Furious determination

Action: BREED
Title: History Of Tomorrow
Base: Osnabrück • Deutschland
Style: Thrash Metal
Genre: Classic Thrash Metal, Power Thrash Metal
FFO: Forbidden, Overkill, Exodus
Type: Full-length
Format: CD + Vinyl
Label: Doc Gator Records
Release: Dec. 15, 2023

🔘 The debut album of the experienced Metallers
🔘 Explosive outbursts, confidently played
🔘 Efficiently coherent old/new school mix

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BREED says about the song:
"'In Your Face' is a good reflection of the upcoming album 'History Of Tomorrow', which will be released on December 15, 2023. It's a tribute to the golden days of the 90s, when Thrash Metal was more than a genre. It was a way of life. Even today ... at least for us. Socially critical, never conforming and rejecting the mainstream. Musically, 'In Your Face' taps into the Bay Area genre, but still manages to show our independent style. 'In Your Face' is about our own perception of the present day - egocentric actions, monetarily influenced and always prioritising one's own advantage. 'The tongue is my fist!': this lyric exactly describes our basic attitude towards these excesses of today. They are named and criticised without lapsing into blind actionism."

THRASH METAL has been one of the most stable and multifaceted pillars of Metal since the early 1980s. Overseas representatives such as Forbidden, Exodus, Testament, Vio-lence, Exhorder, Death Angel, Toxik and Heathen therefore enjoy a particularly high and collectively respected status among fans - after all, they unwaveringly stand for honest and intelligent music, like to express social criticism in their lyrics and enjoy well-deserved cult status to this day. 

The two guitarists Sascha Rink and Maik Ramroth as well as drummer Sascha Meinert's pronounced passion for typical American Thrash Metal was also a decisive factor in their decision to launch a new joint project at the end of 2018.

[ Pic: Breed ]

The three musicians had previously played together for 25 (!) years in the Osnabrück Death Metal institution Sudden Death. After their dissolution in 2015, three years later they were ready to go back to their roots and let the seeds of American Thrash Metal sprout fruitfully in their new band - BREED were born!

With singer Vincent Alberti and bassist John Scholten, the two missing pieces of the puzzle were quickly put together, and in 2020 they were even able to play their first gigs together. Covid and the subsequent lockdown brought BREED to a standstill for the time being. Sascha Meinert left the formation, but after the difficult months for art and culture, a perfectly complementary new man was recruited for the cauldrons in Oliver Ross at the end of 2022.

For the 2022 Heathen/Toxik tour, BREED were able to secure a support slot in Rheine, Germany and open the show for their revered icons, which further encouraged those involved to take the logical next step.

From mid-2023, the eight songs of the current debut album "History Of Tomorrow" were ambitiously recorded and with Doc Gator Records, a label partner with many years of experience could be won over, who was completely enthusiastic about the musical result right from the start and even supported BREED in its completion.

[ Artwork: Sascha Rink ]

The recordings were placed in the capable hands of Luka Matković (Quasarborn), who competently mixed and mastered "History Of Tomorrow" at his Citadela Studio in Belgrade.

The first single release "In Your Face" makes the song title a damn heavy program! The playful lead guitar literally ensnares you and the vocals have an almost hypnotizing effect, while the wonderfully hard-scrubbed riffing tightens the noose until there's no escape!

With BREED, the fatal brutal brood of Sudden Death has now become an independently growing plant, the seeds of which are now being unstoppably spread with "History Of Tomorrow". BREED are here to stay!

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01. In Your Face 04:40
02. Of Hope And Despair 05:20
03. Refuse To Reality 05:02
04. Dimension Downside 05:09
05. Pro Evolution Sucker 04:42
06. Out Of Control 04:27
07. Better Hater 05:08
08. History Of Tomorrow 04:18

total 38:46

Vincent Alberti • Vocals
Maik Ramroth • Guitar
Sascha Rink • Guitar
JohnScholten • Bass
Oliver Ross • Drums

2023 • History Of Tomorrow • Full-length

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