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With their elaborate music video for the epic anthem „Crying Of The Sun“, these Bulgarian Symphonic Metal top performers, especially in their own country persistently garnering huge attention.

Depth of feeling and highest devotion are the primary mission statements in the uplifting sound of the romantic sextet, which pays a touching homage to the yearning for the beautiful. With the original debut album „For All Beyond“, the musicians are now looking forward to further expanding their name recognition.

As singer and main composer, classically trained Stela Atanasova knows to report, her band has become a tight-knit group over the years since its founding in 2010.

Line-Up - how runs the work with the newer respectively new members? Please let us know about the chemistry in your formation!

„Let me start with the end of your question about chemistry in the band. The energy that accumulates around us is the thing that holds us together. It may sound very trivial, but we are really like a family - we are very close people who share a common dream and reality. The chemistry between us is very interesting because each of the members has a different character and with five men and one woman, the energy could be destructive, but thank God we manage to smooth the differences and we always look for balance between them. The feeling when you're with the band is great. We can not wait to get together, to laugh, to work and to make plans for the future. The chemistry between us is the strongest when we are on the stage. Then each of us is in the best shape and shows the best in the name of others. We do not play because of the play itself or the ability to draw attention to ourselves. We play and do music because we can not live without it. Music is like the air and the sun for us. That is why the chemistry between us is very clean. Of course, sometimes we argue, and emotions are on top, but that is quite normal, even mandatory. It is sad when one of the band members leaves. Then there is a strange imbalance because one of the elements is missing and we have to find a new one that does not just replace it but has to make its own place between us. That’s why, in the moments when we have to look for new people, I first place the requirement to be understood and positive man, and then I expect to be also a good musician. The last addition to our band is the bass player Milen Mavrov. It took us a while to find him and we all liked him because he is very positive and creative. He has good energy and he is not afraid of the path he is going to take with us and most of all he has the desire to develop and move forward.“

Media feedback and ‚understandings‘ for the EP - are you fully satisfied with the global attention and the reactions for the 2016 published „Fallen Angel In The Hell“?

„Of course we are satisfied with the global attention and reactions for our EP ‚Fallen Angel In The Hell‘. For us, every positive comment, each one ordered CD means a lot. An independent band like ours - self - funded and self - produced, has achieved a success that few bands nowadays could achieve on their own. Of course there is always something else to be desired. Always it could be better. For an example today you recorded a song and decided that you did the best. You wake up tomorrow, you hear what you've done, and you want to do it even better. But that's not because yesterday you were less good, but because today you are a little bit different. Every day we change and that's how we change our vision of the music we make. That's why each new album brings new energy and must build on the previous one. Our EP was a very good start, which only slightly opened the door of the world to our band. Now with the full-length album our fans will hear the true power and beauty of our music. We are grateful to all of our fans around the world - to those who wrote and motivated us to keep making music, to those who wrote to us that thanks to our music they wake up in the morning, to those who ordered our CD, although they wrote to us that they are poor and hardly able to afford it. For you all, we are all willing to go through everything to keep you happy. We are what we are. Whether we are fallen angels or ordinary people, it does not matter. The important thing is that we long to make this world a better and more welcoming place to live.“

 The more than 12 million (!) views of „Crying Of The Sun“ surprises so many Metalwings-newcomers. Many of them may puzzle, how a rather unknown and small band out of Bulgaria reached this great result … be so kind and bring light into the dark!

„Maybe some things can not be explained - they just happen. And your question immediately reminds me of ‚The Lord Of The Rings‘. [smiles] Sometimes the smallest, even inconspicuous things or people can roll over the world. The fact that the world nowadays moves under certain rules and laws does not mean that it is the best order or that it will continue to dominate forever. Why do we have to stereotype that only famous bands from the western world can attract people's attention. Why do not we think that people are thirsty for new music, new faces, unknown and small bands from small countries like Bulgaria. [smiles] Another reason to get so big attention to our band is the fact that many people are more and more thirsty for beautiful and sentimental music - against the backdrop of the increasingly aggressive and brutal world we live in. I guess this is also one of the reasons why people need something beautiful that inspires them and save them from reality. We are all creators and we have the talent to give joy to people - this is our biggest prize. Several years ago I asked myself a question - why am I making music? To become popular and rich? To become a star? I needed just one minute to answer this question. Because I want my music to be heard by as many people as possible. It is not important whether this will make us popular - the important thing is that people want to listen to us, to watch us and to look forward to every our new song or album. So I know we are already rich because our music sounds in the homes of so many people all over the world and because we have our families, friends and fans. There is no secret behind the success of ‚Crying Of The Sun‘. There is only a magic. I have always said it - when you do something with your heart, with no hidden motives, it returns to you a hundredfold.“

How do you feel now, after having finished the new collection of Metalwings songs after all the dedicated work?

„Honestly - I feel exhausted, but in a very pleasant way. It’s something like having worked all day in your garden, planted many new trees and flowers, and at the end of the day, it hurts the whole your body, but your soul is dancing with happiness. The whole process of creating ‚For All Beyond‘ was very tough and long, but nothing good is easy to achieve. So we are all very pleased with the achieved final result.“

 What is the most important for you on the upcoming debut full-length release of Metalwings, „For All Beyond“?

„As I said before, the most important thing for us is our album ‚For All Beyond‘ to reach as many people as possible in the world. To make them smile. To listen to ‚For All Beyond’ while they are sad and it gives them the strength to move forward. To listen to ‚For All Beyond‘ while they are happy to be sure that tomorrow will come. It is important people to know that we have made this album with all the love and respect we have and would like to thank in advance to all who will order it and who will spend time listening to it. We have put our best in it and we sincerely hope to touch the hearts of people with it.“

Do you have a ‚special vision‘ with the debut album „For All Beyond“?

„While performing the songs from our debut album I dive into a fantasy world that has a face of mirror and looks like a memory. This is part of the lyrics of the song ‚For All Beyond‘. Always while I perform the songs I dive to a world where I melt and become a pure form of music. This is a very fine world of a different dimension. There I am another and at the same time in my purest form of essence.“

The new songs of „For All Beyond“ - what is to tell about in general?

„Let me see… it’s about everything. The songs affect everything that is happening nowadays, refracted through the prism of music and all its techniques and approaches. It affects the human soul, human aspirations and fears. Each song has its own life and it is very difficult to push a common denominator below them. Each song tells a different story or looks at the world from different view of point. Thanks to music, we have the ability to interpret reality rather than imitate it. So we hope you’ll enjoy our interpretation and vision of the world.“

What’s your very own personal view about the ‚deep inner core of meaning‘ of the debut album?

„The deep inner core of meaning of our album consists of many opposites that represent our life. The album tells us about people who have managed to cross beyond the matrix in which we are told to live. The music in this album is also created for our beloved people who are no longer in the visible world, but we know they are around us and protect us. ‚For All Beyond‘ is a bridge between the world of the visible and the invisible - that thin line between reality and fantasy, between fear and courage.“

Which noteworthy (small) differences to the previous songs are waiting now for the curious listeners? Please tell a bit deeper about your newest material!

„In the album ‚For All Beyond‘ our listeners will enjoy many beautiful orchestrations. The orchestral parts of the self-titled song ‚For All Beyond‘ are performed by Sofia Session Orchestra. Our newest material sounds with much heavier guitars and drums. In some of the songs you will hear great duets between me and Max Morton - the amazing vocalist of Morton band. One of the songs included in the album is acoustic and is in Bulgarian - this song is a kind of compliment to our compatriots as well as to all our foreign fans who insisted on producing a song in our native language. And among other things, the album is mixed and mastered in Morton Studio and sounds really phenomenally. There will be some other small surprises, but I will not reveal them yet.“

What special kind(s) of emotions dominate the songs on „For All Beyond“?

„In the album you will find a lot of joy, as well as a lot of sadness. A lot of light, as well as darkness. The emotions in the new songs are a collection of all aspects of the palette of life. Here you will find a lot of passion and humility. This album carries deep within itself an incredible will to live which we want to give to the people.“

Is it allowed to ask you about special musical influences which led to the new songs?

„Yes, of course. The truth is that over the past year our mission has been to build an authentic style that is not compared to other bands. We want our music to win its own place on the music scene. We are all fans of different bands - each of us even listens to a totally different music than others, but when we are together and we make music, it is influenced entirely by ourselves as creators. We are devoted to Metalwings and despite the difficulties we face, we always stand up for the band and we keep going.“

The songwriting process itself, what is to tell about in general? Experienced any up’s or down’s? Any changes to the past?

„Songwriting is a very mysterious and personal process. When I compose, I prefer to be alone because I get so deep into the music that the world ceases to exist for me. I am terribly nervous if someone tears me away from this moment, because when I'm alone with the music I do not want and can not pay attention to anything else. Sometimes I compose a song with months in which new ideas come to me and change it many times. Sometimes I begin to compose a song literally from nowhere - my fingers play it on my own and in a few days it is ready. I often dream some song - just played by an orchestra, and when I wake up, I hurry to write down the little that's left in my mind. Sometimes I just can not write a note or a letter - my mind needs a break and I give it. After such rest, my consciousness is released from the useless energy and I can compose again. Music is like a river that springs constantly and always finds its way, no matter how deserted or rocky it is all around. And I know that wherever I am, even if I fall into the darkest places of my mind - the music will always find me and bring me to light. Is there anything more beautiful than music?“

Who wrote the lion’s share of the new songs and how long was the work in total for all the material?

„I wrote the music and the lyrics of all the songs as well as the orchestral arrangements. The other members of the band wrote the parts and the arrangements for their individual instruments like drums, guitars and bass. To create the whole material we needed about an year. It took about two months to record the album and about half an year for post production.“

What is behind the title „For All Beyond“?

„The title ‚For All Beyond‘ brings many messages. For some time, I needed to write a song that is both for people who passed away, and for those who have the will and courage to stand up against the system and have dared to lift the curtain and see what is beyond that imaginary line called Life. ‚For All Beyond‘ is a prayer and an anthem to all people with beautiful mind.“

About which different main topics are the lyrics?

„The main topics in the lyrics are about life, time, immortality and our realm of dreams. One topic is like a prayer for love. Another is a prayer to all people with broken illusions and hearts. The main topic is that goodness always will find a way and despite the cruel and unfair world in which we live, there will always be hope.“

What drives you after all these years mainly to play in Metalwings?

„No matter how difficult it has been for me to lead the Metalwings over the years, I have always known that a day will come when, thanks to every sacrifice, tears, betrayal, huge labor and efforts - the band will rise. There is no better feeling than seeing your band how it goes forward and spreading wings for a beautiful flight. We do not live easily, nothing is given to us easily, no one has helped us, and thanks to this, we can now sit on the couch in our rehearsal studio, smile and say - it was worth it because we made it all by ourselves. I have my own expression for such cases - do not wait for the miracles to happen to you. Be the miracle!“

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