Vivacious sworn freethinkers

Base: Chicago, Illinois • USA
Genre: Technical Progressive Thrash Metal
Title: There Is Something Wrong
Format: Album
Label: - Zoid Entertainment
- InGrooves/The Label Group
- Sleaszy Rider
Release: February 15, 2019

Chicago’s AFTERMATH is one of the pioneering crossover Thrash bands of the 1980s: a band that transformed into one of the most technical Thrash Metal bands of its time on its critically-acclaimed debut album, "Eyes Of Tomorrow".

There's something wrong!

Since December 14, 2020, the band presents the latest Lyric Video, this time for the album's title track "There Is Something Wrong":

These lyric video is the final video from the album. AFTERMATH proclaims about it:
"The use of an animated human throughout the video is a strong symbolic image of what those in power want the new world to look like. No originality, no individuality and no independent thought. They want humanity to disappear and this song and video serve as a wakeup call to all of us."

More from singer Kyriakos 'Charlie' Tsiolis:
"I grew up always questioning authority. I never understood what gives them the right to tell me what to do. I follow the 'Golden Rule'. I don’t need someone to tell me what is right or wrong. I am not your child. That feeling was there as a kid and continued to grow over the years. I have no idea why or what caused me to see the world like that. I must have been born this way. Back in the early days of the band all my lyrics were somewhat based on this. I just wasn’t as aware then as I am now. We wrote a song called 'Chaos' back in 1986. That song was about questioning everything and everyone including your parents. It was about challenging authority and the stories they force fed you. I didn’t know why I felt something was wrong in the world, but I KNEW IT WASN'T RIGHT. As I got older and read and researched things I figured it out. Listening to 'Chaos' all these years later I realized I now had the answers to the questions I had in those lyrics. If you listen to 'Chaos' you will hear part of the lyrics in 'There Is Something Wrong'. Listen to these lyrics and you will hear me answering those lyrics. Wake up world before it’s too late."

Invitation to enlightenment!

Since Nov. 05, 2020, AFTERMATH have once again been revealing their very own artistic ambition with a great deal of ingenuity - the band produced a very special Video Album in an unusual long version of 34 minutes that includes all previous videos for the 2nd full-length release "There Is Something Wrong" - and a further, fresh video for the title track:

Truth or deception?

Since October 15, 2020, AFTERMATH has once again been encouraging people to think more deeply - this time with their lyric video for the song "Pseudocide":

"'Pseudocide' means a faked or pretend death. There have been theories throughout history about pseudocides – think Hitler’s death or Epstein’s. No one knows if any of those theories are true or not. But, it makes you wonder doesn’t it? This song isn’t about faking a death; it is about theories that some call conspiracy theories that have been proven to be true or at least cast doubt on the official story. I list 33 of those in the lyrics of the video. We wanted a video that enhanced the meaning of the lyrics. This video does it. The person in the video loses his mind because he learns the truth. Or does he stay sane and people lock him up because he’s a threat to them? We leave that for you to decide", singer Kyriakos 'Charlie' Tsiolis comments the content of "Pseudocide".

Warning to the masses!

On April 22, AFTERMATH released the special 'Breaking News Edition' video to the song "Diethanasia":

"As a kid I always questioned and challenged authority. That’s one thing that never changed for me. I’m a cynic and that has led to my search for the truth. I have been on a path to answer questions I have had for years. That search has led to some horrifying realities. The quest for the truth and the answers I have uncovered led to our latest album called 'There Is Something Wrong'. It is a concept record that challenges the listener to question everything and to never believe the official story just because your government or media tells you to. From the Fed to organized religion to Agenda 2030, the lyrics expose it all" says vocalist Kyriakos 'Charlie' Tsiolis.

He continues, "the song 'Diethanasia' was written three years ago. If you listen to the lyrics it is literally about what is happening today. Bill Gates and his followers have been preaching and warning about a global pandemic for years. His attempt to scare the masses into a global vaccinated world that includes microchips used to track us should frighten us all. He is manipulating and distorting facts to justify “his vaccine” and their ultimate plan. 'Diethanasia' was written to warn everyone about this plan. They talk about sustainable development and population stabilization. Those phrases are meant to sound like solutions to a problem – a way to help the planet. They aren’t. Do you trust Big Pharma to save you? Do you believe a computer salesman will save you? It is time to wake up and question everything."

Band adds: "The lyrics in the song are not meant as an indictment of all lawyers, doctors, media, etc. The attack is meant for the few within those professions that aren’t interested in helping humanity, but instead destroying it."

A timeless demand!

On March 13, the formation released the imaginative music video of the cover song "Give Peace A Chance", whose message is of lasting importance:

[ Cover art: Aftermath • listen & buy here ]

AFTERMATH state the following:
"The John Lennon classic, 'Give Peace A Chance', was the perfect song to cover as a follow up to the band’s last album not only as an answer to the concept posed by that album, but also because of the song’s enduring relevance in today’s global landscape. The heavy guitars, drums, and aggressive verse vocals are balanced by the mesmerizing youthful pleas of the choruses; and together they bring a powerful new take on Mr. Lennon’s message of hope back to the world five decades after the song’s inception."

More: "When we decided to cover 'Give Peace A Chance' it was meant to be a call for peace with a known enemy in a traditional war. It has now evolved into a call for peace among individuals, not just nations, as things get worse for the world in the days and months ahead."

Time to wake up!

AFTERMATH published the latest lyric video "Scientists And Priest" on November 2, 2019. It's the 6th official video for the new album "There Is Something Wrong".

"People find false comfort in either science or religion”, vocalist Kyriakos 'Charlie' Tsiolis comments the thematic context of "Scientists And Priest".
"The institutions have been corrupted and are used to divide the masses into two camps. It’s the perfect scam having people argue over what’s the truth. The truth is that organized religion and science are full of shit and used to deceive us and keep us fighting each other. Institutions are tools of suppression and none are better at it than the ones telling us to worship false idols and blindly believe in fake science."

Know your enemy!

AFTERMATH published the lyric video "Temptation Overthrown" on August 23, 2019. It's the 5th official video for the new album "There Is Something Wrong".

"In the album's concept story timeline, 'Temptation Overthrown' is at the point when the masses have been truly informed and are united. They know who the enemy really is and it's time for the people to control." (Kyriakos 'Charlie' Tsiolis)

Counteracting awakening

The formation published the lyric video 'Gaslight' on June 25, 2019. It's the 4th official video for the new album "There Is Something Wrong". The video was produced by Great Heights Design Video Studio.

'To Gaslight someone' means to manipulate a person into questioning their own sanity. The song and video are integral parts of the greater message behind the ambitious concept album "There Is Something Wrong".

"The song is about waking up and having an open-mind in order to avoid the elite’s attempt to Gaslight you", says frontman Kyriakos 'Charlie' Tsiolis. "'Gaslight' tells the real rulers of the world we are on to their ways and we will destroy them and their symbols."

The new album "There Is Something Wrong" is an 11-song opus of TECHNICAL PROGRESSIVE THRASH METAL.

[ Cover art: Dimitri Patelis ]

A concept record in the truest sense of the word, the album features a mix of old-school crossover Thrash and technical/progressive Metal, and is a commentary on what is wrong with the world today.

[ Pic: Peter Tsiolis ]

A calling out of the masses to wake up and know the real enemy. The music is urgent, and the lyrics challenge the listener to seek the truth. In a world of monotonous uniformity, AFTERMATH stands out alone.

[ Pic: Peter Tsiolis ]

[ Pic: Aric Swaney ]


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Zoid Entertainment

01. Can You Feel It? 00:45
02. False Flag Flying 05:59
03. Diethanasia 02:47
04. Scientists And Priest 05:33
05. Smash Reset Control 03:28
06. Gaslight 04:53
07. A Handful Of Dynamite 02:25
08. Temptation Overthrown 03:34
09. Pseudocide 06:53
10. There Is Something Wrong 06:38
11. Expulsion 04:23

total: 47:18 min.

Febr. 15th, 2019:
Digital release - Zoid Entertainment - InGrooves/The Label Group

March 15th, 2019:
Official European release -
Sleaszy Rider/Zoid Entertainment

August 23rd, 2019:
Physical CD in stores and online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, FYE & other retailers

Kyriakos 'Charlie' Tsiolis • Vocals
Steve Sacco • Guitar
George Nektarios Lagis • Bass
Ray Schmidt • Drums

1994 • Eyes Of Tomorrow (full-length)
2011 • 25 Years Of Chaos (boxed set)
2015 • Killing The Future (re-release of 1987 demo)
2019 • There Is Something Wrong (full-length)
2020 • Give Peace A Chance (single)

AFTERMATH are available for interviews via phone, Skype & e-mail