Living with death ...

Title: Äschä stübt mee
Base: Muotathal • Switzerland
Style: Ritual Folk
Genre: Nordic Folk, Dark Ambient, World music, Ethno
FFO: Wardruna, Heilung, Nytt Land
Type: Single
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Distro: Distrokid
Release: June 12, 2024

🔘 Debut single from the extraordinary Swiss project
🔘 Archaizingly spiritual, evocative ritual folk
🔘 A remarkably courageous musical journey into the innermost self

"Äschä stübt mee" (Ashes stir up more dust) is a poignant song in Swiss German that deals with the profound effects of a departed soul whose remains have turned to ashes.

The lyrics deal with the paradoxical notion that the memory of a deceased loved one can trigger more emotion and turmoil than their continued existence.

The song captures the emotional complexity of loss, particularly in the context of the songwriter's father who took his own life.

[ Artwork: Chalbärä ]

Pirmin 'Piri' Betschart processes the profound loss of his father through suicide and the shocking discovery. The songwriter weaves emotions that reflect the turbulent and complex feelings surrounding death and its aftermath.

The RITUAL FOLK song becomes a cathartic exploration of the impact of loss and emphasizes the enduring power of memory even in the face of tragic circumstances.

CHALBÄRÄ combines Nordic shamanic Folk sounds with the raw, unique dialect of Muotathal, a traditional Swiss mountain village. After a transformative 10-day dark retreat, Piri began the CHALBÄRÄ project.

[ Pic: Chalbärä ]

The music is raw, stirring, emotive, authentic and earthy. Through CHALBÄRÄ, Piri channels his grief and heritage into a powerful, ritualistic folk experience that resonates deeply in the hearts of listeners.



01. Äschä stübt mee

total: 02:52 min.

Pirmin 'Piri' Betschart • Vocals, all instruments

2024 • Äschä stübt mee • Single

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