Interview: SIRENIA
Title: Deep in life

„At Sixes And Sevens”, the new album of opulent playing Norwegian Gothic metallers Sirenia, has recently been published.

Also band boss Morten Veland must appear. And he lies down obediently on the therapy couch.

Metalmessage: What kind of toys did you play the most in your childhood?

Morten: I had this 3-wheel motorbike thing which meant a lot to me. Until I drove it down the stairs and pretty much fucked up both the bike and myself, kinda never got the same after that. Hehe.

Metalmessage: Which was your biggest profession wish, as you were a little child? (Astronaut, railwayman?)

Morten: Like most kids I was shooting for the stars, but ended up in the sewer more or less. Guess I went for president, professor or some shit like that around the age of 5, but I ended up as a poor drunken musician.

Metalmessage: What was the most bad result of all of your school certificates?

Morten: The first years I had really great marks in school, in the 6th grade things started to change and in my last years in school my grades sucked major. Mathematics was never my thing.

Metalmessage: Please name your big early idols in music!

Morten: I guess Elvis and the Beatles was my first introduction to music, and I was a true Elvis fan for a few years, luckily that changed.

Metalmessage: Which was your very first self-bought album?

Morten: „Appetite For Destruction” by Guns N’ Roses was the first album I ever bought myself, and it was the cassette version. Now I got the CD-version as well, and I still listen to it. It’s brilliant drinking music.

Metalmessage: Your very first result in self made music? (A tape with karaoke singings?)

Morten: Me and a friend of mine did some horrible recordings with a cassette player, just a few weeks after I bought my first guitar. Guess I was about 14-15 years old at the time. I wouldn’t grant anyone the discomfort of listening to that garbage. Hehe, even thinking back on it makes me kind of troubled.

Metalmessage: Do you fearing the dentist?

Morten: I despise dentists!!! They are true sadists.

Metalmessage: At what time you had your very first bad experience with alcohol - and what were the results?

Morten: I was 6 or 7 years old and got drunk on some small bottles of wine that a friend of mine had stolen from his grandfather. I got my ass kicked when I came home, as far as I can remember I puked that day as well.

Metalmessage: Can you tell me something about your very first love in your life?

Morten: Think it was a girl in my school-class, and it went downhill along with everything else.

Metalmessage: Can you remember to your first kiss? Was it successfully?

Morten: I can’t remember, so I assume it was not successful. Hehe.

Metalmessage: Can you remember to your first sex? Was it successfully?

Morten: I was dead drunk, and I only remember the girl. Have no idea how that turned out.

Metalmessage: Sex with yourself - your safest way for satisfaction?

Morten: I’ve had a steady girlfriend for 5 years so I get my share. I’m too lazy to please myself.

Metalmessage: Your wildest sex dream?

Morten: I don’t think I can go into detail on this one ‘cause then it would fill up your entire magazine.

Metalmessage: Which kind of women do you prefere?

Morten: Intelligent women in good shape.

Metalmessage: Please tell the most horrible experiences with drugs!

Morten: Ehh ... I remember we was working on the last touch on the „At Sixes And Sevens” album, it was new years eve and we were mixing down „Meridian”. We were running out of time so we had to work this evening, stuff got out of hand and I have no memory of even mixing that song. But I woke up the next day, we put it on and it sounded great. (Thanx Terje for being sober that new years eve.)

Metalmessage: What things are you doing in your private life, offside of Gothic Metal stereotypes?

Morten: Well, My interests apart from music are chess, badmington and playstation.

Metalmessage: Your biggest fear?

Morten: Kjell Magne Bondevik becoming prime minister in Norway. What! He already is!? My god what is this world coming to.

Metalmessage: Your biggest disappointment in life to date?

Morten: There’s been so many I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin.

Metalmessage: Your biggest joy?

Morten: Sex, weed and gin.

Metalmessage: Your biggest pride?

Morten: Well I don’t have too much pride over what I’ve accomplished so far, but it must be what I’ve reached with my music. It’s the only thing I’m able to do in a more or less proper way.

Metalmessage: Your worst nightmare?

Morten: I have nightmares all the time, and I wouldn’t know which one has been the worst one so far.

Metalmessage: Your funniest experience in life?

Morten: Well, I’ve had quite a few laughs on the road. Can’t remember them all, but I remember on our last European tour we did a show in Amsterdam. We had piled up some kilos or so of weed that we needed to get rid of before the Belgian border. Everyone smoked eagerly and heavy except the busdriver, but even he got high just by sitting in the same bus. We had to take a break for some hours so the driver got down to planet earth and we could continue our trip on towards Belgium.

Metalmessage: What were your thinkings during the driver license exam?

Morten: On the first attempt I though: „I’m gonna hit that motherfucker in his fucking face!”. On the second attempt I thought: „I’ll kill that bastard”. And on the third attempt I thought: „Well if I don’t get it right this time I’ll fucking thrash this guy, his car and myself!”. Unfortunately I made it. Metalmessage: What face do you want someday hit hard with your fist?

Morten: Deep down inside I’m a peaceful guy. Don’t really wanna fuck up anybodys face ... unless ... well, maybe if somebody gave me a penny for it.

© Markus Eck, 03.03.2004

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