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Base: Munich • Germany
Genre: Black Metal
Title: Deus Vult
Format: Album
Label: Self-financed

2013, the heavy BLACK METAL monument WOLVES DEN was lifted from the spiritual depths of the involved musicians and placed in ice-cold darkness. A musical specifically unholy and artistic enormously stable solid existence was the result.

As chief creative minds behind WOLVES DEN act singer and bassist Helge Stang and guitarist Mexx Steiner. Vocal cord torturer Helge with his insanely fascinating voice caused already enthusiastic reactions in Equilibrium for some years and on two albums, as well as in Arafel and some other bands.

With the wolfish wild, Bavarian Black Metallers, Helge reveals a powerful striking development. Over the years his highly charismatic skill has become very extensive and complex, as it's now urgently to hear.

The drums are excellent played by Manuel Di Camillo, also well known out of his days in Equilibrium. The fourth bloke in the horde is live-axeman Stefan Botz, mainly known of Lunar Aurora so far.

Their outstanding profound debut album "Deus Vult" ("God Wants It") has been recorded between March and April 2015 in Munich based Grotesque Studios, resulting in a very good sound experience.

"Deus Vult" contains eight mighty striking and highly intensive hammer songs. Everything devouring gloom, majestic, sublime epic and incredibly vicious aggression are thereby mixed to a dark-blooded and frosty cocktail that found its unflinching way already into many, thirsty throats of the scene.

Eight songs that strangle the mind. All of these compositions are fully thoughtful and consciously celebrated on a superior level in all bliss.

The subtle and sometimes wonderful sacral Synth underpaintings on "Deus Vult" were created by Dominik Morgenroth (Worship) and Equilibrium's René Berthiaume, which often brings on the captivating disc gigantic atmospheres to life.

Currently the roundabout highly promising WOLVES DEN creating songs for the upcoming album successor, truly stunning material is expected!

April 3rd, 2015

01. Via Lustorum 01:30
02. Gedeih und Verderb 05:08
03. Schwarzes Firmament 06:19
04. Deus Vult 04:55
05. Grau wird Nebel 07:17
06. Dysterborn 05:34
07. Sieche 05:25
08. VobisCum 03:27
09. Mortis 06:50

total: 46:25 min.

Helge Stang - Vocals, Bass
Mexx - Guitars
Manuel Di Camillo - Drums

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