Escape from the underworld

Base: Muotathal • Switzerland
Genre: Folk Heavy Metal
Title: Kratos
FFO: Eluveitie, Amorphis, Lacuna Coil
Format: Single
Label: Independent
Release: Jan. 11, 2023

• New single & music video of the Swiss Fantasy Metallers
• Compact playfulness meets melody & hardness
• Powerful and solid return of the Helvetians

[ Produced, directed & edited by Matteo VDiva Fabbiani & Chiara Cerami for VDPICTURES ]

[ Pic: Manuel Vargas Lépiz ]

INFINITAS stands for fantasy infused Melodic & very powerful Metal from Switzerland.
Breathtaking violin melodies, distinctive guitar riffs and a frontwoman who impresses with powerful growls as well as enchanting clean vocals.

After several sold out shows with new frontwoman Mary Crane, INFINITAS sets further milestones in their career.

The brand new single "Kratos":
Recorded & Produced by Tommy Vetterli (among others with Coroner, Kreator, Stephan Eicher).
A must for every lover of honest & dedicated Metal!

The innovative & empowering live shows of INFINITAS take fans far away from everyday life, into a world where everything is possible. INFINITAS radiates pure joy of life, power and energy on stage.

Insider info:
• Eluveitie's Chrigel Glanzmann‘s vocals are featured on the track "Tiamat"
• Rank 19 in Swiss-album charts, MetalDays Slovenia, Z7 Pratteln & Support for Eluveitie

[ Artwork: Infinitas ]

Corona meets an actor, he dies!

INFINITAS, always at the start with unusual ideas and implementations, present the world a new music video that could not fit better to the current emergency situation!

The song is analogous to Corona, so from exactly the plague that makes mankind sick and overruns! In the new video, the notorious disease scurvy is depicted!

But the best comes to the end:
As soon as the video is apparently finished, a scene follows in which the main actor dies of Corona. Finally, a music band takes a stand on the current global situation and processes the issue in this offensive video:

Good <> Evil

"Infernum" is the darkest and hardest work of the Muotathalers so far. The album was recorded and produced by Tommy Vetterli (Coroner, ex-Kreator) at New Sound Studio. And there is a prominent guest singer on "Infernum" to experience: Chrigel Glanzmann from Eluveitie!

[ Cover art: Franz Föhn ]

Among monsters

Following the success of the 'snuff-prevention' video clip ‚Rudra‘, the Swiss FOLK HEAVY METAL hopefuls INFINITAS have released their 2nd Lyric Video "Amon" on June 06th 2019.

The song is about the lives of many people who do a job that gives them no satisfaction - '1 second in Heaven, forever in Hell', it says in the chorus of "Amon".

INFINITAS announce to the plot of the song:

"Main character in ‚Amon‘ is a king. His kingdom is involved in a war against the 'Legion of the Dead' (army from Hell, Orks, Monsters, Zombies, etc.) The King died in the war and he goes up to heaven. But he can't find peace there because he is worried about his kingdom. So he met a 'Dark Lord' up in heaven. The 'Dark Lord' offers the King that he can go back and finish the battle, and so the king agrees. As he goes back to the battlefield he realizes that he is not longer a human anymore. He is also one of this Monsters and he's also no longer fighting for his kingdom - he is now fighting for the 'Legion of the Dead'. The 'Dark Lord' fooled him. And so the king Amon had to fight against his loved kingdom and he made a really good job, but he feels terrible doing that. When he goes back to the battlefield he shall be a mix of a monster and a wolf. So one night he breaks his oath with the 'Dark Lord' and destroys all the monsters while their sleeping - and so he saves his kingdom."

The new video clip "Amon" was created by Fernando Melo.

Foto: Marc Fuhrer • Plekvetica

In May 2017, the Swiss released their debut album "CIVITAS INTERITUS". The unusual as well as refreshingly original sound of the FOLK HEAVY METAL formation found extensive and informative feedback in the international music press.

Absolute honor, welcome duty and creative joy in one for the fully ambitious INFINITAS, not to rest on it!

After another line-up change, newcomer Irina Melnikova on the violin came in mid-March 2018, it was already high time for the busy Swiss about the work on new material.

On May 4th 2018 the group around singer and energy bundle Andrea Böll released the new single "Skylla":

With "Skylla", the highly motivated formation entered in addition to the radio stations, especially in the charts of their home country.

I. "Skylla":
Named after a sea monster of Greek mythology, tells of the processing of death and the’Depression After’. Often such depressions leave the feeling of being pulled down by a monster and never appearing again. These feelings are not only reflected in the lyrics, but also in the melody. Especially the guitar and violin melodies give the song a certain melancholy. The voice of front woman Andrea Böll can additionally underscore the song with suitable emotions. Despite all the sadness of the song, it is a gripping earwig that encourages singing along.

II. "Conclusio":
"Conclusio" belongs to the song Skylla and is the official end of the song. This quiet, melancholic instrumental piece takes the listener out into the world of Skylla at sea and invites them to enjoy and reflect.

III. "Samael":
The song "Samael" tells the story of the angel of death of the same name, who is regarded in mythology as a fallen archangel. The story in the song is about Samael’s great disappointments, which he had suffered and which have now been transformed into destructive rage. He is tempted by his suffering to take revenge. A situation that can be found again and again not only in mythologies, but also in history books and the current media. In contrast to the concept album "CIVITAS INTERITUS", the song can be heard on the single in the acoustic version. The melodies carry along, burn themselves into the ear canal and breathe life into the story. The demon and his backgrounds are given a special character by the emotionally charged singing voice.

IV. "Leprechaun":
Light Irish rhythms and melodies reflect a little mythical creature of Ireland – a goblin. "Leprechaun" invites you to dance, indulge and enjoy. Unlike "Samael" and "Skylla", this piece is purely instrumental. The use of the clarinet in interaction with the violin is particularly unusual here. Dani Häusler gives the song a very special touch with his typical clarinet playing. The melodies are grounded by the deep sound of the double bass.

For the title track of their new single, INFINITAS have also released an official music video on April 15th 2018:

These five Swiss Metal individualists hail from the picturesque Muotathal. In 2009 the initiators founded their extraordinary band INFINITAS.

The first concerts were followed by new songs. In 2015 the participants debuted with the 3-track EP „Self-Destruction“.

In the following, the intentionally willful and stylistically open yet very organic style developed relatively quickly: melodically catchy loaded FOLK HEAVY METAL with functionally guided Thrash Metal attacks.

Foto: Wyssenback Ralf • WRPhotography

The conceptual work "CIVITAS INTERITUS" dances courageously out of line. The formation shows its abilities with these lively debut album on an audibly more mature and stable level.

And the completely unpredictable mixture of the quintet is not only full of agile surprises, but INFINITAS also make the whole thing appear as from a single cast!

The fact that various memories of the British Folk Metal pioneers Skyclad gets awakened, serves descriptive above all as a useful genre guide.

Officially "CIVITAS INTERITUS" was published on May 5th, 2017.

The striking, concise and extremely powerful voice of frontwoman Andrea sings the compositions with all dedication. And, with her solid vocal repertoire, she also shows itself extremely changeable and multifaceted.

The complex arranged, elaborate staged interplay of guitar, violin, bass and drums cooperates in an ingenious way.

By means of equally present strings, the Swiss give their songs a charming and finely decorating folklore color. Laura brings on "CIVITAS INTERITUS" with her e-recorder additional, playful-dreaming nuances. 

Death due to an overdose of snuff!

In the entertaining music video ‚Rudra‘ by INFINITAS, exactly this happens to the main actress !

INFINITAS ranked position 19. in the Swiss charts 2018 for two weeks. They are telling with a medieval-style Video Clip what happens when you drive things to excess.

Also, you should never go too far with excited flirting, because it can quickly lead to a fight ... all this and much more can be seen in the Video Clip ‚Rudra‘:

The whole thing was filmed in Switzerland in the Muotathal, home of the band, with much style and atmosphere in the basement of an old farmhouse.

Involved were 40 participants from all over Switzerland, out of 6 cantons:
• 2 medieval associations (Torgus Caturix & Alvitur Balti)
• 2 main actors
• 5 musicians
• more extras
• a complete production team (camera, cut, make-up, catering, decoration)

Direction: Piri Betschart, drummer of INFINITAS
Cut & camera: Michael Klauser (Blue Yeti Studios)
Make-up & hairstyle: Andrea Betschart
Costumes: Ivo Tschümperlin
Main actors: Petra on the Maur-Agostini & Klemens Niklaus Trenkle

(All respective links on the Info website »)

The band comments:
"We Muotathalers are connected by the snuff tradition, we share the 'ethnic' so to say. Nowadays, it's a trend in the youth to snuff. In an earthy 'measure' that is absolutely no problem. But everyone should act self-adjusting."

The motto »Test everything, but to the right extent« has a deep meaning for the formation, as they say.
And INFINITAS announce the following:
"This can be seen for all situations in life - job, relationship, political attitude, personal views, opinions, and much, much more - only when you've tested something, you can judge correctly."

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01. Kratos

total: 03:38 min.

Mary Crane • Vocals
Selv Martone • Guitar, Bass, Virtual Instruments
Savannah Childers • Violin
Pirmin 'Piri' Betschart • Drums, Vocals

2015 • Self-Destruction • EP
2017 • Civitas Interitus • Full-length
2018 • Skylla • EP
2019 • Avnas • Single
2019 • Rahu • Single
2019 • Infernum • Full-length
2023 • Kratos • Single

INFINITAS is available for interviews via phone, Zoom, Skype & email