With gigantic conviction

Base: Viersen • Germany
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Title: Banners Of Destruction
Format: Album
Label: Self-financed

Since 1999, BATTLESWORD on the Lower Rhine have kept the heavy flag of MELODIC DEATH METAL resolutely high in the storm of stylistic trends and musical fashions.

With a mighty live performance and unspeakably powerful songs, the capable five-piece regularly provides extensive neck pain and happy moods among the fans.

In the camp of the authentic, because completely sincere troupe clearly is preferred class instead of mass. Since the existence of the band, therefore, only two demos and two albums have been released. 

For the preparation of their second long player, BATTLESWORD have taken the necessary time even longer than usual. But in 2015, the recordings and the mix for the long-awaited album "Banners Of Destruction" were successfully completed. Official release date for "Banners Of Destruction" was April 1st, 2016.

"Banners Of Destruction" pops with a true bomb sound that rages as voluminously forward as it can shine with transparency. The tastefully oriented songs, despite the rich and cutting hardness, show BATTLESWORD again in their old strength and the record convinces persistently old and new fans alike. During the songwriting this time care was taken to keep the music a bit more variable than at the beginning. In addition, the compositions were expediently extended by some classic Heavy Metal elements. The result is an original composed, homogeneously rounded and therefore perfectly functioning mix of everything that sets the charm of this metallic kind of loud art.

Consistently outstanding live qualities were massive proven by the highly ambitious formation at various festivals, such as 2017 at the Metaldays Open Air in Slovenia, or the German indoor festival Battle of Otzenhausen. And also at concerts, f.e. as support for more well-known bands such as Moonsorrow, Thyrfing, Suidakra, Warpath or Debauchery, the five convinced ones let it crash powerfully.

The year 2018 will continue to be characterized by ambitious creativity for BATTLESWORD. In addition to new live appearances at the Metaldays Open Air or the Metal Inferno in Paderborn, Germany, as support for Grave and Holy Moses, the five musicians are already in the middle of songwriting for a new album!

April, 1st 2016

1. Spirit To The Flesh 04:21
2. The Unnamed Magic 03:52
3. Banners Of Destruction 04:28
4. Grave New World 04:26
5. The Silence Of Victory 02:12
6. Tongues Of Hatred 05:30
7. Circle Of Witches 04:47
8. Bloodlust Symphony 04:31
9. Left For The Vultures 05:19
10. There Will Be Blood 04:15
11. Where Demons Awake 04:54
12. Enemy Divine 04:14

total: 52:49 min.

Axel (vocals)
Christian (guitars)
Béla (guitars)
Ben (bass)
Andreas (drums)

2001: Crusade Of Steel (demo)
2003: Failing In Triumph (full-length)
2008: The 13th Black Crusade (demo)
2016: Banners Of Destruction (full-length)