Best in balance

Base: Cologne • Germany
Genre: Symphonic Dark/Black Metal
Title: Atrium Noctis
FFO: Graveworm, Stormlord,
Dimmu Borgir
Format: Album
Label: Independent
Release: Feb. 22, 2022 • Pre-Order: Jan. 1

• 5th studio album of the longtime Black Metallers
• New recordings of specially selected songs
• Emphasized individual & varied style

Celebrating 20 years as a band, ATRIUM NOCTIS will release their 5th studio album on 2-22-22.

For the new, symbolically self-titled release "Atrium Noctis" the formation around Hydra Gorgonia went to the Gernhart Studio of Martin Buchwalter (Accu§er, Destruction, Perzonal War, Suidakra, Tankard) to let the best songs of already released CDs shine in new splendor.

There, the songs in question were completely re-recorded, mixed and mastered for the 60-minute long player.

All the material has been rearranged on three guitars, which gives the overall picture on the one hand more melodic possibilities but at the same time more pressure on the part of the guitars.

[ Artwork: Christa Schiffner ]

Several vocal tracks with screams, growls and classical vocals complete the picture coherently.
ATRIUM NOCTIS play timeless music rooted in symphonic DARK- and BLACK METAL. Influences from classical music and carried elements from the Pagan Metal area adorn the new output with distinctive independence and special brilliance.

Massive darkness paired with a thick shot of hardness characterizes the new album. Melancholic, sometimes hymnal and soulful passages are also part of it. Epic and colorful nuances enrich the whole additionally fitting.

[ Band 2017 • Pic: Atrium Noctis ]

ATRIUM NOCTIS love big soundscapes and have largely broken away from the genre boundaries of Black Metal.

From the old, already convincing songs ATRIUM NOCTIS have understood to create a new dimension, which skillfully balances between hardness and subtlety:
Hard and delicate mix to a unique symbiosis!

The band members have different musical backgrounds:
They include people who have played Metal all their lives, but bring a lot of joy to other musical genres, as well as a deep black soul from Black Metal, as well as a singer with classical training and two studied musicians who are musically open to everything.

So let yourself be seduced and convinced equally by the new sound experience of the Cologne!


[ Band 2017 • Foto: Atrium Noctis ]

[ Band 2017 • Foto: Atrium Noctis ]

[ Official music video "Zerberons Erwachen" • 2017
Production: ]



01. Snow On Thy Epitaph
02. Azazel
03. Ikarus
04. Home
05. Ancient Whispers
06. Die Nacht des Falken
07. Zerberons Erwachen
09. Spuren eines Wolfes

total: 60:00 min.

Hein • Vocals
Uhtred • Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Rhadamanthys • Guitar
Sturm • Guitar
Hydra Gorgonia • Keys, Acoustic Guitar, Narrator
Drums • Session artist

Hein • Vocals
Rhadamanthys • Guitar
Hydra Gorgonia • Keys
Drums • El Loco Lobo

2004 • Blackwards • Full-length
2005 • The Eyes Of Medusa • Full-length
2010 • Home • Full-length
2017 • Aeterni • Full-length
2022 • Atrium Noctis • Full-length

2004 • Silencio
2005 • Live 2005
2010 • Spuren eines Wolfes
2018 • Zerberons Erwachen

ATRIUM NOCTIS are available for interviews via phone, Skype, Zoom & email