Touchingly dreamy yearning

Base: Sofia • Bulgaria
Genre: Atmospheric Folklore Metal
Title: The Forgotten Song
Format: Album
Label: Self-financed
Release: April 09th, 2019

The great fascination for folklore and its authentic implementation determines the musical and lyric fortunes of these Bulgarian nature lovers since the band was founded in 2011. 

In the Rhodopes, the magnificently wooded, majestically towering mountains in South Bulgaria, the stylishly traditional AEGONIA feel most comfortable.

[ Pic: AEGONIA ]

The seductively melodic and enormously atmospheric sound of these expressive aesthetes is based on exquisite ingredients from Doom, Gothic and Fantasy Metal. Most aptly, the quartet's music is described as ATMOSPHERIC FOLKLORE METAL.

With "The Forgotten Song" AEGONIA release their deeply touching debut album, which goes extraordinary quickly into the ear. A noble concept-work that is based on the eponymous fantasy novel by Nea Stand, the first book in the series "Tales From The Lands Of Aegonia".

[ Cover art: AEGONIA ]

The song "Samodiva" features a sequel to the story told in "The Maid And The Mountain". The accompanying music video was shot at the scenic Krushuna Falls in the summer of 2018. AEGONIA have released this further video on May 27th, 2019. (Markus Eck)

"The Forgotten Song" • Album 2019:

"The Maid And The Mountain" • Single 2018:
[Official Music Video]

AEGONIA • Online:

01. In The Lands Of Aegonia 03:03
02. Rain Of Tears 08:39
03. With The Mists She Came 06:45
04. Restless Mind 05:09
05. Dreams Come To Me 01:37
06. Battles Lost And Won 08:28
07. The Offer 05:15
08. The Stolen Song 06:41
09. Gone 06:18
10. The Severe Mountain 06:20
11. A Bitter Fate 05:03
12. The Ruins Of Aegonia 01:50

total: 65:08 min.

Nikolay Nikolov • Guitars, Kaval, Vocals
Elitsa Stoyanova • Vocals, Violin
Atanas Georgiev • Bass
Ivan Kolev • Drums

2019: The Forgotten Song (full-length)

AEGONIA are available for interviews via phone, Skype & e-mail