, as he referred to it, in which verses are meant to be sung or chanted. This song is an attempt to implement his ideas.

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