Massively atmospheric dark art

Base: Cologne • Germany
Genre: Symphonic Dark/Black Metal
Title: Aeterni
Format: Album
Label: Sliptrick
Release: September 9th, 2017

After a long and profound work, Cologne-based Dark Metallers ATRIUM NOCTIS have completed their studio work on the album successor to the 2010 "Home".

For the current album "Aeterni" the personnel-reinforced formation around Hydra Gorgonia went partly new as well as extended artistic ways. The compositions are often reminiscent of the music of Dimmu Borgir.

In the actual core, therefore, still devoted to the symphonic BLACK METAL, also sometimes bearing elements from the field Pagan Metal were included.

In particular, influences from Classical music give the new output "Aeterni" a distinctive autonomy. The fresh songs, with a thick dash of hardness, are characterized by massive dark atmosphere.

There are also melancholic, sometimes hymnic and soulful passages. Epic and colorful nuances enrich the whole thing in addition.

ATRIUM NOCTIS love great soundscapes and have largely broken away from the genre boundaries of Black Metal to create tracks like "Datura Noir" and "Die Nacht des Falken".

Several singers are involved, what together with German lyrics is a guarantee for wide vocal variety. Completely dedicated to the melody, the collaboration of the band is based on two guitarists.

The band members have different musical backgrounds: in this troupe are people who have played Metal all their life, but enjoy a lot of other genres. Likewise a deep black soul from Black Metal, a singer with classical education and two studied musicians, who are open for everything. You hear and feel: They all lost their hearts to the music of ATRIUM NOCTIS.

The new songs were mastered by the well-known Martin Buchwalter, who already worked as a producer for established bands like Accu§er, Destruction, Suidakra, Tankard, Architects Of Chaoz and Perzonal War.

The front cover and CD booklet have been made by a painter according to the band's exact ideas.

With "Aeterni", the Cologne are increasingly striving for authenticity and their own roots.
Likewise, they do not emulate any band. ATRIUM NOCTIS can not be dictated or run after any trends.
They just make their own and completely individual music. 

Official release date for "Aeterni" was September 9, 2017.

On April 23, the Cologne formation around keyboarder Hydra Gorgonia released their new music video for the song "Zerberons Erwachen".
Sascha Krüger of Imotion Factory was responsible for the shoot.
It was filmed in a real stalactite cave and in the middle of the forest in a clearing that unfolded its special appeal through trees that had fallen from the storm.

While many bands in the Black Metal genre are constantly experimenting with new stylistic devices, ATRIUM NOCTIS continues to rely entirely on a traditional, mystic-occult performance.

Thus, on the one hand, to the proven origins of this guild is paid homage, but the formation performs also with a good deal of autonomy:

-= Under the earth =-

The whole thing has been recorded under arduous circumstances at the beginning of January 2018 in the stalactite cave Wiehl, under a forest in the mystical Siebengebirge. The cave, located 50 km east of Cologne, is about 20 meters underground, there prevail about 8 degrees Celsius.

Concerning the content of their new music video, ATRIUM NOCTIS hope that the inclined spectators will be able to surprise as mystically as possible - at the visualized threshold between this world and the hereafter whose boundaries are thematically blurred in "Zerberons Erwachen".

1. Datura Noir 08:20
2. Zerberons Erwachen 08:32
3. AD 03:36
4. Leviathan 09:30
5. AD II 02:53
6. Die Nacht des Falken 09:37
7. ADE 01:25

total: 43:53 min.

Hydra Gorgonia (keys)
Sturm (guitars)
Rhadamanthys (guitars)
Thyratus (guitars)
Hein (screams)

2004: Blackwards (full-length)
2005: The Eyes Of Medusa (full-length)
2010: Home (full-length)
2017: Aeterni (full-length)