Floating beauty

Base: Milan • Italy
Genre: Progressive Metal
Title: The Art Of Trees
Format: Album
Label: Sliptrick
Release: January 8th, 2019

When guitarist Dario Bortot teamed up with bassist Fabrizio Zilio in 1998 to form ALTHEA, the two initiators clearly envisioned a very special PROGRESSIVE ROCK/METAL project, which should have its own unique sound. And deviating from the standards it should be.

Immediately the two Milanese brought Marco Zambardi to the keyboard. Various demo tapes were produced, accompanied by the first live shows, which subsequently extended to many stages in Northern Italy.

[ Pic: Federico Rebusso ]

Drummer Sergio Sampietro and vocalist Alessio Accardo entered, completing and stabilizing the cast of the group. Concert activities were intensified. February 2014 finally saw the release of the first EP "Eleven", which produced enthusiastic reactions.

In 2016, ALTHEA expanded its studio activities and worked on 16 new songs, which became the concept album "Memories Have No Name", released in 2017 by Sliptrick Records.

Both the listeners and the music media confirmed the high quality of the exceptionally tasteful material and the increased maturity of the soulful band in the Art Rock area.

Along with the release of the album, Andrea Trapani joined as bass guitarist to replace Fabrizio Zilio, who, like keyboarder Marco Zambardi, left the line-up to pursue new paths.

[ Pic: Federico Rebusso ]

ALTHEA subsequently began on Italian and European stages to present the songs of "Memories Have No Name" to a wider audience.

And the resonances on it were not only extensive, but also fully pleasing and confirming. ALTHEA played with well-known bands like Breath Of Nibiru, Kaledon, Vulture Industries, Overtures and many more.

Without interrupting their heartfelt live activities, ALTHEA finally started recording the new and third album with the intriguing title "The Art Of Trees".

[ Cover art: Federico Rebusso ]

Official release date of "The Art Of Trees":
January 8th 2019.

Ten new tracks with amazing arrangements and an impressive sound vision are presented artfully. "The Art Of Trees" is characterized by a really unique-sounding, very personal tone.

With all the lyrics and atmospheres, ALTHEA evoke a multitude of imaginative pictures that can be far away in space, yet which are clear and touching in the life of each one of us. (Markus Eck)

01 For Now (4:05)
I. Denial
II. Anger
III. Bargaining
IV. Depression
V. Acceptance
02 Deformed to Frame (4:59)
03 One More Time (5:20)
04 Today (5:10)
05 Evelyn (8:58)
06 Not Me (5:26)
07 The Shade (4:41)
08 The Art of Trees (9:21)
09 Away From Me feat. Michele Guaitoli (6:53)
10 Burnout (5:46)

total: 60:34 min.

Alessio Accardo • Vocals
Dario Bortot • Guitars, Keys, Synths
Andrea Trapani • Bass Guitar
Sergio Sampietro • Drums

2014 Eleven (full-length)
2017 Memories Have No Name (full-length)
2019 The Art Of Trees (full-length)

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